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Avengers Vs. X-Men #9 - Round 9 Review


With a battered Spider-Man on the cover and all the pep talks he's been giving Hope Summers, what are the chances of a happy ending?

The Good

We're in the midst of a one-sided fight between the Avengers and the members of the X-Men possessing the Phoenix Force. With a bloody and beaten Spider-Man on the cover, I'm immediately reminded of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #270, where Spidey had to prevent Firelord, the former herald of Galactus, from destroying New York City. It was an absurd match up but it was Spider-Man's determination that didn't allow him to back down.

This issue opens seventeen hours from now with a blurry vision of Colossus telling the narrator to stay down. To make this scene even better, the letter boxes are filled with bloody splotches which adds to the vibe of the story and the impending doom.

It's not looking good for the Avengers. Even the X-Men are starting to (finally) realized that the Phoenix Force is affecting the remaining members of the Phoenix Five. Tony Stark has locked himself up for days, trying to come up with a solution. Spider-Man is trying to help get Hope ready for her inevitable showdown. More and more members are being captured by the Phoenix Five. We're seeing the power corrupting and it's clear that it's all going to explode very soon.

Adam Kubert's pencils capture each scene nicely. It's hard enjoying how great it all looks when it's all so bad for the heroes. The fight scene at the end was so painful to see in such detail. You'll find yourself slowly looking over each panel, taking in each blow and cringing at what might come next.

The Bad

There's still the feeling that this is going on too long. We know the fight against the Phoenix Force has to end soon. It almost feels like we're sitting waiting and watching everyone get beat up until the end does arrive. There are some developments here but, for the most part, despite some cool scenes, it feels like we're just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I found myself practically spending more time trying to get the Marvel AR app to work than I did actually reading. No success. The only result was a bunch of cursing.

The Verdict

The end is near. Based on the cover, it doesn't look good for Spider-Man. There are some changes happening with minor developments popping up but we're still for the inevitable conclusion. Are were simply getting burnt out on these big events? This has all the makings of a epic-type story but it feels too close to other recent comic book 'events.' Things are getting ugly as the Phoenix Force is showing its true colors and we'll have to see who will survive and how the Marvel Universe may possibly be changed. That will be the key to the success of this series, in my opinion. I want something big to happen with lasting repercussions rather than everything return to normal. Jason Aaron's script allows the dialogue to flow smoothly while Adam Kubert's art just looks so dang good. Three more issues to go.

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Posted by jubeiyagyuX

Extremely silly book really.Yes we all know its time for the Avengers to start "winning" but at least give us a non-retarded reason

Posted by JohnnyWalker

spideys fight felt weird they were hinting at death. but it ended weird.

Posted by Pixel_Kaiser

Is it just me or does this review not really talk about anything we can't see from the preview... ? Kind of weird.

Posted by Outside_85

@Pixel_Kaiser said:

Is it just me or does this review not really talk about anything we can't see from the preview... ? Kind of weird.

Thats not really his job to tell how things turn out...considering what's in the book, it's hard to tell more than this before you give the whole thing away.

Posted by G-Man

@Pixel_Kaiser: I didn't read the preview. I prefer not to spoil or hint towards the developments that occur. I also don't have any idea how a rating could be reached from just a preview.

Posted by X_Titans

Storm fans are going to enjoy this issue.

Posted by Mutant God

Im not a big fan of this issue because a certain couple breaks up

Posted by Pixel_Kaiser

@G-Man: Alright, fair enough. I didn't mean to sound too critical or anything, I like this site and the staff, I just felt like maybe it could have gone more in-depth. Not necessarily about the events or story beats,

Posted by Outside_85

@Pixel_Kaiser: I suppose I could say the preview is the part that's meant to sell the book, Tony is simply giving his personal opinion on the book and with a 4/5 score, its not bad.

Posted by jaredbright

After years of House of M stuff that I was just waiting for to end, so I could read the X-Men consistently again. It looks like that won't happen. Now, it will be the Avengers and the X-Men because every Marvel book has to be about every other Marvel book.

I think I'm done with this crossover and (unfortunantly) with the X-Men.

Posted by danhimself

honestly I don't really feel like this is's different from most event books...with Secret Invasion and Siege those events lasted what 8 or so issues but the actually story took no longer than a day at most....this feels more like war...drawn out and bloody

Posted by Mediumflyer7
Posted by danhimself
Posted by Mediumflyer7

@danhimself: I guess so yeah, but you never know.

Posted by JonesDeini

Praise be!!! The farce of a Marriage is DONE!!! YES!!! One of the few good things to come out of this dribble!!!

Posted by Daycrawler

@danhimself said:

honestly I don't really feel like this is's different from most event books...with Secret Invasion and Siege those events lasted what 8 or so issues but the actually story took no longer than a day at most....this feels more like war...drawn out and bloody

Yeah, I agree, and I think that's the way it should be too.

Posted by feargalr

Pretty okay issue,though I didn't like

what happened with Magik and Colossus, felt like a bit of a cop out IMO. Just a quick way to depower them for the finale. Like this has been going on for 12 issues, nothing should feel rushed in this series
Posted by halfpastwhenever

I love Peter here. Even though the end of the 'fight' was a bit ridiculous it was great to see a focus on Spiderman in this issue.

