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Avengers World #5 Review


Manifold has lost control over his powers, but the Avengers need him.

The Good

The majority of the issue focuses around Manifold, who is a really cool character. He's this very spiritual character who reaches out to the universe for his answers. We've seen characters like this before, but Manifold and his mother, are two very cool characters readers can get behind. It's a step away from the traditional Marvel hero and someone fans will want to start following more.

Nick Spencer and Jonathon Hickman are utilizing A.I.M. in a brand new way and it is very exciting. There's always been potential for these guys, but they've never felt utilized. They've always felt like the butt of the joke. While that element of goofiness is still buried within, they've really come together to become a cool force with strong leadership. They come off as a real threat and one that may actually accomplish their goals.

The Bad

This is a very ambitious book, but frankly, it's a story too large to work in a month-to-month format. It feels like it's a book that tries to pack a very big event into one book.Each issue tends to focus on a single character, but also on the event taking place. Some of these characters in this series are unfamiliar ones, so there's a lot of time spent on establishing these characters as well.

Because of so much going into one book, the pacing feels a bit off. One story starts, then abruptly stops, in order to move on to a side story. It has a bit of a jumpy feel to it and feels incomplete. This is a book that will obviously read much better in trade than anything else.

The Verdict

AVENGERS WORLD is a book that is hit or miss issue to issue. It hasn't had a bad issue yet, per se, but this along with a previous issue was a middle of the road book. This is a series that truly feels like a great read as a trade, but struggles a bit from issue to issue because there is simply way too much going on within this book to contain within a single issue. Manifold is the center of this issue and he is a very cool character that brings a lot to the Avengers table. A.I.M. moves their plot further here and Hickman and Spencer have done a great job at redefining this once goofy team. However, overall, it's just an ok issue.

Edited by Kerrigan

Not hugely encouraging sales for Avengers World so far:

A-World 1: 86,000

A-World 2: 54,000

A-World 3: 40,000

A-World 4: 34,000

That's a bad trend. And, as the review states, it's hit or miss in quality. New Avengers is still strong bBut post-Infinity the other two Hickman books (Avengers and Avengers World) seem to just be meandering.

Posted by LiveForever

@kerrigan said:

New Avengers is still strong. But post-Infinity the other two Hickman books seem to just be meandering.

Even New Avengers for me. And I've been a huge proponent of that book since the Marvel NOW relaunch.

Avengers is even more nonsensical tripe, Infinity-aside.

I think Avengers World was always going to be a tough sell. It's a book based on the fringe characters of the Avengers. It's a shame because I love Nick Spencer. It pains me that he was pulled off of Secret Avengers before he could do all he wanted to do (although Ales Kot finished up his run capably).

Edited by brinkthemoviemyfavoritemovie

You guys are right. I am SO sick of the ridiculous, nonsensical writing in Avengers and New Avengers, and it's a real shame those are getting attention over a far superior book like this. I disagree with the review totally, by the way. This storytelling format is excellent and frankly I'd prefer it as the main Avengers comic.

Posted by astonishingxfan

im with brink. I thought the issue was really good. I really dig the storytelling format. I mean there is a lot happening here but I think the story is great and really loving the character work Spencer is doing here. The dialogue is very reminiscent of the Avengers Cinematic Universe. I was just thinking after Hickman leaves I'd love to see Spencer take over the book.

Posted by KidChipotle

For me personally, I loved this issue. It's completely separate from what's happening in the Marvel Universe, especially Avengers and New Avengers, but still focuses on The Avengers team. Plus, the art is amazing. I really like it. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd review it, but I'm satisfied with this review as it's good.