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Avengers Vs. X-Men #11 - Round 11 Review


The fighting cranks up and the overall war takes a turn that will result in big repercussions in the Marvel Universe.

The Good

The comic starts off with Captain America asking an unlikely person to join their side. I have to admit, that first page where Cap's trying to sell his offer had me on the edge of my seat. I would love to see more of this character in this fight but we only have this and the next issue. It does seem that this alliance will play a big role in the Marvel NOW! atmosphere.

How long can the fighting go on? Ever since we saw the Phoenix Force bestowed upon the Phoenix Five, the instability of those in power was evident. The X-Men siding with Cyclops appeared to be following him blindly. Finally we're seeing some of the members actually thinking over what is going on. Seeing some of the characters admit they were wrong is a great way to show the characterization or humanization of them. Throughout, many of the choices were washed over. Suddenly, mutants siding with Wolverine causally jumped over to join Cyclops without much of a mention. Throw in the fact that there was so much fighting going on with random characters, these events were lost in the shuffle.

As seen on the cover, the power of the Phoenix Force is split between Cyclops and Emma Frost. That means they are each one person away from possessing the full scope of the power. If something happens to one, the last remaining will control it all.

Of course, you may have heard the big spoiler for this issue. Marvel has released the fate of one of the characters.

We get a great fight with the heroes trying to put a stop to the Phoenix Force. Seeing a final confrontation between Cyclops and Professor X was fitting. It's a great build up as they're trying to talk things out while the other heroes are around. Thankfully I got to read this before seeing the spoiler.

Even though you sort of see where this issue is going, the final pages were still a bit of a surprise. It is common sense but maybe I just never actually envisioned what it would look like. Alll of this makes you wonder how everyone is going to react to this in the Marvel Universe once this is over and Marvel NOW! begins.

The Bad

It's hard to believe it took eleven issues to get to this point. There has been great moments during this series but the series has been trying to do too many things. It comes across as a little strange when we get big action scenes and then pauses with long bouts of dialogue. The dialogue is important as this series shouldn't be random fight after fight (that's what AVX:VS. is for). Seeing a two page spread loaded with a conversation between Scott and Emma kept the suspense going a bit but you would think with so much at stake, they would get down to the action. The same goes with the attempt to talk down Cyclops.

Having so many characters involved makes the fight feel more intense and gives a sense of the importance in the Marvel Universe but unfortunately there are those fights we only get glimpses of. The action might be continued in AVX: VS or in a tie-in but by that point, we'll already know the outcome. Less characters with a closer look at the great match ups would have been preferable.

What's odd is I was fully aware that a death occurred since Cyclops attacked Emma and she turned out to still be alive. I had no idea Professor X was actually dead and didn't just get his ass kicked big time. I suppose Cyclops' reaction should make it clear but I didn't feel it fully expressed what happened.

The Verdict

For those complaining that we haven't been seeing any big outcomes or repercussions, this is the issue you've been waiting for. With only one issue left after this, the action is heating up and you can see the end is near. With the bits of information we've seen about the changes happening once Marvel NOW! begins, you can get a sense of how this series is leading up to that. There are still some unknowns that will make you want to come back for the conclusion here. Bendis is great at delivering dialogue so you know there's going to be plenty for the characters to say and Olivier Coipel's art makes this a visual treat. You can't have a comic book event like this without casualties. It's unfortunate that Marvel released a spoiler on the death but chances are word would get out regardless. The stakes have been raised. The fighting in AVENGERS VS. X-MEN just got real. You'll want to see the full battle to appreciate how it all went down.

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Posted by evilvegeta74

Marvel just turned Cyclops into one of the biggest villains of the decade. Everybody at Marvel should be fired to hell for all of the craziness going on in Marvel comics period over the last 10 yrs.

Posted by theTimeStreamer

@evilvegeta74: the way from ultimate douche to villain. theyve been hinting at this since utopia.

the only thing that bugged me in this issue was how they handled hulk. is he the child persona or the intelligent one we've seen for a while? huge misstep.

Posted by Cooke76

I just found it hilarious when Captain America actually attempted to read him his rights. Seriously, Cap? Hasn't this whole clusterf!ck sped wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy past that at this point?

Posted by carnivalofsins00

@evilvegeta74: Do people consider Jean evil? I'm sure people would just say that she was being controlled by the Dark Phoenix. I don't think Marvel really turned Scott into a villain, he's just another victim of the power of the Phoenix.

