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Batman Beyond 2.0 #1 - Rewired, Part 1 of 8: Nothing Last Forever Review


A year has gone by and some things have changed. Check out the beginning of what Kyle Higgins has in store for Batman Beyond.

The Good

A year has gone by. At first I was a little unsure how I felt about that notion. After giving it a little thought, I am in favor of the idea.

One thing it does is allow Terry McGinnis to grow and evolve a little more. We are so used to seeing Terry in high school. While that scenario has worked, it's pretty much been the same since the animated series first debuted back in 1999. Terry has done some amazing things during his tenure as Batman and in his time with the Justice League Beyond. But just as Peter Parker eventually graduated high school, Terry must do the same. There will be more flexibility in carving out these new adventures.

The second thing shifting the story a year forward adds is a sense of mystery. Even though Terry is more tenured as Batman now, there's a lot that has happened that we don't know about. This is something you'll see in huge ways in this first issue.

It's not a secret that Kyle Higgins really cares about the Terry. This is an important thing as readers know the characters are in safe hands and it also means Higgins is going to carefully plan out each story. Besides moving things forward a year, Higgins is also ready to establish other changes. The status quo in different areas is now different and part of the fun will be in discovering what those changes are. Getting a glimpse at the new Arkham Institute should definitely be something that will pop up again. Terry's personal life has also gone through some major changes.

And then there's that last page. If you're looking for a "holy crap" moment, this will be one that will knock your socks off. (Do everyone a favor and try not to spoil the ending for others or at least wait until the next issue before discussing).

Thony Silas does a superb job on the art. A problem I've had with the Batman Beyond digital comics in the past is we've sometimes had inconsistent art teams. It was good but just didn't feel right. Silas' art is true to the original look of the animated series.

The same can be said for Higgins' writing of the characters and settings. It's not just some writer creating new tales based on the series. It absolutely feels like a natural evolution of the series. That's what makes this exciting.

You have to dig the cover by Sean Murphy as well!

The Bad

The only real problem I had was the length and the fact that it's sort of a set up issue. Obviously it has to be a set up issue being the first one and having time skip ahead a year. There is some Batman Beyond action but yeah, I would have liked some more.

As for the length, thats more of a "I want more now!" thing so not really a complaint. You are only paying $0.99 so you definitely get your money's worth.

The Verdict

If you love or even like the idea of Batman Beyond, you need to check this out right now. As part of DC's Digital First series of comics, you need to be prepared to get a great next chapter of Batman Beyond for less than a buck. You can feel the passion Kyle Higgins has for the characters and universe bubbling under the surface. This may be the first issue that starts to catch us up after the series jumps forward a year but you can see there has to be loads of big things coming. Thony Silas is a great choice for the art. Both Silas and Higgins have captured the essence of the Beyond universe and are ready to take it to the next level.

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Sounds good. I just finished reading the trades for the last Batman Beyond digital series (including Superman Beyond and JLA Beyond) and loved those! Will definately check that out!

Hey @G-Man: Is Superman Beyond continuing? I would love to see more of Clark in that time.

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That ending man, it made me rethink the issue in a whole different way.

DC are really kicking ass with their digital first series.

Posted by G-Man

@mucklefluga: I loved that ending so freakin much. I really hope people get a chance to read it before getting spoiled. Totally adds to the mystery of what the heck happened the past year.

Posted by darknightspideyfanboy

what happen to the other beyond series did they end them

Posted by G-Man

@shallbecomeabattoo: ya know, I'm not really sure. I haven't heard anything but sometimes the digital stuff sneaks up on ya. I'd love to see more too.

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Edited by Mucklefluga

Also that was the inking not an eye patch right?

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

FUCK YEAH!!! Hope this goes on for a VERY LONG TIME! everyone buy this!

Posted by Nightwing_Beyond

I completely agree Tony! I loved it so much, I had to review it tonight too. It does what every good Batman Beyond story does. For every answer discovered, three more questions take its place. Kyle got the interaction pacing/timing down even. I felt like I was watching an episode. Haven't had this kind of surreal experience with a comic in a while.

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@mucklefluga said:

Also that was the inking not an eye patch right?

It was an eye patch. The Joker shot him in the eye years ago. It was shown in a previous Batman Beyond comic. I think it was in the Hush Beyond story arc.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous


@g_man said:

@shallbecomeabattoo: ya know, I'm not really sure. I haven't heard anything but sometimes the digital stuff sneaks up on ya. I'd love to see more too.