Posted by Dman1366

@jaredbright: That is not true though. WatX is a ongoing title, so is adjectiveless, along with the, soon to be terrible, All-New X-Men. Those are 3 titles that are going to have little, to nothing, to do with the Avengers. Plus, if Aaron keeps writing WatX, there is great hope for at least one awesome X-Book twice a month.

Posted by NXH

Not that I have anything against Adam Kubert, but where is Oliver Coipel coming back?

Posted by Master_Thief

can someone please give me a good synopsis of this issue?

Posted by ThanosofAtlanta

@Mediumflyer7: Yeah I think that one of or at least three of the Five wont make it out of this thing alive. I think its Cyclops and Emma Frost. Someone mentioned that Cyclops is in the new solicits Marvel Now. How do we know its not the Cyclops from the past? They are bringing him and the original X-Men forward in time which is a move I completely disagree with. How will the current five rather four co-exist with the Past Five? I guess we will find out but I digress. I wished this series had one penciler and I wish it was Oliver Copiel. He is the best. The series is okay. Its not a jaw dropper. By the way Storm and T'Challa were bound to divorce. They never spend any time together. I think the Phoenix Five are going to be minus two maybe three when this thing is all said and done. I really wanted to see the Black Panther kill Namor. Marvel always promises these games changers then chicken out. Given How T'Challa has been written his response to Namor would have been to take him out regardless of what Captain America says. I am going to see this series through to the end. With the exception of Wolverine and the X-Men screw all the other tie ins. My wallet cant take it anymore. Damn you Marvel.

Posted by Chaos Burn

was enjoying it until spider-man tricked to pheonix force x-men into destroying themselves with basic reverse psychology

Posted by ThanosofAtlanta

@jaredbright: I feel you fellow Geek Brother. This series is not bad but it has been inconsistent and spotty. The editorial has done a poor job of creating cohesion between the main book and the tie ins. There are out right contradictions that make your head spin. I dropped all the tie ins with the exception of Wolverine and the X-Men. Especially when I found out about Marvel NOW. I was not happy about that. I stick with Uncanny X-Force which I consider the best X-Men related comic book in a long time and Wolverine and the X-Men. I wish the X-Men would go back to the Claremont-Byrne days when it was a small kick ass team. If you go back and read those issues it is the best interpretation of the X-Men ever. I like the Claremont Romita Jr stuff from the 80s too. As a comic consumer I feel overwhelmed financially right now. I am going to see AVX to the end cause I invested money in it but after this with the exception of Uncanny Avengers and X-Force I am done with a majority of Marvel. I want great storytelling and kick ass art. I want consistency and I dont want 50 mutants in one book. I want a core team mentored by a cool bald guy in a wheelchair. I want the hot redhead back and I want Wolverine to be on no more than two damn teams. Marvel is pimping him like two dollar hoe. Wolverine cant carry every book. Also Dan Slott and these Spidey Changes concern me. (SIGH)

Edited by ApatheticAvenger

One scene that I quite enjoyed:

Emma killing a man, who had caused the death of a young mutant in the past, in front of his family after her meeting with Scott where she worried about losing control to the Phoenix.

The set up for her battle with Cyclops over the Force and hopeful redemption is the one thing I'm looking forward to. Doubtful that either one will be killed in this event, and hoping they remain together.
Posted by Bestostero

@Master_Thief: here are my noteworthy moments

  1. Emma is a murderer
  2. Black Panther annuls his marriage to Storm
  3. Avengers save their captive allies in Illyana's Limbo prison and succeed because Spiderman coax Illyana and Colossus into fighting each other, and I believe their pieces of the phoenix are lost now too like Namor's.
  4. Scott finds Hope in K'un Lun

...that's basically it.

Posted by Sleepbutnodream15

@Mediumflyer7: No, he won't die. Look at the Marvel Now teaser, he's on it with a new costume. It's not Havok or young Cyclops. One of the writers also said that one character's leadership will be questioned and will go on his own odyssey. Sounds like Cyc. Everyone, including the x-men, has been questioning his decisions over the last couple years. First it was Beast, then Xavier, then Wolverine, followed by the Avengers, and finally even his own X-Men. Looks like he's actually gonna do some growing as a character after this ends.

But I think it'll be Red Hulk who ends up dying. Red She-Hulk is taking over his series, and Cable mentioned something in X-Sanction about someone else becoming a Red Hulk in the future.

Posted by Sleepbutnodream15

@Dman1366: calm down...

Posted by CurbsideProphet

I kind of want to read this a little bit.

Posted by infinite_gems

no! watching spidey get beat up and coipels's art not in this,my eye sockets are not happy. they need to keep ONE artist for a series not 3 or 4. this series has become the newest fear itself. in which no one gives a shit anymore as long as they hurry it up

Edited by SpideyFan113

That end fight was awesome. Proof that Spider-man doesn't need to outpower people so much stronger than he is to win. Loved the Spider-man focus in this comic, really shows why he's the best!