Posted by JMLG

@evilvegeta74 said:

Marvel just turned Cyclops into one of the biggest villains of the decade. Everybody at Marvel should be fired to hell for all of the craziness going on in Marvel comics period over the last 10 yrs.

yeah cause comic characters should never change and everything shouldve stayed the same over at Marvel as it was in the 60s...

Edited by Psycho_Soldier
Posted by Azrael66

4 stars, how typical Vine. Agreed that the CBR review is MUCH better.

Posted by IronManager

I really can't take the militant Cyclops anymore. I keep hoping in Uncanny Avengers the guy will see some stability again.

Posted by Cavemold

The same suspect dies again. /yawn. The art panels are great.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

I seriously hate what they are doing with Avengers And Xmen.

Posted by JohnnyGat

Uncanny X-men #18 was and is a better buy than this.

Posted by kid Apollo

@carnivalofsins00: you are preachin to the choir my friend. i completely agree with you. jean had the phoenix, hulk had nul, and colussus has cyttorak, yet when theyre 'normal' no one really blames them for the crap that happened

Posted by cdeoleo

@evilvegeta74: DC did the same to GL and look how that turned out.

Posted by grenade728

@kid Apollo: Don't forget Scarlet Witch decimated most of the mutant population, but now she is fight with the "good guys" and no one seems to really blame her.

Posted by DerfelMacklin

Really, Marvel's trying this again? More like the House of Recycled Ideas.

Posted by Cavemold

see ya next june xaiver :lol:

Posted by mikeclark1982

Lets see... I have read Marvel since i was 9 and Xavier returned a few years before i jumped on. Now in over a span of half a decade, he has died TWICE. He died at the end of "Messiah Complex" and brought back during "Legacy", which was built around him getting his brain back after magneto removed the bullet or whatever it was that Bishop shot. I do not think you could count him dying during "The Rise And Fall of the Shi'Ar Empire" because he wound up going into the M'Krran Crystal. He dies AGAIN because Cyclops is angry? come on. Brubaker set the wheels in motion with "Deadly Genesis" when he was "mindwiped" to believe the group from "Giant Size X-Men" were the true second generation of Marvel's Merry Mutants, making Cyke feel the ULTIMATE betrayal by a man he sometimes would say is more a father than Corsair. After years of things being smoothed over or trying to get back together, Scott is the Dark Emo Phoenix, still mad because Crosair is dead, and decides to kill the man who raised him and trained him to be the leader of the x-men in a CHILDISH way? Come on Bendis... you failed us and crapped on Bru's awesome split between the ultimate teacher/student relationship.


Posted by Cavemold

With all its faults the art is pretty good, i scanned the book just to see what it looks in person. Pretty good art. 3 stars for the art.

Posted by Mutie199

They are going to kill Cyclops. I can feel it in my gut. I think he is going to die and in he final pages he will join Jean in the afterlife or something.

Or just maybe Jean is gonna show up and save his ass :)

Posted by kid Apollo

@grenade728: 'welcome to the Avengers, we expect that at some point you will turn on us and you will probably kill some of your teammates, but dont worry, we'll always welcome you back with open arms'

one of the few reasons i actually like wolverine is because he wants to kill anyone who had/could turn against the avengers

Edited by Mutant God

hate this Avengers are complete hypocrites

Posted by X_Titans

I liked the issue but I can't help Xavier really thinking that Xavier served no purpose in this event but to die and even that was somewhat underwhelming. In recent years he's been made obsolete by Cyclop's superior leadership and coupled with the fact he came out of nowhere and criticised Cyclops at every turn for things he's had no part in and continues to 'warn' him to stop his 'reign of terror' makes for a death that - unlike Cable's and Nightcrawler's in Second Coming - stirred little emotion.

Also the death scene was confusing. Xavier's bottom half just glowed on then he was dead.

Edited by GreenFuse

Maybe I'll burn in Marvel Hell for this, but Xavier was getting on my nerves so I wasn't exactly mourning his death. I was like, "Good. That shut him up." Annoying dialogue.

Cyclops flavored Dark Phoenix = BADASS! Omg, that was insanely sick art of him at the end.

Not a fan of AvX overall. Glad that this is wrapping up soon.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

The original X-Men are in for a S***LOAD in All-New X-Men.

