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Batman #24 - Zero Year: Dark City, Part One Review


Zero Year continues and Bruce Wayne is ready to become Batman. Will he be ready to face the Red Hood Gang leader?

The Good

We've had to wait since August for this installment due to Villains Month. The oversize nature makes it worth it. As amazing as seeing young Bruce Wayne gearing up to become the man we know, this is the payday. As you can see on the cover and from Bruce's declaration last issue, he is ready to become a bat.

Some time passes from the ending of last issue. This allows both Bruce's plans and the Red Hood Gang leader's plans to move further along. There is almost a surreal nature in the comic, witnessing this first moment - the birth of a hero. You'll get excited to see a familiar shape grace the pages of this series but then you'll realize you haven't quite seen anything yet. Greg Capullo's pencils with Danny Miki's inks and FCO Plascencia's colors will blow you away. Wait until you see the visual feast in a glorious two-page spread.

It's a different time in Gotham. Seeing the Red Hood Gang's plan unfold across the landscape of this city without a protector is a weird sight. Seeing parts in the daytime as well as early stages of the Batcave is so strange. I never realized how much I've wanted to see this period. It's almost as if Scott Snyder was writing this for me personally. (Can I at least pretend?)

With the size of the issue, it feels as if Snyder is crafting an epic story. Having the room to be told over so many pages, with so many different scenes and locations, it's too bad we can't get comics this length each month.

There are so many great scenes and visuals. It's almost hard to decide which is my favorite part of the issue. It all builds up to a perfect ending, even though there is still more to the story. The backup with art by Rafael Albuquerque gives some closure while continuing to move the story to the next chapter.

The Bad

I wish a certain image hadn't been revealed before the release of this comic.

I'm all for artistic interpretation and I love Albuquerque's art but his Alfred looks a little different than Capullo's. It caught me off guard for a moment.

The Verdict

With each chapter of Zero Year, I find myself surprised at how much I crave to see a story in this time period be told. This is supposed to be the main Batman title and it might be a little odd not to be taking place in the current time but that's perfectly okay with me. There is a great sense of isolation as Snyder and Capullo are able to tell the story they want to tell without having to worry about other events or crossovers. We all know Batman's origin, or at least we thought we did. Snyder shows that there is more to tell. He's giving us a story that is filling in the gaps when we didn't even realize there were these many gaps that could be filled. This is an issue you'll want to read over a few times to take in all the tiny details in the text and images to make sure you don't miss anything. Thankfully Zero Year is not over. Even with an oversized issue, I'm still craving more.

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Posted by Wilbertus

I think I agree with you on pretty much everything. Even as an oversized issue, this is chockfull of epic and iconic moments and there are climaxes all over the place. Check out my review too!

Posted by Life_Without_Progress

So much Batman lore in this issue :)

Posted by patrat18

This is like that epic Green lantern issue. Loved every page of it.

Posted by Master_Thief

Can you tell me what that certain image was.... please

Posted by Omnicrono

Nice review, Tony! You've got me pumped to read this issue. :)

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Edited by CitizenJP

How long has Zero Year been going on for? Just curious because I'm behind on my Batman comics. :/ Last thing I read was the Death of the Family

Posted by TDK_1997

This issue was the most solid one of the whole story arc.The end was expected and it seems like CV got things right a few days earlier with their article about the Red Hood Gang Leader.

Posted by LiveForever

This is nitpicky but anyone else really dislike the colors used for this whole zero year arc? Ugh, drives me nuts. The colors were great the whole court of owls arc. Too many oranges, pinks, purples, blues. Doesn't feel like a batman book to me color-wise.

Posted by ajshadowhawk

@citizenjp: There is a 2-issue storyline after the Death of the Family arc then we dive into Zero Year with #21.

Edited by FlashDamn

@wilbertus: Is the red hood gang leader the JOKER?

Posted by Wilbertus
Posted by Hawkguy

Can't wait to get my hands on this issue. I'm avoiding all the spoilers and the red hood speculations and anything "Batman" involved. I want every step to be something I'm not expecting.

Posted by TobenRacicot

man i just read this. BEST ISSUE OF BATMAN YET!!! HOLY FREAK! i wasnt too sold on zero year but this issue holy mother of batman what an epic issue! so cool!!!

Posted by TheUnN4med

Seven dollars... that's gonna hurt. But I can wait to have this issue.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

I didnt know this was gonna be 7 bucks!!! -_-

Posted by Captain13

I loved literally everything about this issue. I have to wonder what changes Bruce from a hopeful, relatively open individual into the closed-off non-trusting guy he is 5 years later. I thought it would be an Uncle Philip betrayal, but that did not seem to do it.

