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Captain America #13 - Shock to the System, Part 3 Review


The mystery of the new Scourge of the Underworld continues to unravel. Is everything we've seen so far as clear cut as it seems? Probably not.

The Good

How many times have I gone on about how much I dig Ed Brubaker's take on Captain America? He has been writing the character for some time now and he keeps giving us great and fresh new stories. I'll admit I was a little unsure of the early issues in this volume but damn if this current direction isn't blowing me away.

Brubaker and Patrick Zircher are taking Cap in a grittier direction. Bringing in past characters such as Diamondback, D-Man, Henry Gyrich and even Dum Dum Dugan is a refreshing blast from the past. The idea of the return of the Scourge concept is fantastic.

Normally I prefer tight continuity with characters involved in teams and other titles. This is a clear exception. The tone here is completely different from what we see in the Avengers titles and I am perfectly content with that.

The Bad

It might be unfair to judge a single issue in the middle of an arc but that's the nature of the individual issue reviews. I'm torn between some of the events. We have some unanswered questions still. Part of the mystery is waiting to see how it all unfolds. Seeing familiar characters make a complete change can be exciting but without the full explanation, it can almost feel like a disservice.

There is a big cliffhanger but is there any way we could actually believe what seems like will happen actually will?

The Verdict

If you haven't been reading recent issues of CAPTAIN AMERICA, you owe it to yourself to catch up on the current arc. Brubaker and Zircher are delivering a grittier story full of action, mystery and suspense. At this point of the arc, we could use some more answers but perhaps I'm just getting a little impatient because I want more. The idea of bringing in past friends and enemies of Cap's is great as it reminds me of when I first started reading CAPTAIN AMERICA. Brubaker has been on a roll and I can't wait to see what will happen next issue.

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Posted by Cafeterialoca

I have a confession. I'm only buying this book because I LOVE DIAMONDBACK!

Posted by jointron33

where does this arc begin

Posted by k4tzm4n

@jointron33 said:

where does this arc begin


Edited by k4tzm4n


There is a big cliffhanger but is there any way we could actually believe what seems like will happen actually will?

Agreed. That's also how I felt about Batman Inc #1's ending.

Also, the cover for 11 seemed more fitting for this issue :X

Posted by G-Man

@k4tzm4n: Well, BATMAN INC is another story. And with the history of Robins, I wouldn't be surprised if Grand did something crazy.

Posted by k4tzm4n

@G-Man: Is Batman Inc supposed to take place ahead of the other on-goings? I don't remember if there was a blurb about that. Because if not, I just find it tough to swallow...

...Damian getting shot in the head and killed while he's out and about doing his own thing in Batman & Robin, lol. Then again, we've seen characters like Storm survive a bullet to the noggin, so I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Posted by LordRequiem

Cool looking Scourge there.

Posted by EXPENDABLE50

nice cover art