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Captain Marvel #9 Review


The latest issue of her self titled series gives readers a peek at what a day in the life of Captain Marvel would be like.

The Good

The first thing that struck me was the stunning, I really liked the layout and the perspective of it. There is so much about this issue that I absolutely loved. I think that one of the things that writer Kelly Sue DeConnick does really well is capture the balance between Carol Danvers the superheroine and Carol Danvers the sort-of-ordinary girl who is just trying to live her life as normally as she can. Yet, being a superheroine makes that a bit challenging.

When Carol starts her day off with a message from Tony Stark, she quickly realizes that being an Avenger means that she is going to have to sacrifice her own, private life a little bit. This issue really focuses on that; how the life of a hero working to save the planet is no longer his or her own. Beyond the fact that we get to see Carol's day-to-day activities in this issue, this comic isn't a "filler" or a "throw-away" issue. By the time readers reach the end of the book they will notice that big things are going to be happening to Carol Danvers, and that's part of what makes this interesting.

Although some people may not like the abstractness of the art in this comic, I for one really enjoyed it and felt it was one of the things I enjoyed the most out of this issue. I think it really meshed will with this issue. The style gives the issue a sort of sweet fantasy feel.

The Bad

Nothing bad here, one of the better CAPTAIN MARVEL issues I have read.

The Verdict

I think the way that DeConnick is setting up the story and the narrative she uses is really perfect. There's a clear idea of who Captain Marvel is beyond the basics of "she's an Air Force pilot turned superheroine" that makes this an interesting read. As fantastic as the story is (Dinosaurs in Times Square!) DeConnick still manages to ground the character and make her feel real in a way that is very interesting. This is a great jumping on point if you haven't yet given this series a chance, too. Great art, a beautifully written story and a serious cliff-hanger make this a fantastic read.

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Posted by LiveForever

I haven't read it yet, will do that once I get out of work, but I flipped through and the art is pretty awful. I've liked this series with the few artists they've had so far, but this is rough.

Posted by feargalr

Awesome cover art

Posted by RedQueen

This is exactly where I wanted the series to go after the first arc, maybe even before (with perhaps a little more on the cosmic adventuring side).

Still. interested on where this story is going, and what the repercussions of it will be.

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

I loved, loved, loved the art. It worked really well with the story, imo. I have a feeling that the mainstream or majority of readers are going to hate it, though. They tend to prefer the traditional superhero artwork. The story was also great. I like when we have slice of life issues of superheroes. Can't wait for the next.

Posted by Sovereign91001

The art was terrible imo, luckily KSD's writing is more than solid enough to keep the book going, but I'm not gonna lie the art made it hard to soldier through this one.

Posted by TinyGrenade

I want that cover on my wall! Beautiful cover and an awesome "day in the life" story too. Sadly,I'm one of those people who can't get past the art here, just too different.

Posted by pspin

I agree, this was a great issue, unconventional art and all.

Posted by Zoch81

I liked this issue but I thought the art was terrible but the writing was really good.

Posted by BR_Havoc

I wish that this title does not have so many artists on it. I like Soy's art I just wish they did not do the little one or two issue artist change ups other then that the series has been fantastic.

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

This is one of my favorite covers in forever.

Posted by fodigg

This series is so damn good. The writing seems very consistent with the original arc. Flight is still the key theme of her character. I miss the old art, but there are flashes of brilliance in the new stuff.

The expansion in the supporting cast in the last few issues is good too I think. I hope Photon still swings around from time to time.

Posted by sparty-dbq

Art took a bit getting used to, but still an awesome issue.

Posted by lykopis

I am so behind. I like knowing there is some unconventional approaches in this book in terms of art -- if it goes well with the story, then I am happy.

Every day life was something I enjoyed in the previous Ms. Marvel's series so having some focus to it makes sense when it comes to Carol.

Posted by Webjaker

I loved the art - I dont know if I would feel the same if it was permanent, but for this story and issue it was perfect. the writing, the story, the characters - Perfection! This series is a bit schizophrenic, but Im still on board!

Posted by Nuec_Sol

At lest the art did work for most of the issue, but the action scenes looked terrible, Carol didn't even look human.

Posted by Nightwing28710

The art looks lazy.

Posted by Yung ANcient One

i love her costume I don't know why everyone is complaining about it... they miss the old one cuz they just want to see some skin,.... for shame (+)

Edited by Distraction

I loved it for the most part, the art was ok but I guess.

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

I agree, this was a great issue, unconventional art and all.

Edited by Dernman

This is a good book though I wish she would start facing villains already. I'm getting used to Ms Marvel's new costume though I miss it when she had her own symbol/colors and not her take on a version of the Mar-Vells and Quasars. I wonder what it would look like if you combined the new costume with the old color scheme and design.

Posted by fred9101

The drawing is HORRIBLE. This guy should'nt work in the comic universe. Sooooo sad...

Posted by Catsnlynne

Bring back the real Captain Marvel. Captain Mar-Vell.
Edited by tomlikesfries

That cover is pretty awesome. The interior pencilling, however, takes a few pages to get used to. After that, I must say I found it quite good.

Posted by DH69

art made my eyes bleed but the writing was good, i dont know why they keep toying with us, they give us great art with dexter soy one month then shove this crap stuff down our thoats then next

Posted by Tyrannotaur

The art took some getting used to, it's not so bad honestly once you get to reading the comic. I loved the writing in this issue. It reminds me very much of what's being done with Hawkeye in his book. It's just an average day for Carol Danvers. It's stuff like this that really shows who the character truly is. KSD did a great job on this issue.

Plus the best thing about this issue? Chewie is in it! Anyone who real the Ms. Marvel ongoing should know Chewie and how awesome she is! Well I always thought she was a he, but they call her a she in this issue so I guess she is a she..?

Posted by tim_mik

I've never had an issue with a title that I love so much, yet don't love the art. I just can't get into the impressionistic (?) style of Andrade here and actually kind of wish Dexter was back on the book (and at the time I didn't love his art either). I don't know who would draw the best Ms. Marvel, but I need more than the minimalist Andrade provided. I love the minimalist style of Aja and wonder how he would treat Carol's stories and Kelly Sue's great writing.