Edited by pspin
Posted by antemiusenteri

@evilvegeta74: Are you joking this is so great he killed professor , FINALLY EVERYONE WILL SEE HIM FOR THE GREAT DOUCHE BAG HE IS !!!! i don't see him coming back from this , finally the x-men and mutants in general can finally become a democracy that it should be , not this Cyclops monarchy am only disappointed the he won't be amble to live through the shame of what he's done , he's probably gonna lose his memory :(

Posted by the_fallen11

Really Marvel? You're going to take charater who's been outta the spotlight for years and kill 'em off and try and make it a huge deal? .....way to be risk takers.

Posted by InnerVenom123

@X_Titans said:

Also the death scene was confusing. Xavier's bottom half just glowed on then he was dead.




Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

@JMLG:Except I buy their books to read about characters I like, and killing off or turning them into villains makes me not want to buy their books.

Posted by bookerman20

Honestly, I thought Cap asking the Hulk for help, and Hulk telling him he will smash for him was pretty bad ass. I mean, yea I can see how it's corny how it mirrors the Avengers movie. But I like the way Cap asked him.

Posted by BlackArmor

@evilvegeta74 said:

Marvel just turned Cyclops into one of the biggest villains of the decade. Everybody at Marvel should be fired to hell for all of the craziness going on in Marvel comics period over the last 10 yrs.


Posted by Timandm

@DerfelMacklin said:

Really, Marvel's trying this again? More like the House of Recycled Ideas.

Marvel has been recycling ideas for YEARS now... For example, which story arc was it that had:

  1. A very powerful mutant altered reality.
  2. Many super heroes were killed or badly hurt
  3. There was a huge climactic battle
  4. Reality was altered BACK with some slight but convenient differences, including bringing some previously dead super heroes back to life...

So??? Was that the Onslaught story line? Was that House of M? Was that Age of X?

Posted by tchalla3000

Nope to all who call Cyclops a douche. Cyclops did what needed to be done in regards to his leadership. Can't blame him for the phoenix influence. Been an X-Men fan for years, read there stories, and the worst thing he's ever done was leave his wife and child (later on helping to raise his child, Cable, in the future with Jean. Not excusing it, just saying). His militaristic style has been praised by Cap., Namor, Magneto, Xavier, his own team, and...Wolverine(!) throughout the years, but new writers forget this. Messed up he killed Prof. X, but seriously, how is he a douche?

Posted by DominionX

Wouldn't it have been easier to just call this X-Men: Disassembled?

Posted by ALittleTooRaph

All AvX has done is turn Cyclops into one of the biggest villains of all time. This, after years of building him into not only the undisputed leader of the X-Men, but of the entire mutant race. Was it all just to have him fall?

The only other thing AvX has accomplished is make me despise the Avengers and want nothing to do with them, their books, or any X-Man than jumps ship to fight with them in the new Marvel Now! trash. I'm so disgusted with Marvel, and can't help but believe all this is just because the Avengers movie did so damn well. The X-Men are now under the wing of the Avengers, and may as well be their kid siblings. The only thing good for me about AvX is that I'll now be able to save more money by not buying nearly any more Marvel titles for a while.

Edited by SolthesunGod

This event has just obliterated any remaining like I had for the Avengers. They are pure hypocrites. I think there's an attitude that comic book fans want to hate big events. That's not true I was looking forward to return of the Phoenix. I did not want to hate this story. Bad characterization, pacing, plotting are pretty unforgivable though. Art's been pretty though. Copiel can make even this story look pretty.

Captain America - Scott Summers I am arresting you for crimes against humanity....despite the fact you haven't actually killed anyone yet ! Wanda, Magneto, Wolverine, Xavier, Iron Man or another member of the Illuminati who responsible for a lot of deaths cuff him....

Posted by LucifersLawyer

Heh heh to stir the pot

Reasons why Cyclops will walk away from this.

1) At the end of Dark Avengers/X-Men: Exoudus, Scott decleared that Utopia was a free mutant sanctuary and Norman Osborn decleared that Scott & company had left American soil. This would indicate that Utopia was it's own sourveign nation which The Avengers invaded not once but three times in just a few short weeks. Acts of aggression against Utopia by The Avengers.

2) Captain America attempting to arrest Cyclops for "Crimes against--" most likely he was going to say humanity, but since when is it a "crime" to end wars, feed the hungry, provide free energy and eduction to people?

