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Avenging Spider-Man #12 Review


Spider-Man is teaming up with Deadpool. Only he didn't ask for this team up. And because it's Deadpool, it won't be your ordinary team up.

The Good

I enjoyed the original MARVEL TEAM-UP series which had Spider-Man team up with other Marvel characters. Because the Marvel Universe is so vast, it makes sense that heroes would run into other heroes while fighting supervillains. AVENGING SPIDER-MAN originally was geared towards Spider-Man teaming up with another member of the Avengers now that he's part of the team. That is what we had up until recently. Last issue featured Peter Parker and Aunt May (who has never been a member of the Avengers) and this issue we get Deadpool.

I should point out that this isn't an ordinary team up. Spider-Man and Deadpool have teamed up before. They even faced Hit-Monkey together. That was a little strange but this is a whole different level of strangeness. It turns out they are teaming up inside Spider-Man's mind. Not only do we get weird and random situations and appearances that hopefully aren't normal things Spidey thinks about, Deadpool only adds to the insanity and perhaps even inspires some of it.

Another thing that makes this team up different is Deadpool is more in control of the situation, as scary as that sounds. Spidey isn't quite sure what's going on and has to rely on Deadpool to get them to safety. You can imagine how that will go.

Kevin Shinick does what many have difficulties with, writing Deadpool in a zany and fitting way. It could be the fact that they're in a bizarre environment but it serves to make Deadpool's over the top actions fit nicely. Aaron Kuder handles the art and you would think drawing a Spider-Man/Deadpool team up wouldn't be too difficult for a comic book artist. This story calls for very non-typical situations and Kuder does a great job portraying the wackiness.

The Bad

This is a departure from what we normally have in the series. That isn't necessarily a bad thing as moving away from the formula keeps things fresh. It's hard to see how this story will matter in the overall Spider-Man continuity. That shouldn't be a major factor since the art and writing deliver but if you're not a big Spider-Man or Deadpool fan, you might be wondering if you made a wise purchase.

The Verdict

Spider-Man and Deadpool team up inside of Spider-Man's mind. It's a crazy trip and Spidey is at the mercy of Deadpool's guidance. This isn't your typical AVENGING SPIDER-MAN story and in many ways, that's a good thing. This issue won't change the fate or direction of Spider-Man's life but it gives us a different sort of team up adventure. As long as you're not looking for a super-serious story, this should be an enjoyable read with some really good art. And if you are expecting a serious story with Deadpool involved, I'm not really sure what you were thinking in the first place.

Posted by guttridgeb

Is it funny? I can imagine this being the best Avenging Spider-Man so far in terms of humour

Posted by G-Man

@guttridgeb: There are some humorous moments. Peter's head is pretty messed up. Deadpool in a cheerleaders outfit? A Breakfast Club reference? It's pretty wacky.

Posted by Zenistar

Strange, strange issue ;)

Posted by That60sGuy

if you're not a big Spider-Man or Deadpool fan

What's a "not a big Spider-Man fan"?

Posted by liquid3601

This was a super fun issue. Maybe not hilarious (I rarely find Deadpool hilarious, more just a vehicle to get wacky) but a nice change of pace after the boring Aunt May issue. Totally loved the art too. Wasn't familiar with Aaron Kuder at all before reading this but he nailed it on this book. Looking forward to part 2.

Posted by Benzedrine17

Thought this issue was really funny, possibly one of my favorite team-ups.

Posted by Mucklefluga

LOVED THIS ISSUE!! :D MY COMIC OF THE WEEK !!! :D (although i haven't read Batman #0 yet (it's coming Saturday))

Posted by TheFizz

Needed more Hit-Monkey. I really wish they brought Way on to do some awesome team-up action, because this felt way more like a Deadpool issue.

Posted by pxiao

@TheFizz: really, cause Hit monkey it felt like Spider-Man was the hero. I mean it really focused on Spidey and that was Deadpool's book.

Posted by TheFizz


That is a very good point. I guess since the two characters are such polar opposites, the writer has to decide to kind of lean in the direction of one or the other to try and make the story work. Otherwise, the middle-ground is a strange, strange place of comic book limbo.

I guess what I was trying to say was, nobody quite writes Deadpool like Way. So if you're going to lean into the wacky and deranged territory of Deadpool, I would have loved to see Daniel Way tackle another team-up between the two.

Posted by darren_hackett

spider man and deadpool. i love it.

Posted by BATMAN9797

awesome review

Posted by Timandm

I like Spider-Man / Deadpool team ups... I'd like to see more.. This one was...okay... and Deadpool was indeed funny as he should be.

Posted by donaghey

I've been enjoying avenging spider-man, but to add deadpool in the mix just made it all the more better for me. some people may think that deadpool is overrated but i just find him funny and he entertains me so much lol