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Captain Marvel #10 Review


Will Carol go against Doctor's orders and put herself at risk?

The Good

If you read the last issue of CAPTAIN MARVEL you might recall that things have changed in a big way for Carol Danvers. Without spoiling the issue, let's just say things are infinitely different for Carol than ever before, and if she wants to live, she is going to have to exhibit some serious self control.

This issue starts similarly to the last one where Carol's personal life is at the center of the story. We notice very quickly that there is a relationship between her and a character that surprises her a bit, and it's nice to see writers Kelly Sue DeConnick and Christopher Sebela incorporate him here. The issue breaks up the focus on Carol's personal life by integrating a scene where the character has to save the day. This was a good decision because if this hadn't been here the issue would have felt incredibly monotonous.

We are also introduced to Carol's new adversaries, and although they look a bit silly, it will be interesting to see whether they have anything to do with Carol's loss of powers. Is the reason she is struggling because of this new adversary, or is that just a coincidence?

The Bad

This issue feels a bit repetitive. The writer focuses heavily on the fact that Captain Marvel's power set has changed, and we get a lot of scenes featuring the character walking abound a bit annoyed and stubborn, disregarding everything everyone around her is saying. However, even though she is told not to do something in this issue, we see her do it regardless. It would have made more sense if something were to have happened to Carol the moment she tried to fly, but we don't really see that. Rather than showing us the character really suffer the effects of her illness, we just see characters talk about it. This is all well and good but it would have been better to incorporate that as an action in the story as opposed to simply stating it for the reader.

The Verdict

This issue follows in the same vein as the previous issue of CAPTAIN MARVEL. It really explores the character on a more personal level which is something I found really interesting. In it we see Carol's personality shine a little bit and get a glimpse at her hard-headedness and stubbornness. We also see that there are people in Carol's life that are important to her and are looking out for her, and both these things were great. Having said that, this issue doesn't feel like it rides the high that the last issue ended with. Things could have been a bit more dramatic and we could have seen Carol literally suffer after attempting to fly. The issue ends on a pretty dramatic note which is good, but a big chunk of what happens in the middle could have been a bit better.

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Posted by CBninja

The interior art is really stating to wear on my patience for this book. I'm really enjoying just I think the art is horrible.

Posted by nerdork

I have been readinhg this along with my GF, and i have been really enjoying it. This has been a great series, for me anyways, as i knew practically nothing about Carol Danvers. I was always a fan of Rogue, and kind of thought Carol was just a plot device used to thicken Rogue's story line. Im glad i started reading this series.

Posted by TwistedGamer

God I love that cover so much

Posted by judasnixon

Man I love the Interior art........ 

Posted by DH69

made my eyes bleed, its 2013 i shouldnt have to look at "artwork" like this anymore...If marvel wants this book to survive they really gotta stop taking such ridiculous chances.

Posted by DJ1107


I'm pretty sure the artist is just for this story so hopefully when Enemy within starts we'll have a better artist. Still at least it isn't Greg Land.

Posted by Gritterr

This book has been on fire the last 2 issues. I understand the art isnt for everyone, Ive actually come to really like the art.

Posted by Gonzo33

I've read all 10 issues and I haven't really enjoyed it since issue one. The story of Carol not being able to fly is way more interesting then the time travel stuff but the art isn't doing it for me.

Posted by UltraBiel

10 issues and Carol is already depowered...No surprise on the path Marvel will choose in this tittle.

Posted by Bokkie

I loved the art :)

Posted by The Mast

I just grew to like Dexter Soy and they took him off it.

The art really is so bad that it's taking away from the story for me. De la Torre would be a great choice if he's available.

Posted by Prodigy P

I didn't mind the story, but that art...I really can't stand it. It makes everything look like it's made of cake.

Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

I quite liked the story. I'm still not a fan of the art, but I suppose I can put up with it for the timebeing as the story's good.

Apparently #12 leads into The Enemy Within. I'm hoping a new artist will be in for #13, as crossing between something this abstract and something more normal would be a little weird. I think Filipe Andrade said somewhere that he'd be on Captain Marvel for a few months, so that could just mean four months, in which case we'd have somebody new for #13.

I think his art would probably work in another setting, but I'm not so sure about here.

Edited by dreamfall31

I like the look of the art, but I don't think it fits a comic book well. It's very artistic and well done, but it's really hard to follow sometimes and just doesn't fit with something you have to read along with. I still like the character, so even if I drop this from my pull list I'll still get the trade eventually!