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Batman and Robin #23.2 - Exquisite Dread Review


In case you've had a hunger for more on the Court of Owls, sit back and prepare to witness the Court throughout different time periods.

The Good

The Court of Owls did something not many have been able to do. They did quite a number on Batman. Batman felt he knew everything there was to know about his city. At a young age he looked into the possibility that the Court existed, on more than one occasion. He was unable to find anything and refused to believe they actually existed. He was wrong. Big time.

As James Tynion IV has been delivering bits of their history in the pages of TALON, here, we get to see even more. With every small piece he's shared before (along with what Palmiotti and Gray have done in ALL-STAR WESTERN), I've wanted to see more. That's what we get here. Seeing the Court in different time periods is just what I wanted to see.

Jorge Lucas' art is something here. He tweaks his style a little for each period and I especially noticed how fitting it was in the 1974 segment. His style along with Dave McCaig's colors really captures the darker feeling the story calls for. There are indeed some dark and creepy moments.

The Bad

Jumping around from time period to time period might be a bit much. It's interesting to see glimpses into past periods which cut to the present since they provide some cohesion to the overall story. You just have to get a handle on it.

I'm not a big fan of the Gotham Butcher character. He does do something impressive here but something about him just doesn't jive with me.

The Verdict

With many of the Villains Month titles, there hasn't been too much appeal or opportunities to actually see new information. Most have been re-tellings or continuations of other stories. With a book containing the Court of Owls, there's still a lot we don't know. This secret organization that was able to bring down Batman is ripe with opportunities for more stories. James Tynion IV gives us a taste for the Court's action during several different moments in time. Jorge Lucas' art nicely captures the different time periods by making sure each feels like it's taking place during that time. This issue almost feels like a tease for more stories set in the different periods. James Tynion IV simply makes me want to read more of the Court and their history. It's always great when a superhero comic focuses more on the story over than cheap action shots. Let's hope we get to see and find out more about the Court of Owls.

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Should I get this, Trigon, or Reverse Flash?

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@mulder15: Definitely not's a toss up between this and RF, whichever character/group you like more.

Posted by Mulder15

@ghidoran said:

@mulder15: Definitely not's a toss up between this and RF, whichever character/group you like more.

Thanks for the reply. I'll see what I decide at the comic shop. :)

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this got a 5?! outrageous. at best a 3. the most cliche writing i've ever seen. everything you can see about a secret society is in this toilet paper. i cant believe he gets paid for this. when a common man, on multiple accounts, can track what this supposedly very hush-hush society is doing and batman cant, give up writing batman.

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This issue is so creepy! I love it! Tynion is the master of horror comics, even if this issue isn't too horrory. Also that ending is making me consider adding Talon to my pull list, you've caught me Tynion and the Batman editorial team!

Posted by darknightspideyfanboy

@thetimestreamer: batmam wasnt in this? and snyder didn't write this so um yeah

Posted by bladewolf

@mulder15 said:

Should I get this, Trigon, or Reverse Flash?

Reverse Flash is part of an ongoing storyline, so if you're reading The Flash get it. Otherwise get this.

Posted by theTimeStreamer

@darknightspideyfanboy: i notice and corrected. but none the less, this is snyder's creation and tynion's continuation of said creation. the implications are there. you just dont see them.

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Posted by HollowPrince65

I love The Court of Owls, I love Talon, and I love James Tynion III on this book. I cannot wait to see Batman and Calvin square off. I can't wait to see what The Court has planned. Awesome awesome awesome issue.

Posted by Superbat420

The court of owls is dcs version of the illuminati? That's what I got out of them

Posted by theTimeStreamer

@superbat420: no, not at all. they are the new league of assassins.

Posted by dagmar_merrill

This was awesome!

Posted by gorillazman2012

@darknightspideyfanboy: Yeah have to agree, and in the book itself, the guy that tracked the court was way in the past. And they said so many times in the issue how they've evolved, and grown at both their craft and keeping themselves a secret, that was merely an example of that point. Personally ( and this comes from only having read the Batman title, not Talon )don't know why, as I've heard good things)) I'd love to get a court of owls story on going, does anyone know if Talon is heavily involved with the court or not, would really like to get deeper into the owls etc.

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Posted by theTimeStreamer
Posted by MadeinBangladesh

@mulder15: HELL NO to Trigon, avoid anything related to Teen Titans in the new 52 best as you can!

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I have yet to pick this up. I enjoyed Snyder's run on the Court of Owls, but I felt the conclusion was a little disappointing. It didn't get to me enough to start following Talon, but I will be reading this issue for sure.

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Yeah Talon so far has been almost exclusively about the Court. Some of the locales in this issue appear in Talon, in fact. Definitely pick up Talon if you are into the Court.

Posted by The_Titan_Lord

You get the feeling of mystery and intrigue at the end. It's really nice.

Posted by scouts1998

do you have to have read court and night of the owls to read this issue?

Posted by detective38

Decent issue the court is just not my favorite idea ever, especially introducing bruces long lost brother but I digress. Id give this issue a 3/5

Posted by HugS86

"I'm not a big fan of the Gotham Butcher character. He does do something impressive here but something about him just doesn't jive with me."

Why are vague comments like these in a review? A review should serve as more than just a statement of opinion. It should guide readers into forming an expectation of the material, and lines like these do absolutely nothing to accomplish that. I see vague comments like these on a lot of reviews.
"There's just something weird about it..." etc.

Posted by SavageDragon

Pretty good, nice art. 4/5

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

It was good!
but nothing we already didnt know.
I liked the concept.
But i dont know, I talon good?
Should i be picking it up?