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Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet #1 - On the Wrong Track Review


Capturing the tone of the series, this is the team-up you've been waiting for.

The Good

If you've ever watched the Batman '66 show, you know there was something really special about it. Ever since DC started releasing comics based on this show, we've been treated to fun stories set in this delightful comic universe.

As a sort of special event for Batman '66, Kevin Smith is teaming up with radio personality (and humongous Adam West fan) Ralph Garman to bring us Batman and Robin meeting Green Hornet and Kato once again. Last Sunday, Kevin and Ralph did a live Batman on Fatman podcast. Being able to attend allowed me to see the passion these two have for the project (you can listen to it HERE but warning on language, etc).

The story perfectly sets up everything needed for these two crime-fighting duos to meet. The tone and vibe of the story feels just like you would want and expect it to. It's clearly evident that the writers understand this version of the characters.

Ty Templeton does a great job capturing the likeness of the characters. It's always a tricky thing when a comic has to try to show the look of real people. Along with Tony Avina's colors, this has a nice feel that, again, fits in with the tone of what you would expect.

(Note: The digital version is pretty cool as well).

The Bad

As fun as the story is, this is something that will mainly appeal to fans of the show. Obviously they are the ones this is geared towards. Regular Batman fans may question the campy tone of the story and dialogue or the sort of simplistic nature of the events.

The Verdict

If you've been reading the Batman '66 comics or have watched episodes of the show, there's no question whether or not you should check this out. Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman have captured the feel and tone of the television show and fans will love seeing Green Hornet and Kato within the pages. Ty Templeton perfectly captures the look of the characters as well. It's a fun story but clearly geared towards those that love or are familiar with the show. Others may not appreciate the essence of what this is. Smith and Garman even did a live reading on Smith's Batman podcast that 's worth listening to (if you don't mind the occasional bits of foul language). This shows that comic books can still be fun.

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Edited by ILLO_29

I enjoy me some Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman, but I can't stand the '66 batman. Maybe when it comes out in trade.

Posted by slade_wilson

Very excited for this! A Piece of the Action was my favorite episode from the original series.

Posted by G-Man
Posted by Ninjablade09

Ah, I remember watching the episode Green Hornet guest starred in. It was on around the time Green Hornet's movie released. Going to have to pick this up.

Edited by KEROGA


I'm a big fan of Batman,Big fan of GreenHornet ..but the '66 theme of it all was way before my time. And with comic budget being slim. idk if i'll be able to get it.

Edited by ILLO_29

@g_man: That must be the new Fatman On Batman, I haven't listened to it yet. I'll start listing on my way down the comic store this afternoon.

Posted by G-Man

@illo_29: think it was just posted. It was recorded Sunday night. Pretty cool being in the front row.

Posted by PunyParker

Well the "Bad" isn't really bad.