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Captain Marvel #3 Review


Carol Danvers has barely been active as 'Captain Marvel' and now she's in 1943 fighting Japanese flying Kree spaceships. Huh? Exactly. Read this comic to find out what's going on.

The Good

Carol Danvers is a great character. She had a great series before that lasted sixty issues. Now she's back on her own, has a new costume and is going by Captain Marvel. Not only is Carol a great character, she's a great female character that can kick the ass of most of your favorite superheroes.

I wasn't quite sure where Kelly Sue Deconnick was going to take this series. Last issue Carol found herself in 1943 helping a female squad fight against the Japanese, who happen to have some crazy high tech crafts. If you were like me when you read it, you were probably thinking, "What the heck is going on?" Reading this issue, part of doesn't really care why she was brought to this time. There's a sense of being intrigued as you read and it's getting to be a blast to read.

I do have to say that Dexter Soy's art really blew me away this issue. The war scenes were amazing. I even dug the clash in the stylized art with Joe Caramagna's big letting for the sound FX.

We also have a great cover by Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines and Javier Rodriguez.

The Bad

Time travel can always be a tricky plot device. Time travel in the Marvel Universe even more so. In some ways it's hard to take a time travel story that takes characters into the past too seriously because we know there can't be major changes. Seeing Kree ships fighting in WWII is most likely something that didn't happen in the history of the Marvel Universe. But it's still a fun story and finding out what's going on is the mystery you'll want to see figured out.

The Verdict

Captain Marvel is shaping up to be another great new series from Marvel. People always complain we don't have enough comics featuring a female lead and this comic is here to help start solving that problem. There is so many strong butt kicking women in this comic it's like it's a new age. Reading this and seeing Carol back in her own series brings a smile to my face. Kelly Sue Deconnick and Dexter Soy are making this a better comic each month. Where this current story is going to go, I'm not really sure. I'm not really concerned because I know it's going to be a fun ride.

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Posted by danhimself

my problem with this book so far is that so far it just feels like filler....the first issue felt like a filler issue and so does this arc

I think Scott Snyder's Batman has spoiled me

Edited by x_29

I kinda find Carol to be irritating

Posted by TheCommissar

This issue is better than the previous two since the story actually moves (and the art has become less messy), but I really hate time travel plots.

Posted by TheFizz

Sad to say but the two best issues of the five that Carol has appeared in donning her Captain Marvel mantle, were both in Avenging Spider-Man.

Not the best first arc so far.

Posted by Pacperson

I'm liking this so far cuz Carol is great but...this crazy time travel arc is not really doing it for me....i hope the next arc we can see Carol slow down for a bit. i wanna see her in her off hours. see some side characters, some drama. maybe a girls night out with She-hulk where wacky hijinks ensue... =p

Posted by JohnnyWalker

i want to like this, i really do.... but i dont. sorry ms m.

Posted by Bastionpayne

I enjoyed #3, it was smart, and the additions to continuity are pretty cool, the stuff at the end was cool too. I can't disagree with those that feel like the previous two felt like filler, these days you have to catch people immediately, just like with novels. You can afford a slow start when people can decide to go elsewhere with their money.

Posted by Zoch81

it was good issue I liked seeing Carol in action and kicking ass I'm really enjoying the art think great for this book but still not sure about this time travel stuff overall thought good issue.

Posted by Turkeysammich

I really like Dexter Soy's art on this. It is a lot different than traditional comic art. Ya, I'm sure that it can and does turn some people off, but I feel that it is a good way to make the book stand out. Related, I feel like the colors look much better on a digital device(ie my kindle) than print.

Posted by In_the_zone

The art, the character I love

The story not too much but Im sure it will sort its self out soon.

The time travelling thing I've only liked in back to the future. lol

Posted by SoA

if i didnt like carol danvers i dont think id keep waiting on something good to happen

Posted by fodigg

The art is awesome, I'm digging the time-travel storyline (reminds me of Booster Gold going back to WWI), but I think the first big mistake is that this issue ended almost exactly the same way as the last issue. They could've used a better cliffhanger, although I liked the character development and concise retelling of Carol's backstory.

Posted by Ganthetsward20

I am really loving this book. I know we are only 3 issues in but it does keep getting better. I also really like the art and the way the sound effects pop out of it. Supper great its almost too fancy for my eyes!

Posted by lykopis

I need to catch up on so much -- a little nervous with some of the previous posters' takes on the book. It sounds a bit difficult to have Carol undertake the Captain Marvel mantle while with the Avengers so time travel is a good answer in having the reader get to know her all over again (and of course, for the new reader to not feel they've missed anything).

This review is good so fingers crossed. :)

Posted by B'Town

I LOVE Carol, I'm so happy to see her kicking ass again!

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

Sad to say but the two best issues of the five that Carol has appeared in donning her Captain Marvel mantle, were both in Avenging Spider-Man.

Not the best first arc so far.

I agree. I like the first arc of her solo but the spiderman issues were better to me. I like how their fleshing out her past and showing her as a baddass. The female commandos are kinda hard to swallow but they're there to move the story along so I'll live.