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Batman #24 - Zero Year: Dark City, Part One Review


Zero Year continues and Bruce Wayne is ready to become Batman. Will he be ready to face the Red Hood Gang leader?

The Good

We've had to wait since August for this installment due to Villains Month. The oversize nature makes it worth it. As amazing as seeing young Bruce Wayne gearing up to become the man we know, this is the payday. As you can see on the cover and from Bruce's declaration last issue, he is ready to become a bat.

Some time passes from the ending of last issue. This allows both Bruce's plans and the Red Hood Gang leader's plans to move further along. There is almost a surreal nature in the comic, witnessing this first moment - the birth of a hero. You'll get excited to see a familiar shape grace the pages of this series but then you'll realize you haven't quite seen anything yet. Greg Capullo's pencils with Danny Miki's inks and FCO Plascencia's colors will blow you away. Wait until you see the visual feast in a glorious two-page spread.

It's a different time in Gotham. Seeing the Red Hood Gang's plan unfold across the landscape of this city without a protector is a weird sight. Seeing parts in the daytime as well as early stages of the Batcave is so strange. I never realized how much I've wanted to see this period. It's almost as if Scott Snyder was writing this for me personally. (Can I at least pretend?)

With the size of the issue, it feels as if Snyder is crafting an epic story. Having the room to be told over so many pages, with so many different scenes and locations, it's too bad we can't get comics this length each month.

There are so many great scenes and visuals. It's almost hard to decide which is my favorite part of the issue. It all builds up to a perfect ending, even though there is still more to the story. The backup with art by Rafael Albuquerque gives some closure while continuing to move the story to the next chapter.

The Bad

I wish a certain image hadn't been revealed before the release of this comic.

I'm all for artistic interpretation and I love Albuquerque's art but his Alfred looks a little different than Capullo's. It caught me off guard for a moment.

The Verdict

With each chapter of Zero Year, I find myself surprised at how much I crave to see a story in this time period be told. This is supposed to be the main Batman title and it might be a little odd not to be taking place in the current time but that's perfectly okay with me. There is a great sense of isolation as Snyder and Capullo are able to tell the story they want to tell without having to worry about other events or crossovers. We all know Batman's origin, or at least we thought we did. Snyder shows that there is more to tell. He's giving us a story that is filling in the gaps when we didn't even realize there were these many gaps that could be filled. This is an issue you'll want to read over a few times to take in all the tiny details in the text and images to make sure you don't miss anything. Thankfully Zero Year is not over. Even with an oversized issue, I'm still craving more.

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Posted by comicbookfan93

I am absolutely loving this story, I do hope red hood one isn't the joker however and that he was just a patsy to take the fall.

Ps I did not like the art at the end at all

Posted by bones360uk

Guess no one noticed the mistake, so many dc books get released with mistakes these days

Posted by VaizD

Guess no one noticed the mistake, so many dc books get released with mistakes these days

Honestly, I'm not seeing the mistake.

Posted by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg

This was a good issue

Posted by Owie

I have liked this whole Year Zero arc, it's one of the few that I have a real desire to read again from the beginning once it's done. But, before I do so, can anyone fill me in on what the deal was with the beginning of the very first issue--where the city was filled with grasslands and the subway was flooded? Is that yet to come, or was that before this? It seems to me that Gotham hasn't otherwise been portrayed as being quite so bad before Bruce returned, so I wouldn't think it was before. But I can't remember if Bruce was in his batsuit when he appeared in that scene or not.

Posted by scouts1998

Did anyone see the Bob Kane Easter egg?

Posted by bones360uk

@vaizd: it should be where not were

Edited by weenman1

I finally like Scott Snyder.

Posted by InFamous_Wolf

This is one the best issues of Batman I have ever had the pleasure to read. A truly remarkable and awesome comic.

Posted by mak13131313

Such a great issue. Scott Snyder is doing a heck of a job with Zero Year.

Posted by mak13131313
Posted by scouts1998

@mak13131313: Finally someone who has also noticed it. Did you see Greg Capullo as a camerman aswell

Posted by staypuffed

I HAVE to read this issue. Damn, it sounds amazing.

Edited by denzelrodriguez92

@detective38: I like zero year and how Snyder kept many of the fundamental themes that were already in Batman's origin but through out the story he tweaked and played around with them by changing and adding things to his story. characters like uncle Philips and having characters like riddler tie into Bruce Wayne's early part of his career as batman was something new and not done before and the same goes for the red hood gang. I like what they did with the red hood gang and how its not necessarily a surprise the joker was going to be introduced by the end of the story but the way he executed this part of the story is not exactly done the way it was in previous story line such as batman under the red hood or the killing joke. It may have similar aspects and ideas from those stories but not necessarily done or told the same way. Scott Snyder was not trying to be original at all with batman origin but instead reinterpret his origin story in his image. Nothing is ever original, everything is a remake of something that was done previously.the way a story is told is what makes a story original, not the concept or premise of it. that goes for the zero year story arc as a whole. you may have these similar ideas or references from past batman stories such as batman year one and of course bob Kane's and bill finger's work on the creation of the character himself, but that is not necessarily a flaw upon Snyder's writing in this story . Snyder took everything we know about batman and reincarnated him. a remix to an old song.

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