Posted by cobra88king8

@captain13: if anything Uncle Philip's actions seemed to have caused Bruce to connect more with Alfred than the closed-off non-trusting guy he was earlier in the arc

Posted by manwithoutshame

Snyder and Capullo knock it out of the park again. Can't wait for the Dark City arc!

Posted by saoakden

Looking forward to reading to this.

Posted by Darklexeus

I'm rather wary of picking this up, and I think one of my problems with Zero Year was how the main Red Hood helmet didn't seem to fully fit over the face/head. I'm glad that others on here seem to be enjoying this issue a lot.

Posted by dagmar_merrill

@darklexeus: It's supposed to be like that. Too separate him since he is Read Hood one.

Posted by Dabee

You know how they released a collection edition of Court of Owls with a Court of Owls mask? I hope they release the collected Zero Year with a red hood mask...

Posted by Protoflash

My only gripe is that when zero year was advertised, we were told that bruce wouldn't put on the batman suit until the very end. But here we are in the middle of it and he's already got it on... Don't get me wrong I loved this book and it was well worth the 7 dollar price tag but I think they should seriously rename this event or something. I guess what im trying to say is that all the hype for zero year got me a little too excited for what it could've been. But this is still a great story, I mean its scott snyder for god's sake. But its still a little too much of a retelling of the killing joke so far for me to appreciate it. Also, why would the riddler wear a mask when he told everyone his name? Just threw me for a bit is all.

Posted by dagmar_merrill

@dabee: Yeah I saw it. Looks awesome.

Edited by tomlikesfries

Man, this issue was beyond epic. Loved how they included Joker's origin story.

Posted by Superbat420
Posted by AllStarSuperman

Amazing! So happy IT happened!

Posted by Ranoiaetep

@liveforever: it's true the color for these issues doesn't seems like a Batman comic... but it also prove that the batman haven't became the dark knight yet

Posted by Booster_Bronze

Two words: Yee-hah.

Posted by VaizD

This is Bat country. Am I the only one that read the billboard as that when Bruce wrangles up all those red hood thugs? It's a nice little message. Also made me think of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, obviously.

Posted by ArmaX

WOW. It definitely leaves you wanting to read it again! And it's only part 4!

Posted by Dabee
Posted by SOG7dc

I did not enjoy this issue or any of zero year for that just doesn't do it for me

Edited by TheFirstLantern

the end with the possibilities.

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

The Bad

Bruce's haircut.

Posted by War Killer

This has become my favorite origin of Batman, EVER. What I love most is how it's not only the origins of Gotham's greatest hero, but it's also the origins of it's greatest villain! I love how Batman's and Joker's origins are intertwined and literally Yin and Yang, good and evil. I love this storyline, I love what Snyder is doing, and the cliff hanger at the end just makes me even more excited for the next issue! ^_^

Edited by batmannflash


Posted by FiveLetters

@captain13: Probably from seeing his friends and partners crippled and killed by lunatics over the years for no reason. I'd assume that all the evil he's experienced changed him into the darker, more cynical and closed off individual he is in present day.

Posted by War Killer

The Bad

Bruce's haircut.

I liked it, it was different but I thought that it looked pretty cool.

Posted by The_Soverighn

TBH I Think Jeff Lemire's Green Arrow an Scott Snyder's Have Some Of The Most Consistent Runs Ever No Bad Issues To Date Wonder Which Book Is Better Tho.

Posted by scouts1998

can't wait for the next issue and the green arrow zero year issue to see Andrea Sorrentino draw batman. also the flash zero year to see how they are going to draw batman there?

Edited by thenexusrebound

@dabee said:

You know how they released a collection edition of Court of Owls with a Court of Owls mask? I hope they release the collected Zero Year with a red hood mask...

I just threw my wallet at the screen for that idea. Hopefully someone in DC PR is reading comments.

Posted by JairamGanpat

The Bad

Bruce's haircut.

Bruce's haircut is bad as fugg and I mean that in a good way!!!!!!!

Edited by Syndikate333

This or Super Man/Wonder Woman.....

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_


Eh I don't know, it might grow on me once I re-read the issue to see if I missed anything.

Posted by detective38

This issue, along with the rest of zero year, was garbage. The most predictable retelling of an already over done origin that I've ever read.

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