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Captain America and Iron Man #633 - One Night in Madripoor! Review


Cap and Iron Man go undercover in Madripoor to infiltrate a weapons expo. You can imagine it's not going to go well.

The CAPTAIN AMERICA AND... series continues with the focus shifting to a team-up between Cap and Iron Man.

The Good

Captain America and Iron Man are pure heroes. They've been part of the Avengers for so long, you don't really think of them in other ways. With Captain America recently being involved in the Secret Avengers, we started getting a taste of his espionage skills.

The story here deals with the two teaming up to infiltrate a weapons expo. It turns out Tony has been attending them for years without telling his teammates in order to continue to get leads. With this angle, we get a different kind of Cap/Iron Man story. It's a nice change of pace and shows that the Avengers don't simply sit around and wait for some threat to arise. There are times they need to take the initiative and try to prevent disasters before they can happen.

As for the enemies, we get some classic Cap villains that some may see as a little cheesy but I always find it fun when they and Cap face off against each other.

The Bad

There were some moments of confusion at the beginning. It's not really a spoiler but Cap was using an image inducer and looked kind of similar to Tony. He had a different facial structure and his facial hair was different but I wasn't fully sure if it was meant to be Tony and the art just wasn't clear.

The idea of Tony attending weapons expos over the years in order to 'get leads' is hard to believe. Everyone should know who he is and the fact that he is Iron Man. I don't really see people letting their guard down around him. There's also the fact that Tony does a presentation and focuses on his idea being used for good instead of harmful purposes. He says he'd never sell to anyone there but showing him what he can do and mentioning the war-like ways it could be used doesn't seem like a good idea.

The main problem is why should I really care about this story? There isn't a feeling that there will be crucial events occurring here. There's a bit of a cliffhanger at the end but obviously everything will work out. What are the ramifications here for Captain America and Iron Man? It's similar to the previous Cap and Hawkeye arc. I couldn't finish reading despite the fact that I love both characters. This could be an interesting story but I feel it's just going to have a nice tidy ending and there won't be any mention of what happened in the characters' core titles.

The Verdict

Captain America and Iron Man are two of the biggest members of the Avengers. They've seen and done a lot. Having them team up should guarantee a great story. To add to it, they're working undercover in Madripoor, something we wouldn't really expect from Iron Man. This angle to the story adds a different element compared to the previous team-ups they've had. Unfortunately there were a little confusion in the beginning involving the art and an image inducer. It might just be me but I had to go back and double check a couple panels to figure out who was on the page. Even though there is some potential here for the story, it feels like in the end, it won't matter. There most likely won't be any major repercussions happening here. We could simply enjoy this story for the team-up it is but with so many titles to read each week, I question if this should be one of them. I like the idea of Steve and Tony in a story involving espionage. We'll see where it goes next issue and if I will continue to read this series.

Posted by Ganthetsward20

I thought it was all pretty cool BUT I've seen this kind of weapons expo thing before somewhere and that was driving me nuts because I cant remember where I had seen it. I was very happy to be reading a marvel book that had nothing to do with AVX. I agree about the image inducer cap was wearing.

The relationship between these two get me to be more interested. I really have to the Avengers: EMH for that though.

I hope the story gets better but I really dig the idea of paring cap with fellow heroes for different arcs.

Posted by blur1528

Yeah... I'm just gonna wait for a sale on this arc

Posted by jinxuandi

I really want to like this series but it's not trying very hard to sell itself to me. If you're going to make a team-up series that has literally no consequences, then you need high-quality writing and art to make people read the story on its own ground (see: Avenging Spider-Man and Marvel Two-in-One from the 70s). Unfortunately, this series just doesn't have that. Why are Tony and Steve working together in the first place? Is there some lingering hostility from the Civil War (one would expect there to be)? Why does Cap seem to love his energy shield all of a sudden? None of these issues are even broached. I'm not necessarily blaming the writer, whose hands could be tied by Marvel's editorial staff, but give me a reason to invest in this book.

Posted by jezuitx

Have I been high for a decade or two and just missed the other 632 issues of "Captain America & IronMan?

Edited by Remi

@jezuitx said:

Have I been high for a decade or two and just missed the other 632 issues of "Captain America & IronMan?

The series is called Captain America and...

The first four issues had Cap and Hawkeye. The original series was Captain America and Bucky, it's just continuing it's numbering.

Posted by jsphsmth

Considering the reviews I am reading about this and the Hawkeye arc, I will be dropping Captain America &... from my trade waiting list.

Posted by mtbmonkey

I agree about the panels. The art became confusing. To me, the story was fun and lighthearted. We'll see what the next book brings.

Posted by SeanNOLA

Does anyone else get douche-chills whenever they break out Cap's Laser Shield? It's like they're saying "Hey, remember that bullshit Ex-Patriot arc in the late-nineties? That's still canon."