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Batman and Robin #23.3 - The Demon's Tower Review


You can't have a Villains Month without Ra's al Ghul. James Tynion IV reminds us who he is and what he's up to during the time of FOREVER EVIL.

The Good

Ra's al Ghul can be a tricky character to use. He's such a great character and because there have been some epic stories involving him, overuse can easily become a problem. The other concern is what kind of story would we get in a Villains Month issue since some issues have been simple retellings of their origins. That is not the case here.

James Tynion IV does a great job in incorporating a very brief origin story along with showing us where Ra's stands in the FOREVER EVIL climate of the DCU. With the New 52, there are still some questions who these characters might be now and we get to see the essence of who Ra's is and what he's capable of. He also shows us when Ra's gets an invitation to join the Secret Society.

Jeremy Haun's art captures the story's pacing nicely. There is a mix between flashbacks and the modern day and you can easily follow along between the different periods.

The Bad

We get an interesting story but some of it plays as more of a tease or way to promote Ra's al Ghul in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS. It's not really a bad thing but almost feels too much like a set up issue.

John Rausch's colors were good but there were moments they made the backgrounds look too sterile and clean, especially where Ra's was hanging out.

The Verdict

Ra's al Ghul has been relatively quiet in the New 52 and it looks like he's ready to make a move. James Tynion IV fills us in on some past moments of Ra's life while also pushing the character forward into the FOREVER EVIL landscape that has exploded onto the DCU. This issue does set things up for Ra's appearance in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAW and you'll want to see what he has planned next. Jeremy Haun's art captures Ra's essence and you get a nice visual interpretation of what he's all about. Ra's al Ghul is done sitting around and it looks like James Tynion IV has some big plans for him.

Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

Would it be hard to enjoy the story if I don't buy Red Hood and the Outlaws?

Posted by Superbat420

@battle_forum_junkie: No not at all I don't read red hood and I didn't even see a connection it was a great standalone story to establish the type of person Ra's is. My only question is who the hell was the dude he was sword fighting all issue?

Posted by G-Man

@battle_forum_junkie: not at all. We see glimpses into his past as well as what part he may play in Forever Evil.

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@g_man: who was the dude he was talking too?

Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie
Posted by Wilbertus

This sounds great. I have been waiting for Ra's to make an impact in the New 52. Hopefully, we will see more of him in the near future. Ra's is such a great character, it would be a shame to not use him.

Posted by cc1738

My comic shop didn't even have this. The store owner said he didn't even have enough for subscriptions. Ridiculous.

Posted by Superbat420

Really? No one else is concerned on who the other dude was?

Posted by Herokiller12344

Sounds cool.

Posted by cobra88king8

@superbat420: I just figured we'll find out in RHatO

I actually found this format perfect. It was exactly what I had hoped all of this month's villain issues would be. A good combination of in the past and in the present. Too many of the other books are one or the other

Posted by Superbat420

@cobra88king8: I don't see him doing anything with red hood he kept saying he was part of the secret society

Edited by Saren

What I liked most about this issue is the complete change of viewpoint for the villain with regard to the happenings of Forever Evil. Everyone else on Earth is panicking and running around trying to figure out where they stand in the "New World Order"; meanwhile, Ra's just doesn't care. He's used to change in a way no one else is and he's reinvented his own world countless times, so the complete lack of regard for the Secret Society is appropriate for a man who's outlived empires. The characterization was spot on. What I disliked (or maybe that's a strong word, because I just thought it needed some tinkering) was the revisiting of Ra's past by simply bringing up stories we've already seen before. 4/5 seems accurate.

Posted by TDK_1997

This is by far my favorite issue so far from the Villains Month issues.

Posted by detective38

@superbat420: Im pretty sure the other guy was the Cavalier, a C list bat villian that is an expert swordsman but obviously not better than Ras. Great issue overall

Edited by Superbat420

@detective38: thanks for answering lol I was real confused on who he was,