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Blue Beetle #0 - Sky Witness Review


Where did the scarab come from? How was it created?

The Good

I like that while Jaime Reyes is the Blue Beetle, the whole issue is the story of how Khaji-Da came into being. I really didn't know what to expect out of this issue, since I've been on-again, off-again on this BLUE BEETLE volume. I had little expectations, but I was overall, very happy with what I read.

BLUE BEETLE 0 reads more of a history lesson than anything else, which works, since that's how it is being presented to Jaime. It's cool to see that Khaji-Da has been on this planet a lot longer than any of us have thought, and I thought the whole story with the Sky Witness was a fantastic backstory. We also catch a glimpse of how the Reach and the Green Lantern Corps have never really seen eye-to-eye, and when I say that, I really mean they hate each other.

What this book does better than a few of the other zero issues I've read is that it's very accessible to new readers. Some of the other zero issues do well at introducing the reader to a character, but they don't really catch the reader up to where the story is now. In the long run, this won't matter, but BLUE BEETLE 0 brings the reader up to speed very well. The issue actually brings the reader up-to-date and thrusts them into the new story. It's a mini-cliffhanger, and it may bring in some new readers.

Ig Guara is on pencils, J.P. Mayer is on inks, and Pete Pantazis is on colors. I like Mayer's inks on this book a lot. They're subtle and don't take away from the pencils of Guara. Mayer's lines are great, especially in detailed areas. You'd be amazed with how thin the ink lines can get.

The Bad

I'm left with one burning question after reading this issue. Does Ted Kord not exist in the New 52? While it's true he possessed the scarab, it never bonded with him. Does this mean the scarab was out of commission and therefore, wasn't aware of Ted Kord or does he just not exist in this universe? Man, it sucks being a Ted Kord fanboy in this era of DC.

The Verdict

This is a very solid zero issue that does a great job at telling the origin story of Khaji-Da. It's engaging and it has the potential to be great for new readers, as long as new readers are willing to pick this book up. I liked how the issue catches readers up to where the current BLUE BEETLE volume leaves off, so new readers can jump right in.

On the down side, I was really hoping for some Ted Kord, and I got nothing, not even a glimpse.

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue and I recommend it.

Posted by kennybaese

Isn't Ted Kord supposed to be Earth 2 at some point? Or did I dream that up?

Posted by inferiorego

@kennyshat said:

Isn't Ted Kord supposed to be Earth 2 at some point? Or did I dream that up?

That would make me happy.

Posted by kennybaese

@inferiorego: I can't remember if this is a question someone asked James on the podcast, something James mentioned he'd like to do if they let him, something James said he was doing, or if it's all just in my head (which would not be surprising considering what goes on in there). I guess I could just take to Twitter an ask him.

Posted by Rixec

This issue rocked, being an origin for so many characters! Khaji-Da, Sky Witness, Lady Styx, makes the future exciting. Rob Liefeld had better be lying when he listed Blue Beetle as those among the chopping block.

Posted by Twentyfive

The best book under the "Teen Titans" banner. Keeps getting better and better. I hope Jaime and the scarab stick around for years to come.

Posted by jointron33

Screw putting Ted on stupid Earth 2 and screw Jaime:

Posted by Rixec

@jointron33 said:

Screw putting Ted on stupid Earth 2 and screw Jaime:

Screw you!

Posted by The Stegman

So, should I start reading this title? I'm hearing mixed reviews about it everywhere.

Posted by Rixec

@The Stegman said:

So, should I start reading this title? I'm hearing mixed reviews about it everywhere.

I recommend it. It started out a bit rough but it has been getting better with each issue. Twelve and zero especially. Zero is a great place to start reading because you can jump on and understand what's happening and what has happened in the last year.

Posted by Izaiah

I personally found that the detail about Sky Witness being remembered as 'the cruel god Quetzalcoatl' to be pretty nonsensical, seeing as how Quetzalcoatl could easily be considered the nicest Aztec/Mexica god (for one, he didn't request human sacrifice).
Otherwise, this was pretty good.

Edited by Dernman

Kord industries is in the Main 52 so I doubt Ted Kord will be there. 
Like I said many times Ted should come back but not as Blue Beetle. It was the Ted part I found interesting never his version of Blue Beetle. Jaimie Reyes is great in taking over that role. 
Having said that I didn't really like this issue.

Posted by Perfect 10

the first issue of the series that was actually interesting. this should have been the first storyline, come out with a bang so you have a strong following, how many people are going to start reading 13 issues in? oh DC.

i'm disappointed that the two original blue beetles apparently aren't in this new universe but i kind of expected that seeing as Jaime has no knowledge of Ted Kord but maybe Ted Kord exists as a scientist and not a hero. better yet he's on Earth 2??

Posted by Booster_Bronze

Looking forward to a future reuniting of Lady Styx and the scarab in the future. Felt like putting her in there was a setup for a future issue with her return.

Posted by blur1528

@inferiorego: Was Booster in this issue? I saw him listed in the credits...

Posted by inferiorego

@blur1528: you're lucky I brought my ipad to work, so i can check.

It's B.S. He's in one panel as a background character.

Posted by blur1528

@inferiorego: Thank you for that. Saves me the trouble of being disappointed. I'm still hoping to see him in Jonah Hex :)