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Batwoman #26 - Webs, Part One: Strands Review


Batwoman is up against an art thief. Sounds harmless, right? Of course it's not going to be that easy.

The Good

It's not often we get to see heroes in their civilian lives. Batwoman has had a lot going on in this series alone. Marc Andreyko does a great job showing some of Kate's humanity and even some more interaction between her and Maggie. It makes sense to see Kate acting the part of a socialite even if it's one of the last things she'd want to do. This also serves as a way to introduce a connection to the villain in the story and why Batwoman would immediately get involved.

As the first part of a new arc, the issue does begin with an interesting flashback. This one goes back quite a ways. It's not immediately clear what the connection is and that just adds another bit of mystery to the whole story. Besides seeing Maggie, we also get to see Bette appear which further illustrates how Batwoman is a character that actually has others in her life and isn't just about being a crimefighter.

Jeremy Haun immediately establishes himself as the new artist on the series. There is a variety of scenes he has to draw, including Kate in her civilian and working attire. Seeing scenes of casual conversation along with those of heavy comic book action are always a plus. I can't wait to see more.

The Bad

The obvious problem here is the lack of a resolution in the previous story from issue #24. We've been waiting to see what happens between Batwoman and Batman but there isn't really a mention aside from a vague reference to some event taking place in Apirl's BATWOMAN ANNUAL #1. Andreyko stated in an interview back in September that they wouldn't be picking up the story right away. It makes sense in some ways to allow the new creative team to start off with their own story but it's still unfortunate for those that have been reading the series from the beginning. It adds a slightly odd feeling to this issue having the story remain unfinished.

The Verdict

If you're looking for a new jumping on point for BATWOMAN, you can easily dive right in here. Marc Andreyko and Jeremy Haun take over the series and deliver a new case for Batwoman. Not only do we get to see Batwoman in action, we also see the civilian side of Kate Kane to remind us of the other part of the character. We'll have to wait for the conclusion to the previous story last seen in issue #24. That puts a slightly sour taste to this issue but with a mysterious flashback and a doosey of a cliffhanger, you should check this issue out.

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Posted by kingofhearts9374

I was enjoying the previous arc and im still angry that it wont finish any time soon, I dont think i will pick this series up anymore.

Posted by G-Man

@kingofhearts9374: This was a good issue. I'd say if you like the character, stick with it.

Posted by jdp180

What? I have to wait 4 months to find out what the hell Bette was referring to? I know these super hero books can get repetitive but this is the 5th time I can recall a DC super hero falling to his/her apparent death at the end of an issue since the New 52. Catwoman, Nightwing, Batwing, Green Arrow and now Batwoman. We know they arent gonnna go splat so why even go there.

Edited by Fallschirmjager

Its a good issue (still miss dat art) but the writing and art are not bad by any means. The art is probably actually very good, just not amazing like J.H.'s is.

As you said, we're still in limbo right now though...

Also did anyone else feel like they were pushing the LGBT too much in this issue? (Especially with the cliche gay-best friend with wise relationship advice?) Its like they weren't even trying to be subtle or anything. I don't mind the pride and all, but Kate isn't just gay, she just happens to be gay.

Posted by 34f34f3434

What the hell!? Am I the only one, who really didn't like it? For me it even worse than #25! And I really feel sad about this. The cover art is horrible. Interior art is just... mundane. Writing... Well, it's starts like "Hey, I'm Kate, I'm a lesbian", then "Hey, I'm Maggie, I'm a lesbian too, and Kate's girlfriend", then "I'm Evan, I'm gay and Kate's best friend! You didn't expect it, right? Oh, I'm so cliche!", then "Oh, by the way, i'm gymnast like Kate, and I like arts. That not put any suspects on me, that I'm Spider Wolf, who suddenly appears in the same issue, right?", then "I'm Betty, a sidekick! Being a hero is so whimsical! Let's show to the baddies my Flim-Flam! Oh, by the way, the fact, that i was almost killed by the possesed maniac and was in coma not so lon ago, not diturbs me at all!" and so on. Really feels like series lost the edge. Maybe, this shoes was too big for new team. 'sigh' Anyway, I'll give them a chance until the next issue.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Loved the interior art. The art was fine.

Posted by asjmooney

Really liked this and will keep reading and buying this title. Shake about the ending of the last run but I hope people give the new team a chance and not be bitter about what happened as Batwoman is a character that deserves her own title.

Posted by admwriter

This issue was like a breath of fresh air to me. I suppose I'm the only person who found the previous creative team to be dull. That's not fair, I dug the art, but the writing was a snooze. Andreyko gave the cast the first sign of life and I loved it. I was so bored with the previous storyline that I didn't even realize they never resolved it. Lol.

For the first time in forever, I actually give a damn about Kate Kane.

Edited by V_Scarlotte_Rose

Well it was probably better than #25 at least. The art was fine, but the writing and dialogue came across a bit odd. The tone seems to have changed.

I wonder what this Evan characters role will be. He got enough panel time to suggest that he'll be sticking around. I wonder if he could be Wolf Spider, but I don't know if that would make sense.