Posted by rawr

I been missing Scott/Emma interplay that has been oddly missing from X-Men titles since before Schism. I enjoy the direction the phoenix force is taking her even if it is a dark route but I feel like the eventual showdown between her and Cyke is just a sad mild rehash of Phoenix Endsong/Warsong. JM2C

@ApatheticAvenger: I loved that scene too.

Posted by SavageDragon

Im one of the few that thinks this crossover event is actually pretty good. It started slow but now i have know how ends and leads into Marvel now. My only complaint with this issue was Colossus and Magik at the end... I was like really?

Posted by Hareil0079

I can't say the X-men with all the dealings of the PF they should've known better. No excuses.

Though both Teams were wrong in this event.

Posted by GreenFuse

I really hate that the X-Men are the bad guys here. Not only that but they're made to look foolish and the Avengers are the better, wiser team or something. Ugh.

Posted by Queso6p4

@halfpastwhenever said:

I love Peter here. Even though the end of the 'fight' was a bit ridiculous it was great to see a focus on Spiderman in this issue.

My thoughts exactly. I totally didn't buy that cop-out ending. Still, I loved Spidey in this issue.

Posted by Dernman

What Can I say. Unpopular Opinion but I liked this issue and I liked how Spider-Man took out the two Phoenix's. 
It seemed obviously logical considering how power drunk they were. One thing I didn't like is no news on Namor. I hope it gets addressed somewhere else.

Posted by Aeroman

@Mediumflyer7: I wish he did

Posted by JamDamage

this story sucks donkey dick. First pretty much every Avenger beat every X-Men member, which was stupid and just pissed me off. I'm an Avenger and an X-Men fan so I didn't take sides, but that was horrible. Noe the story just got dumber and dumber, and in the end everyone is going to say they are sorry and that no one was right or wrong. Lame. I do like the idea of getting mutants on the Avengers now, that should be interesting.

Posted by Blood1991

I'm glad Ororo and Tchalla were given some real importance in this issue, and I don't think the marriage is over in the sense alot of people think it is, but Spidey's fight should have been handled better. It felt like a cheap way to throw the Colossus and Magik out of the story. Maybe, the real fight will appear in a tie in.

Posted by antemiusenteri

@X_Titans: YES ! divorce finally !!!!!!!!! also i really can't see this ending up good for cyclops which is just icing one the divorce cake

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Oh T'challa, I've never been more happy for you.

Posted by Ijan092

Gotta say I loved the art of this issue and how Spidey was ready for anything!

Also over powered characters can become stupid just like magik and colossus

And i have to agree with you, and event this big without any repercussion would be pointless.. I mean look at fear itself something big like that and in questions of a phew month everything was back to normal? just with one character "dead" and a bald hulk....right

Posted by Mutie199

So spider-man was in between an all out battle of the two Phoenix hosts and survived... Totally legit...

Posted by Dernman
@Mutie199: No it wasn't an all out battle. The two  were barely paying attention to him. Instead they were arguing with each other about Colossus being cautious about not killing Spider-Man and not just destroying him. He was barley a blip of an annoyance in their eyes.
Posted by Iron Fist Angel

I remember someone at Marvel, (Quesada maybe?), said Cyclops would be going away for a while after Schism. Well obviously that never happened but maybe he meant after AvX.

Posted by DominionX

This series is dragging on too long. The whole thing with Colossus and Magik was just petty and childish. The writers couldn't come up with a better way to pull that stunt? The Black Panther blaming X-Men for Namor's actions and

divorcing Storm because of it didn't make a lot of sense either.

This entire series could have been done in about 4 issues. All it seems to be doing is putting the Avengers on a pedestal and the making mutants look like monsters (except Wolverine who is the now the Marvel voice of reason) again. I'm assuming this is needed for the whole Marvel NOW crap that's coming in a few months.

Posted by DATNIGGA

@danhimself: thats younger cyclops from the past.. so basically the real cyke is probably dead. I hope not though

Posted by master_wright

Call it crazy but I really like this isssue and series. So what it's long? It builds up to it and since when is Spiderman not smart enough or have the determination to beat anyone-ANYONE. I hate all this crap about this is lame or weak, don't take your money and buy it then.

Yeah you can definetly guess where it's going it's the Phoenix Force eventually you go unstable, I mean how many of these things happily? Secret War, Dissassembled, Civil War. Secret-

I like events and this one has been a long time coming since Genosha and House of M was brought up during the New Avengers, Civil War and other titles. I really just wish they'd stick with either Coipel or Kubert though there action and style really get the point across. But the Story had to happen why waste a perfectly good plot that's lame.

Posted by halfpastwhenever

@Queso6p4 said:

@halfpastwhenever said:

I love Peter here. Even though the end of the 'fight' was a bit ridiculous it was great to see a focus on Spiderman in this issue.

My thoughts exactly. I totally didn't buy that cop-out ending. Still, I loved Spidey in this issue.

For me it's made this event matter again. I really was losing interest to be honest.

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