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Avenging Spider-Man #17 Review


Spider-Man babysits the Future Foundation!

The Good

So Spider-Man has to babysit the Future Foundation kids while the adults are away. The Time Variance Authority busts into the Future Foundation to stop the world from unraveling itself. Cue Spider-Man to stop them from killing everyone.

Writer Christopher Yost is brilliant with writing comedic stories where the focus isn't just on the comedy. He takes you along for the ride through a fantastic story, putting Spider-Man in a very awkward position, and sprinkles some great and very funny dialogue throughout this issue. This is how comedy should be done in comic books. The dialogue and actions between Spidey and the Time Variance Authority is great because the TVA is all knowing, and Spidey doesn't want his big secret revealed to the world. Again, we're treated to some very comedic moments here.

This issue was chalk full of new and old elements I love. I had never heard of the Time Variance Authority before, but I love these guys. They remind me of a much more bureaucratic version of the Exiles, except within only one universe. Also, Death's Head?! I loved the fight between Spider-Man and Death's Head here. It's pretty brutal, and Spidey doesn't hold back, for obvious reasons... because he's Doc Ock... remember? We get some fantastic fight scenes that all come to a halt with a conversation between Spidey and Bentley, which is incredibly comical. This leads us to an awesome final moment in this issue where.... Just kidding... I'm not spoiling this one! Epic ending.

If you like your art to be really awesome, then this issue is for you. The art team of Pace Medina (pencils), Juan Vlasco (inks), and Dave Curiel (colors) are fantastic. While the pencils and inks are great, I find myself really falling in love with Curiel's color work. The variation in shading, from light sources, is perfect, and his color choices really make this book pop. I especially love the last page here, which I won't tell you what happens, but I can tell you it's drawn awesomely.

The Bad

This issue was so much fun. I have no complaints.

The Verdict

While I'm a big Dan Slott fan, and I love what he's doing with SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, I enjoy AVENGING SPIDER-MAN a whole lot more. It's a pretty silly book, but I mean that in the best way possible. It's just a fun read, and it looks like we're being set up for some awesome future stories.

Everything about this issue is brilliant and awesome. It's like wearing a Snuggie in public without the embarrassment of letting people know you own a Snuggie. If you're not digging on SSM, pick this one up instead since the focus is more on Superior Spider-Man adapting to the Marvel universe and less on just SSM adapting to the job of Spider-Man.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue and series.

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Posted by JakeN7

Awesome! The tone of this book (and probably Hawkguy) will work as a perfect contrast to Batman Inc. #8. I'll need a pick-me-up after that one. :(

Posted by dondave

Good issue

Posted by ANDRELO

Totally Awesome, something big is being built

Posted by TommytheHitman

Wasn't the Avenging Spider-Man supposed to be a book where Spider Man teams up with members of the Avengers?!

Posted by spiderfreak55

I wish I was still reading this! I hate having no money and being responsible.

Posted by Kerrigan

If read carefully, seems pretty clear one of the future guys suggests Otto's time as Spidey is temporary. Surprised Otto didn't notice it himself...

Posted by inferiorego

@Kerrigan said:

If read carefully, seems pretty clear one of the future guys suggests Otto's time as Spidey is temporary. Surprised Otto didn't notice it himself...

I noticed that myself. Something big is coming up, it seems.

Posted by Phaedrusgr

D..n you, Yost...You know how to write. I don't like the SSM concept, but your Avenging Spiderman stories are Superior. Honestly, people. This man is irreproachable!

Posted by butters911

If you want to find out about the TVA you should check out Walt Simonsins run on the FF. Its one of my favorites and its short at like 17 issues.

Posted by Gritterr

Great issue. I love The interaction between Spock and Bentley

Posted by Mezmero

This might be my favorite new character in Marvel Now. I'm still a little bothered by how much they're telegraphing Superior's influence in the time stream but at the same time the ramifications of Otto's actions make for an epic plot point. Medina's art is fantastic but the FF themselves looked a little odd in some spots. Screw half stars, this series deserves all five. Can not wait for more Superior Spidey.

Posted by powerhouse1122

Hmmmm you keep on calling him spiderman

Posted by Eric10956

I totally agree loved this issue, and i'm really liking superior spider-man also.