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Avenging Spider-Man #19 - Bad Dreams Review


Sleepwalker? Wait... what?

The Good

Superior Spider-Man has a battle in the dream world while something is taking over his body and psyche. Obviously, this calls for Sleepwalker.

I did something today that I usually end up regretting. I picked up and bought a comic solely based off which characters were on the cover of the comic book. I bought AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #19 because Sleepwalker, a character I haven't seen since 2007, was on the cover. Like I said, normally, I regret it; however, this issue was the bees knees. This is a really fun story that delves into Doc Ock's mind: his problems as a child, his problems with his father, coming into his own. It's some really great, character building stuff. Writer Christopher Yost does a great job here and really gets the reader deep into Ock's mind.

While Paolo Rivera's cover is incredibly cool with this classic comic book style to it, the interiors by Marco Checchetto and colors by Rachelle Rosenberg are wonderful. The art is clear and crisp and the colors are a big stand out for this overall issue. Sleepwalker looks great here. He's not overly muscular, like we've seen in a few comics. He's slender and the ragged cape and outfit really fit the character's persona.

If you've been wanting to jump on SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN or AVENGING SPIDER-MAN and you weren't sure when to do so, this would be a good time. As long as you have the understanding that Doc Ock is in Peter's body and Peter's "ghost" is floating around inside, then you'll have no trouble jumping onto this issue. They don't explain anything that happened during the events of #700, but

The Bad

The page layouts, much like dreams, were a bit confusing to follow. The panel layouts, for a couple pages in particular, are extremely interesting, but a tad hard to follow, which led to me rereading these pages a couple times.

The Verdict

SLEEEPWALKER! I grew up in the early to mid 90's, and Sleepwalker is a very 90's character, so it was pretty obvious I was going to pick this one up on a whim. Luckily, I was really happy with how much fun this issue was!

Quick note: My coworker, who does not read comics, picked up this issue, and said, "Who's this Sleepwalker guy? He's dreamy." Thought you will all enjoy that.

The writing and art are fantastic here, and while this is a great overall issue, I had a problem with a few pages and how the panels were laid out. It was a tad confusing.

Overall, I recommend this issue.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

The Sleepwalker Pun....*Shutter*

Posted by joshmightbe

Wait..So something is taking control of Superior Spider-man's body. Isn't that redundant?

Edited by wolverine1610
Posted by BlueLantern1995

Wait..So something is taking control of Superior Spider-man's body. Isn't that redundant?

I didn't get that till now...interesting. Still this looks good.

Posted by AlKusanagi

We got Sleepwalker in this title and Darkhawk in another. It's like I'm reliving my youth again!

Posted by Mezmero

I've been loving both Superior and Avenging Superior but this was the first issue of either where I was like meh. I might have given this a 3 star myself. I don't see the value in hammering home the point that Otto had an abusive childhood. I get it. He's a misunderstood evil genius.

Sleepwalker was definitely one of the heroes in the 90s responsible for making me drop comics all together back then. He seemed cool but most of the time I saw him he was just lunging at villains only to get his butt kicked. By the end of the issue I couldn't tell if he had puzzled out what's really wrong with Spidey even though it should be obvious to him more than anyone.

Edited by Mucklefluga

I looove the art in Avenging Spider-Man, Checchetto and co. are great!

Posted by guttridgeb

As much as I love Sleepwalker, I thought this issue was a bit brief for his first appearance in years.

Edited by Crash_Recovery

Wow, I'd almost totally forgotten about Sleepwalker. I loved this character in the 90s. Having said that, of all the characters that have gotten design revamps, he's way overdue.

Posted by foxx_wertas

Love Sleepwalker.. I need to get this issue too.. or at least have a read of it!

Posted by Sammo21

Chances are it was either Vinny or Ryan. I'd be interested to know who Tony, lol.

Posted by Barubal10

I am one of those people who will buy/love this no matter how crappy it is, just because Sleepwalker is on the cover. Glad to hear it's also a good read. I miss Sleepy and even that annoying Rick Sheridan.

Posted by TheHeat

I had totally forgot that I used to collect the Sleepwalker comic in the 90s.

Posted by hamlet33

I didnt know Mumm-Ra was an enemy of Spider Man......

Edited by DadaHyena

Here I thought I would never be nostalgic for the 90's...but seeing Sleepwalker actually does make me really happy.

Posted by notorious_g3

Marco Checchetto is my new favorite Spider-Artist!