Isn't it turning in to Batman Beyond Universe?

Posted by SmoothJammin


Posted by longbowhunter

Haven't read any Beyond stuff in a while Hush Beyond was pretty great but the ongoing that followed didn't keep my interest. With Higgins writing the stories now I'll have to check this out.

Posted by Michael_Moran

Natmam beyond unlimted issue one fifthteen is some the best reading I have had in a while.

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@mucklefluga said:

Also that was the inking not an eye patch right?

It was an eye patch. The Joker shot him in the eye years ago. It was shown in a previous Batman Beyond comic. I think it was in the Hush Beyond story arc.

Yes! Awesome!

Posted by Mucklefluga


@g_man said:

@shallbecomeabattoo: ya know, I'm not really sure. I haven't heard anything but sometimes the digital stuff sneaks up on ya. I'd love to see more too.

Isn't it turning in to Batman Beyond Universe?

Every week either Batman Beyond 2.0 or Justice League Beyond 2.0 comes out (the books alternate weekly) and on the fourth week of the month they are collected in print in an issue of Batman Beyond Universe.

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hmmm I might check this out

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I wait to read Batman Beyond in print, but I'm happy to hear Higgins is off to a good start. I thought Beechen started started off terribly with his Hush Beyond story, but really got the universe and turned in some solid stories by the end of his run. Very happy to hear Higgins is seemingly off to a better start.

Will you be reviewing Gage's Justice League Beyond as well?

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That ending was awesome. Kyle you sly fox you.

Posted by ekrolo

Awesome issue! Im totally gonna keep reading this after the big reveal at the last page.

Posted by webling

I loved the issue and can't wait to see what Higgins has in store for Terry. But can I just say that there has been a Batman Beyond #1 every year for the past four years. Well at least we have a book, I'd rather have that than a double digit number on the cover.

Also @smoothjammin nice catch there. I still haven't watched BTAS so thanks for the perspective.

Posted by Shallbecomeabattoo

@mucklefluga: oh man, that would be a bummer. It had set up such a nice new status quo for Clark. I would've loved to see more. Well, I still have JL Beyond... right? RIGHT?!?


Yeah, as Tony said, I kinda overlook a lot of those digital first series.

@g_man: Yeah, I really loved Superman beyond! It made me really miss the pre new 52 a bit, since it was a real quality Superman story, we haven't had in the new 52 until Unchained.

Posted by kaiklown

Love love love Batman Beyond. Have all the comics. Glad its continuing in the right direction.

Posted by Protoflash

Any idea when this will be coming out in print?

Posted by MissJ

@protoflash: End of the month! It collects two 10-page digital issues + two of JL Beyond into one print issue.

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Just the excuse I needed to start reading Batman Beyond. Grew up watching the TV show as a kid but, never ventured over to the comics. This seems like a good jumping on point. Great review!!! I'm sold!!!

Posted by danhimself

glad to see more of DC's digital content getting reviewed @g_man now if someone on the staff would just start giving some attention to Smallville

Posted by Protoflash

@missj: Cool! Thanks I appreciate it!

Posted by G-Man
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@webling: Of course! :) Kyle's pretty good about carrying over the animated style of the show, and for fans of the original TNBA it's always a treat to stumble across epic callbacks like these. It's incredible how mature BTAS was, and how much unfiltered content 'got past the radar' despite it being tailored for children audiences. Way ahead of it's time and a classic.

If you have Netflix it's absolutely worth checking out Beyond as well. It stood it's ground well against monster competitors like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon(same can't be said for Spiderman Unlimited unfortunately). I won't spill more as I'd like to honor Tony's request. If anyone's looking for a reason to snatch up some digital titles this is one that deserves to be on there.

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Is this digital?

Posted by kilowog52

I collected the print version Batman Beyond Unlimited of the series that just ended. I plan on collecting Batman Beyond Universe, which I believe should collect these stories as well. I suppose the real downside of that is that you have to wait until a few weeks longer to read the stories than those who read them digitally. I can't really complain about a price difference of three cents. However, what I believe is the drawback of purchasing the digital chapter every week is the disappointing length of each digital chapter. If I were to spend ninety-nine cents every week, I'd want more than a a couple of pages, despite that fact that with print you're getting the same content for three cents more. It's all in how it's perceived by the mind. "Oh! I just paid for a few pages!" versus "I just finished a chapter in a story arc, which was only slightly shorter than a chapter in a New 52 story arc is, and there's a similarly-lengthed chapter of another story arc if I turn the page."

