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Captain Marvel #6 Review


Get a look at Carol Danvers before she became Captain Marvel.

The Good

I really like Emma Rios' art in this series; but there is definitely something about seeing that Terry and Rachel Dodson cover to CAPTAIN MARVEL #9 that just made my jaw drop. It's really stunning. The issue opens not with Captain Marvel, but with Jessica Drew who is keeping a watchful eye on Tracy Burke while the heroine is stranded in "a long lost subterranean Kree outpost before Carol Danvers receives her powers." This is, hands down, the best issue of CAPTAIN MARVEL thus far. Since the very start of this series we've seen mention of Carol Danvers' biggest hero and mentor, Helen Cobb and Carol's dream of beating Cobbs' record. I think that Cobb not only serves as Carol's mentor in this series, but she also represents Carol's former life before she even becomes a superhero. The idea that Cobb could serve to represent this theme becomes clear in her appearance in this issue, competing with Carol for the chance to become Captain Marvel. The panel where Cobb says,

I don't know! I'm not the one who can remember the future -- you are! I'm just sayin', if I did, then I did it to teach you a lesson. I did you a favor.

Carol's dialogue throughout this series has been that of a woman who hasn't fully embraced her powers and has been sort of stuck in the past, reminiscing about the days before she got her powers; when she was a pilot for the U.S. Air Force. Carol seems to be gaining a sense of self, and that's really clear here. She is learning to appreciate what she has and who she is now. The story is absolutely brilliant and is probably one of the best issues of CAPTAIN MARVEL thus far.

The Bad

Nothing bad here. A fantastic issue of CAPTAIN MARVEL.

The Verdict

The brief introduction at the start of the comic will make this issue easy for any new reader to understand and follow along. The comic opens with Jessica Drew, but quickly fast forwards to Carol Danvers who has traveled back in time before she became Captain Marvel. This is definitely an issue that focuses on Carol's appreciation for her powers and the life she lives now. The person that she has become. It's something that has been an underlying theme in this series so far, but it is something that definitely comes to the surface of the story. It's a great issue with fantastic dialogue and a great introduction to Carol's character if you have not yet read the series. Beautiful art and an awesome story makes this a perfect issue.

Posted by fps_dean

This series has been really good.

Posted by dreamfall31

I keep telling myself to pick this series up everytime I go to the store but I keep forgetting! Will definately not miss this one!

Posted by Catsnlynne

I couldn't care less about Carol Danvers being Captain Marvel but I am thinking of maybe picking it up just because of Captain Mar-Vell the true Captain Marvel.
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I couldn't afford to pick this up this week. I hope I can get it next week.

Hope not too many comics i want come out next week.

Posted by Dernman

I'm glad this arc is over. Although there was nothing wrong with it it wasn't something I liked.  

  1. Going into the past  right off the bat.
  2. just happening to meet a "all female kick ass team"
  3. There were a few more things that bug me but I forget.
Just a thought though. That all female team got left trapped in the past didn't they?
Posted by Zoch81

I really disliked the art in this issue, as for writing kelly seems have good handle how she going write carol which I liked but I didn't really like this arc so Im glad its over hopefully next one will be better same goes for the art.

Posted by RedQueen

Completely agree with this review...this title so far has been as close to perfect as possible for me. Love what DeConnick/Soy/Rios are doing with the character. Hope it continues to be as good as this issue. :D

Posted by UltraBiel

I enjoyed this issue so much!

I Hope they keep this quality in the next issues...^^

Posted by kid Apollo

can someone honestly tell me if i should start picking up this title?

it wasnt until seeing this cover that i actually liked Carol's new costume, but side by side with Mar, its pretty cool. the inverse of his but with her classic red sash, and no weird hair-cut!

Posted by Nuec_Sol

This was a really good issue. The art work could be a bit better, but the writing more than makes up for it. I am looking forward to what Kelly Sue DeConnick comes up with next.

Posted by lykopis

Agreed -- I am really enjoying this series, and now that its past the 5th issue, I am comfortable saying I will continue to pick this up.

Posted by SimonM7

I'm prepared to dodge this on principle, because the whining about her hair-do has made them cave. I am deeply offended that you can't style a character a particular way because it's not "feminine" enough, and while others are trying to find sexism in impossible poses, it's really right here with something infinitely more subtle and horrifying.

Posted by Overlander

I loved the first issue, appreciate the plot with a mentor and a hero, and find DeConnick's writing to be solid. TO say this is a solid jumping on point is not quite correct. After missing issues 2-5 (because I can't really stand time-travel stories anymore), it was a bit jarring to come back in on 6 for the story arc's wrap-up. Without the other issues to build the momentum and carry the devices, the ending seemed a bit abrupt and Helen's motivations a bit... predictably villainous.

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

I LOVE carol, one of my favorite female lead characters without a doubt. HOWEVER this series has been boring and uneven for me so far. I would have liked to see her deciding to be Captain Marvel be addressed. Unless I missed a issue somewhere, she seemed to just have popped up with the suit and a brief conversation with Captain America, and that was about it.

Going back in time to retell her origin was a creative way to reintroduce her to new readers, but I have been reading about before her Binary days, I want to read new stuff lol

Still not sure if I agree on the art style with a high flying energy blasting, cosmic character like Carol as a lead and with the Dodson cover it just makes me want to see a new style.

Is Sam Basri available these days? Loved his run on POWERGIRL, and think he would be a good fit for Carol

Posted by x_29

This was a 2.5 for me.

Posted by kikkomansa

I've been reading a few of Marvel's solo character books like Hawkeye and Daredevil, but I put off on picking this one up because I have a hard time with time-traveling stuff. Has there been any talk about the direction of the next arc?

Posted by fodigg

I really enjoyed this first arc. It was good and it had a lot of style.

Posted by captainadamant

I wanted to like this, but I don't feel the events happening to Carol with the time traveling are explained well.

Art is terrible.