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Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #520 - Storm Hunter Part Two Review


Storm joins T'Challa in the fight against Kraven the Hunter!

Part two of the 'Storm Hunter' brings T'Challa and Ororo together once again, only this time, the husband and wife team must defeat Kraven the Hunter...but will T'Challa survive?

The Good

The dynamic between Black Panther and Storm is superb. Writer David Liss has a complete grasp and understanding of how to write the interactions of the married couple in an entertaining way. There is a constant struggle for power in the relationship between the two characters, and a sense that even though Black Panther wants to be in complete control over Storm's actions, he knows that Storm is physically stronger than he is. This is written in a way that is so funny! However, Liss executes Storm really well through endearing dialogue that is, at times, borderline sarcastic. Her willingness to "follow" T'Challa's orders are always delivered with a snarky comment; so when you see Storm say "Whatever you say, Husband," you know she isn't being serious. There's a real playfulness in the dialogue and it's nice to see the relationship explored.

I rather like seeing Kraven as T'Challa's adversary in this issue and I thought this story was very entertaining. The art is really well done, and artist Jefte Palo's use of shadows and dark colors definitely compliments the story.

The Bad

There's nothing really "bad" about the story; while it didn't blow me out of the park, it was still definitely worth picking up and a fun read.

The Verdict

Even though it's the second part of a two part story, you can totally pick this up if you've never read an issue of Black Panther: The Man Without Fear. The story is light and entertaining, and the dynamic between Storm and Black Panther is worth reading. In fact, I really enjoyed this team up and I wish they would have teamed them up a long time ago--seeing them together is long overdue. It's a married couple fighting Kraven the Hunter, and surprise surprise, it's not boring!

Posted by Osiris1428

Haven't read the review fully yet, but thanks for reviewing it. You didn't have to. 

Posted by Creamypies

Fat Cat approves!

Posted by Osiris1428

Yeah, they finally gave Storm something to do in Black Panther. Now if they could handle some other things fans have asked for, like further continuing to explore the relationship between T'Challa and Storm, the vibrianium and where it comes from, Wakanda and other things, Dave Liss might become the next great writer of this character! Right up there with Christopher Priest!

Posted by longbowhunter

I've been waiting for Storm to show up in BP for a while now and when she does she irritates the piss outta me. I didnt find the roof top banter playful, just annoying. Loved Kraven as the antagonist for T'Challa. Perfect fit!!
Edited by JonesDeini

Need to get my hands on this issue ASAP 
If he can make this work as well as Green Arrow/Black Canary did then maybe I'd change my mind on this marriage. 

Posted by Blood1991

Eh... I think he dominates their relationship abit to much and the whole damsel in distress thing when she was grabbed by the stone hand was kinda unnecessary. However, I was happy with Kraven vs Black Panther. I like the idea of BP and Storm, but it seems poorly executed most of the time in my opinion :(
Posted by AgeofHurricane

Fantastical Review lol

Posted by jrock85

I wish this arc could have been longer, but it was great while it lasted.

Posted by Osiris1428

Up next: American Panther! Will it piss me off?? Stay tuned...