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Avenging Spider-Man #2 - More! Review


Spider-Man and Red Hulk were swallowed by a giant subterranean beast. Does that mean this series is coming to a close? Heck no! There's plenty of action and laughs here.

Spider-Man is teaming up with Red Hulk and J. Jonah Jameson is nearby to complain about it all. Plus the subterranean hijinks continue.

The Good

I'm a big fan of Spider-Man and I loved the old MARVEL TEAM-UP series with him. When characters like Spider-Man appear in several different titles a month, there's always the question of where the stories fit into their normal continuity. With AVENGING SPIDER-MAN, you won't care. This is Spider-Man in a fun and entertaining adventure. I don't even really care about the Moiloids but I found myself gobbling up this issue (not literally, of course).

Spider-Man and Red Hulk are probably the worst pairing you could come up with and that's what makes this work so well. We get Spider-Man being Spider-Man. That means he's a pure hero that can't shut his mouth. I love THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and the drama that goes along with Peter Parker's life but if this series is only going to focus on him as Spider-Man, I'm totally okay with that. I want huge zany adventures with Spider-Man and other heroes. I can get my Peter Parker stories in AMAZING.

As the writer, Zeb Wells writes the wacky situations well. Throwing in absurd moments such as the dilemma over how they would get out of the giant beast's belly. Of course Joe Madureira's art is top notch. Actually it's so dang good you'll want to look at it all over again after reading the issue. The added bonus of getting a free digital copy makes it easier to swallow the $3.99 price tag. But the fun story and great art is enough to make you not think about it regardless.

The Bad

I want more. The story is fun but doesn't feel like it'd have any impact in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Comics are supposed to be fun after all.

The Verdict

Zeb Wells and Joe Madureira are two for two with AVENGING SPIDER-MAN. There's plenty of big action with great art and plenty of humorous moments and dialogue. Spider-Man and Red Hulk aren't a team-up you would expect to see but seeing a pairing we haven't already seen hundreds of times makes it even better. This is pure Spider-Man action. Hopefully this trend will continue. There's no need to bring in the Peter Parker side to this series. This should be huge adventures focusing just on Spider-Man and whoever he's teaming with. AVENGING SPIDER-MAN has everything I wanted. The free digital comic was a welcome extra. Since I don't really care about the Moiloids or Subterranea, it goes to show that it just takes Zeb Well's writing and Joe Madureira's art to make this a great Spider-Man comic.

Posted by Kallarkz

Thanks for the review...but a quick question...

Is this a whole new series or a mini?? o.O

Posted by kingjoeg

It is a good comic, but it shouldn't cost 3.99. I'm probably gonna drop it after issue 3 because of that.

Posted by G-Man

@Kallarkz: It's a series (so far). Joe Mad is off for a couple issues but then will return for another arc. As long as they can keep the feel and quality up, I'm all for this series to continue and just focus on wacky Spidey stories and team-ups.

Posted by bluehulk11

iT's AWOSAME team up book :D

Posted by Daveyo520

Have to wait until tomorrow sadly.

Posted by lmothander

Anyone notice that the bad guy looks like the bad guy from Galaxy Quest?...

Posted by Reluctant_Hero

Joe Mad is leaving for a few issues. I knew this book was too good to be true! So is this book Marvel's version of Superman/Batman? Only with one recurring main character, Spidey, and a rotating door of co-stars and creative teams?

Posted by Cafeterialoca

I can't believe how much people like this book. Almost every Saturday Morning Cartoon did this exact plot before, and somehow when it's done here, people eat it up like it's good?

I'm losing my faith in you Comicvine. I bet you wouldn't even like the book if Spider-Man wasn't in it.

Posted by Kallarkz

@Cafeterialoca said:

I'm losing my faith in you Comicvine. I bet you wouldn't even like the book if Spider-Man wasn't in it.

Are you saying CV is bias towards Spider-Man comics?

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@Kallarkz: Not just CV. I'm pretty sure it's every site out there. Spider-Man can be written very well. Spider-Island was great.

This? I honestly do not understand how people think this book is this great. I'm honestly stumped how people love this book.

Posted by sparty-dbq

It's a fun little book, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be buying it. Hell, the only reason I bought this one was because I can't read it off the rack thanks to the damn bag. I'M NOT GONNA STEAL YOUR DAMN CODE, MARVEL! JUST LET ME LEAF THROUGH THIS ONE! I'M STILL BUYING 30 DOLLARS WORTH OF COMICS ANYWAY!

BTW, does Spider-Man know that Ross is the Red Hulk? Because he calls him "General" near the end. I thought only Rogers, Banner, and Betty (and I guess now Machine Man) knew that.

Posted by Game_Baron

I have to read this.

Posted by Eyz

These issues felt more like a test drive than anything else.

Good enough though~

Posted by Edgeworth_11

cough *bullshit* cough

Posted by aaunderoath

love this book, its just all fun, not too serious and no need to follow every issue! great stuff!

Posted by TheArmandoShow

No one really thought Joe Mad was going to draw more than like 2 or maybe 3 comics in a row right?

Posted by ShirEPanjshir

@TheArmandoShow: Not to burst your bubble, but most 'main' artists take an occasional break after writing a couple of issues in a row. Take the other ex-Cliffhanger-artist Humberto Ramos for instance. He's the "main" artist for Amazing Spider-Man, and while he does indeed do a lot of the art ( including the recent Spider-Island event ), he also takes a few issues off to jump back on an arc later. This isn't uncommon.

The only reason you're focussing on it is due to the whole Battle Chasers deal.

Anyway: I totally liked the issue. It's indeed obviously lacking in depth and character development and all that. But this isn't what the book was meant for anyway, it was meant for some pure Spidery fun and action. This is what you receive when reading this book. This and awesome artwork.

Edited by TheArmandoShow

Burst my bubble? Take it easy Shir. No need to get all elite uber comic guy on me. I was just responding to the guy (Reluctant_Hero) who said he knew it was too good to be true when mentioning Joe Mad being gone for a few issues.

All I was trying to say was no one really thought Joe Mad would go on a six or seven issue tear did they? I for one certainly didn't. That isn't a knock, I love the guy's art and buy every book he draws. It's just reality.