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Batwoman #24 - This Blood is Thick: Plots Review


Kate Kane’s plan to snare the Bat is sprung. Meanwhile, Bette tracks down Beth and the DEO finally decides to do something about Gotham.

The Good

W. Haden Blackman and J.H. Williams III have been building masterfully to this confrontation between Batwoman and Batman and what we get in this issue was absolutely worth the wait. The D.E.O. sets loose some of Bats’ most dangerous enemies to draw him out of hiding (and to keep his supporters occupied) while she springs her trap on him. I’ve always loved Kane’s inner-monologue because of the way she could’ve been written, like so many, as a joyless, self-serious and dire character, but while her dialog is very proper and straightforward, she has this rich inner voice that’s full of wit and even a little sarcastic humor. We get TONS of that in this issue and it never fails to entertain. We also get an interesting segment where, during the criminal’s attack, the D.E.O. declares martial law in Gotham and takes over the police headquarters. I don’t know if this is going to have long-term ramifications or if it’s just all part of the plan, but I actually hope it’s the former. It always struck me as odd that the state, or national, government never did anything about a city that is routinely under siege and suffers casualties in the triple digits every time an insane clown breaks out of jail and forms a posse.

The art, by series regular Trevor McCarthy is perfect for this issue. As much as I absolutely ADORE when Williams draws the book, his art lends itself more to the surreal and supernatural stories that Batwoman often tells, but this is a story grounded firmly in "reality" and as such, it wouldn't necessarily benefit from the strange style, which they seem very aware of. McCarthy's work is gorgeous in its own right, with a premium placed on fluidity that looks more like action viewed through rapidly blinking eyes than still images. Sandu Florea and Derek Fridolfs make their own contributions on certain pages and since they're pages where the focus shifts to another scene (with the exception of the final page), it mostly works, particularly with Guy Major's dark, moody color palette remaining across the entire issue, lending it a great feeling of continuity.

The Bad

There's a third storyline going on here: Bette rescuing Batwoman's sister with the help of the Murder of Crows, and I didn't mention it above because, honestly, I felt like it got in the way of the main story. I've always felt the subplot of Kathy's sister was one of the book's weak points, but never felt it was a real weakness until now. This is an issue that, I feel, should have had the battle between Batwoman and Batman squarely in its cross-hairs (with the police station story still occupying a few pages) rather than splitting focus across two plots. I understand there were parallels being drawn between the two women fighting their battles, but it just didn't feel needed at this point. And while the art and writing are still very good in this divergence, I had to stop myself from rushing through it to get back to the main storyline. This is also J.H. Williams and W. Haden Blackman's final issue, and while I didn't factor that into my score, it definitely, squarely, belongs under this heading.

The Verdict

It’s not the best issue to go out on, being that it isn’t the end of the arc, but that can hardly be blamed on the creators since their run was supposed to last two MORE issues, but as exits go, this one definitely leaves its mark. I don’t know what the new creative team has planned, but it’s got a massive legacy to live up to as this issue continues the high quality storytelling and gorgeous art that made the previous issues such stand-outs. Even though it isn’t fully resolved, finally seeing Batwoman and Batman throw down is an absolute treat and must be seen to be believed, and while I wasn’t a huge fan of the B-story, it’s still well executed enough that it doesn’t even come close to ruining the issue. The payoffs in this issue were well worth the wait.

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Posted by TheCheeseStabber

aninsane clownbreaks out of jail and forms a posse.


*Goes Home*

*Lays Down*

*stares at ceiling*

Edited by Eivion

Disagree completely about Bette's rescue of Alice. Its the main plot of this particular arc, and I didn't really feel it getting in the way at all. Honestly the action in general felt a little hectic and I think that was entirely the point as there is supposed to be a lot going on as they were diving into to the big stuff.

