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Batman: Gates of Gotham #2 - Part Two: The Four Families of Gotham Review


Two stories in one as we see the construction of Gotham along with the Architect's plan continue its destructive path.

We are witnessing what may be the telling of Gotham City's birth...and destruction.

The Good

Has there ever been a story on the birth of Gotham City as we know it? We've seen Gotham change over the years (especially after Tim Burton's films and the earthquake in the comics). I can appreciate the history that must have existed but I never found myself on the edge of my seat wondering what event went into the design and construction of the city...up until now. Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins have definitely aroused my curiosity. We saw little glimpses of Bruce's past and history during Grant Morrison's Return of Bruce Wayne but it's what we're seeing here that makes me want to know more about Bruce's ancestors and also those of Gotham's other first families.

During the parts set in the present, there are so many excellent moments. I love the way we're Dick, Tim, Cassandra and Damian work together with no sign of Bruce. We have a pretty dire situation and it's great to see the other step up to the challenge. We get some more insight into Dick's mind and I have to mention there is an interesting conversation between Cassandra and Damian.

I liked Trevor McCarthy's art last issue but I like it even more here. Seeing the construction of Gotham, a couple characters walking through the sewers and Cassandra and Damian on a stakeout looked so amazing.

The Bad

Cassandra Cain's new codename.

The Verdict

I am so completely sold on this series. We are witnessing the begin of Gotham City as we know it. Yes Gotham existed before the skyscrapers but we're seeing what went into the design. There is a connection with that past and the destruction going on in the present. Dick, Tim, Cassandra and Damian have to take the case and work together in order to save Gotham and the first families. While there is some crazy action that takes place, what kept me on the edge of my seat was some of dialogue between characters. There is an encompassing feel that something huge is going to happen...and it's not going to be a good thing. Simply put, it's a great story with great art. This is what a Batman comic should be about.

Posted by Mrs. Tim Drake

How have you already read it? I thought it came out tomorrow?

Posted by JonesDeini

Glad to hear that Cassandra's more than just window dressing. Black Bat eh?

Posted by Duo_forbidden

I laugh EVERY TIME I hear or read Black Bat. Still, Cassandra still kicks butt no matter what she decides to call herself. Will be looking forward to reading this.

Posted by doordoor123

Its "Black" Bat. Like "Red" Robin. Get it?  Got it? Good. 
Ive been in and out of Scott Snyder's run but ive been hearing hes amazing. Ill be picking up the issue before this and this issue. Cant wait to see what he does with Batman and Swamp Thing after the relaunch. Rumor is that hes always been a HUGE Swamp Thing fan. Im excited. xD
Posted by CombatSpoon86

Awesome, can't wait to read this tomorrow. Snyder on any bat title, just assures me how good it will be

Posted by CombatSpoon86
Snyder on any book especially DC related is good. Whatever he writes I end up pulling. I'm looking at Batman, American Vampire, Severed, & Swamp Thing all in the fall. All Snyder's work
Posted by doordoor123
I really like what he writes but kind of get side tracked and skip over his issues sometimes. I get lost.  
I read the first couple of issues of American Vampire but stopped reading it because of my budget at the time.    
Ive dropped all of my Marvel titles so my book is wide open for any of his comics xD 
Ill probably eventaully pick up his American Vampire trades, but im really excited to see what he has to come.  
Posted by Pizawle

AAAH! All this praise makes waiting for the collection so difficult.

Posted by longbowhunter

Not a whole lot coming out tomorrow. Gates of Gotham is on top the read pile.
Posted by G-Man
@Mrs. Tim Drake: I was lucky enough to be able to read it early.

@doordoor123: Scott is indeed a huge Swamp Thing fan. He's going to do some amazing things with the character.
Posted by JonesDeini
I'm really looking forward to THIS!
Posted by CombatSpoon86
American Vampire reads alot better in trade so you'll enjoy it. Also give his american vampire mini a shot. I wish I could drop all my marvel books, luckily I dropped from 10 to 5 books now. Definitely try out his Image book Severed when it comes out in Aug. 
Man that's gonna a be a great series, I hear its only for 7 issues. Can't wait. 
Man, lucky to get the issue early. Just hearing Snyder enjoys the character is gonna be a treat to pick up in September. If it's anything close to Alan Moore's run or better, that will be a better bonus.
Posted by Demonturtle

Nice review!  Going to have to check it out!
Posted by Bestostero

They really should've came up with something more original... Red Robin? Black Bat? come on DC lol

Posted by Adnan

It's a shame this title is getting completely and utterly overshadowed by Flashpoint, it's a really interesting and enjoyable read that doesn't need much prior knowledge to jump onto.
And yeah, 'Black Bat' is a lame name. I don't know much about bats, but isn't it a little redundant? It's like me saying 'Yellow Banana'...

Posted by ThanosIsMad

  Black Bat is a hell of a lot better than Red Robin.  And it has continuity ties to Cass, so it fits. 
Hopefully, Snyder includes Cass on his Batman run post September.

Posted by Eyz

Gotta love Gotham as a "character."

I remember a pretty good arc, in, was it Batman Gotham Knight or something?
With a Wayne being one of its earliest founders and prominent citizens.

Anyway, fantastic comic!

Posted by tonis

I'm liking this new approach to review presentation a LOT, well done guys.

This approach will sell more comics than any movie in my opinion ;)

You got me sold to check this out, it's a very interesting way to twist the birth of a city into the folk lore and how it all molds together into the kind of situation that creates the bat.

Edited by doordoor123

AH! My comic shop was out of Gates of Gotham #1! Now I cant read this! 



Much better.
Posted by fenixREVOLUTION

2 Shops in my area didn't have this issue at all, guess I'll be waiting until next week.

Posted by JonesDeini
I'm on that series like gravies on biscuists, folk. 
Posted by Jake Fury
@fenixREVOLUTION said:

2 Shops in my area didn't have this issue at all, guess I'll be waiting until next week.

Same here...damnit.