Of course my one experience so far with the digital copies of digital first DC series has been with the Arrow TV show comic. I got the first two 'issues' of that series for free when DC was doing some online promotion. I found that comic so pointless. It got so much hype from the publisher for a while about how the show plots continue in the comic, which will help you understand the show better and you don't want to miss it. However, all I found was TV Ollie reflecting on events that we already saw in the show. Completely pointless. I would not want to pay to continue reading that series. I'm sure since Batman Beyond is a piece about the imminent future of a universe created in a nineties cartoon TV show as opposed to a tie-in to a current show, it's much better than Arrow (the comic). However, that Arrow comic forever soured my opinion of digital first comics.

On a more related note, yes Superman Beyond seemed to be heading in a nice direction, but one thing I didn't like about it was how in every arc, the writer found it necessary to bring either Batman or the JLB to aid him. We already had a Batman Beyond comic and a Justice League Beyond Comic that included both Batman and Superman. If it's a Superman Beyond story, you're going to want to differentiate it from the other two. And let's not forget the Beyond Origins stories. i found the Warhawk one absolutely fascinating. I believe the others were Aquagirl and Micron.

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@kilowog52: Actually, that's something I'm VERY aware of when I'm writing this book. I actually go out of my way to cram as much into each chapter as I can. Truthfully, my pages are quite dense (lots of 8, 9, and 10 panel pages) so that when it's released digitally... every digital screen has at least 3 panels on it (unless it's a splash :) The end result actually reads (in my opinion) like a twenty page story. Which means, the print version is even MORE dense :P

Thanks for all the kind words on the first issue, guys! Super, super proud of this book and my collaborators! I can't wait for you guys to see where we're heading.

Oh, and SmoothJammin-- GREAT eye :)

Posted by webling

@smoothjammin: I grew up on Static Shock because it was the only DCAU that was on broadcast television when I was kid. I later saw Beyond, Justice League, and JLU on YouTube (back when they weren't immediately taken down). Superman and BTAS didn't really grab me but I think I should at least give BTAS a second chance, no one does anything but rave about it.

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Posted by Nightwing4

Kyle Higgins is on CV? Is this real life?

Anyway. Definitely enjoyed the ending, as well as the fact that I share a name with one of the new characters. My childhood self from 2002 is rejoicing right now that the Beyond Universe is finally returning.

Posted by Iron_Turtle

So that's where white Nick Fury ended up.

As a lapsed Batman Beyond fan, this was a great read. Time to catch up methinks.

Posted by thespideyguy
Posted by Phantim555

Can I please pre-order this trade already!!!!!!

Posted by McG

So does this mean the other Batman Beyond Series is finished? Was really hooked on that, hopefully this will just be as good... keep Supergirl.

Posted by cobra88king8

My only fear with this is that it could turn into One Year Later all over again and NO ONE in comics wants that

Posted by havok85h
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Literally just spent the better half of my day watching season 1 of BB

Now I'm going to lock myself in my room for a few hours, fire up the ol' PS3 and patrol the streets of Arkham City using the Beyond Skin. It's too bad I can't ride the wicked batmobile but hey, I'll take what I can get.

@havok85h haha thnx

Posted by HahahaTimes

damn, the last page is really a "holy crap" moment. i was attempting to guess it for a whole day but i never expected the last page.....

Posted by twitchy_tail

Awesome gotta check it out now. I Never read the first one though just watched the cartoon of it.

Posted by BigL

This issue was great. I haven't kept up much with Batman Beyond as much as I have with JL Beyond though so I was a little bit confused at first. The ending was great and I was so excited to see that happen. I've been rewatching the animated series lately on Netflix, wish they had Batman: The Animated Series though

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Interested to see where the series goes. I hope they bring up a certain other character that may have debuted in the pages of a beyond book recently. Though they left the door open for that involvement so I suppose we'll see.

Posted by batmannflash

the whole I was thinking, it is nothing special...then on that last page, a certain someone caught my attention! Looking forward to seeing how they take it