Edited by manwithoutshame

If JHIII has already drawn the issues, there's no reason DC shouldn't just finish them and put them out. Those covers in the solicits were gorgeous.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

stupid DC editors -_-

Edited by knightofthechronicle

I'm a tad bit confused, is the DEO in any relation to ARGUS? That's a question that's been bothering me ever since I heard about it.

Edited by Krissyjump

@knightofthechronicle: ARGUS tends to deal with Superhuman matters the DEO tends seems to deal with more supernatural and paranormal ones.

Posted by knightofthechronicle
Edited by Eivion

@krissyjump: You're thinking of SHADE. In truth ARGUS and DEO are about the same. I would say its likely Johns made ARGUS completely forgetting about the DEO's existence.

Posted by LordoftheNorth

i think the book had a a bunch of problems. the book is only 18 pages so everything feels rushed. batmans fight with bane was way to easy but my biggest problem is the fight with batwoman. Batman knows batwoman is going to attack him yet some how she is able to easily attack him from the front. Next Batman comes off like an ass by calling batwoman stupid for using a taser like device seeing as his suit is insulated, yet is too stupid to relivise that it wasnt ment to hurt him. by some stoke of luck she some how has bombs planted exactly where Batman is standing sending him to the lower level of the building. Than becuase Batman is stupid he just stand their in the dust filled room(batwoman can see him becuase the electrics she used in the opening attack where a tracking device) and preceds to get hit in the eye with a batarrang which for some reason dosnt bleed.

Posted by Grimoire


I had a look at this comic on the rack to see this fight and I pretty much had the same problems with it. Batman knew where to go and who was behind all the destruction and who he would most likely had to fight and seemed only on the defensive.

Posted by truantsimpson

I would have liked for this issue to focus more on Batwoman vs Batman, while I do like Bette I really haven't cared for her as much since she has returned as Hawkfire. (I also wonder if DC will sideline her now). The issue as a whole was fine, but I worry we won't really get a good pay off now with all the changes going on with the title.

Also... anyone else notice Katana and Starling with the Birds of Prey? Is there not an editor checking these kind of things? I know it is a small detail, but it really bugged me.

Edited by Shallbecomeabattoo

@Grimoire or others: Since I am a trade waiter I haven't read this yet. Could someone spoil me how the fight between Baman and Batwoman went and who "won", because Batwoman beating Bruce would annoy me to no end. Sure, she is a skilled fighter, but Batman should put her down in a few moments.

Posted by BigCimmerian

This issue is horrible. Where is Bane's army? Isn't he in charge now in Gotham? I thought that Batman is occupied with bringing down Crime Syndicate, not with beating Batwoman lol.

Posted by Grimoire

@shallbecomeabattoo: The fight was really short and not finished. Its a to be continued type fight until next issue. lol

Edited by mrmarky

I have dropped 4 DC titles in the last two months. Looks like this will be next. Its too bad. She is one of my favourite characters. The wedding would have been awesome. Too bad DC is run by corporate drones now with no sense of artistic integrity.

Every month I seem to drop a couple DC titles and pick up a couple Image and Marvel titles.

Posted by LordoftheNorth

@bigcimmerian: thats part of the problem this story takes place before the events of forever evil but who in the hell is going to know that right away when the arkham war thing is going on

Posted by LordoftheNorth
Posted by Shallbecomeabattoo

@lordofthenorth: Yeah I read that but thought you left the ending out^^ seems like you didn't though.

@grimoire: Thanks!

Well, doesn't sound right to me. I mean, yeah Kate is a badass, but handling Bruce that easy? Please. I know I am a big time Batman fanboy and hate to see him loose against anyone, but I am fine when it is against someone who is on his level or above, like Deathstroke, Bane, Shiva and the like. But Kate? I mean, yeah she hasn't beaten him yet, but it sounds like she had the upper hand the whole time.

Edited by LordoftheNorth

@shallbecomeabattoo: ya they ended the fight on a cliffhanger with batman and batwoman with their hands around each others throats

ya the fight come across the usual thing where they have to make one charater act like a dumbass so another charater has a chance in the fight