3) The Avengers who were captured and held by the X-Men, 90% of the time, they were the aggressor and lost. They would be considered POW's in a war The Avengers pretty much started.

4) The death of Charles Xavier. Scott kept warning him to get out of his head, this was self defense plain and simple.

5) To try to bring Cyclops to "Justice" for what he did, but not Scarlet Witch would just show The Avengers as the ultimate hypocrites. If you're one of us, you can pretty much get away with genocide, but if you're not on our team we'll attack you for A) Trying to save to save your own race and B) Trying to make the world a better place.

Posted by bookerman20

I still think Fantastic Four under Hickman's, anything X-Force, and Spider-Island has been the best events for Marvel....

Posted by SavageDragon

To all you people saying this was so predictable. Eat your words. I literally read dozens of posts saying how boring this book is and how they will just kill off Emma in the end. Blah blah blah. This has been a solid crossover, Way better in my opinion than Secret Invasion or Fear Itself. It has its flaws but I cant wait to read the final issue.

Posted by RedOwl_1

FINALLY!!! Somebody said it!

"Not us, you! It's just you everyone is sick of"

Scott is officially a big pain in the ass for EVERYBODY!

"Damn you Summers"

Posted by Vermillo

This whole cross over seem forced. I mean it just seem like Marvel writers are writing this by ear. Nothing make sense anymore. I mean what was the point of the tie in with all the x book if in the end there was no point, no lasting effect or development.

I still lose on how Cap can starts a war with the X-men because of what wolverine said. Really? I mean come on like wolverine is a stand up guy. How many times has he betray or kills his friends? I sorry but to me half of this b.s wouldn't have happen without Mr. hypocrite screw up views. Or if Cap would actually asked Scott for help instead of landing storm troopers on his yard. Ugh this just doesn't make sense.

At first I agreed with Scott behavior when he was trying to save hope but now???

Also What up with the whole Phoenix five thing to begin with? I mean when it was first rumor I thought they would actually use characters who actually had some experience with the Phoenix or ties to Jean Grey like Rachael, Cable, or even Nate Grey as candidates but nope.

Everything just seem so screw up. I mean I lost almost total respect for Scott, Cap, and Wolverine because of how they are portrayed here. Instead of actually going some where different with this Marvel just like some one said earlier recycling stories. Ugh... I pretty sure this is all going to end with wolverine stabbing Scott through the chest to save the world like he did with Jean and Rachael.

Marvel thanks for destroying years of character development and back story just to make money.

Posted by x_29

@SavageDragon said:

To all you people saying this was so predictable. Eat your words. I literally read dozens of posts saying how boring this book is and how they will just kill off Emma in the end. Blah blah blah. This has been a solid crossover, Way better in my opinion than Secret Invasion or Fear Itself. It has its flaws but I cant wait to read the final issue.

No. This crossover sucks.

Posted by x_29

@Azrael66 said:

4 stars, how typical Vine. Agreed that the CBR review is MUCH better.


Posted by Tony_Shark

LOVED the art!

Also, Cyclops is just a victim of the Phoenix Force... Geez, people are freaking out over nothing. Even if he did, so what? The writers are doing a great job, and you aren't contributing. Let them keep their integrity.

For those have read the more recent Ultimates series, Reed Richards turns into a villain by choice, and it turned out to be a great.

People are just so afraid of change.

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

@Tony_Shark:Change isn't always a good thing.

Posted by Tony_Shark

@JoseDRiveraTCR7 said:

@Tony_Shark:Change isn't always a good thing.

That's for anyone to decide on their own. It's neither good, nor bad. It helps moving things forward. If things did not change, then the readers would be very bored. However, I doubt that will be a villain. Again, he's going through the same things Jean went through, but he's more passionate than she ever was. He's got only one perspective that he follows with all his heart.

I just don't understand why people complain when things don't go their way. Let the writers do their job. There are millions of readers, so if you don't like it, then you can always stop following the series. It's not gonna affect them.

Posted by VaizD

Can we just kill cyclops already? There's a less crappy, younger version of him coming soon anyway, and he's just become completely insufferable over the past few years.

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

@Tony_Shark:First you say whether change is good or bad is for anyone to decide, but then you say that it's neither. So what is it? Can a individual decide whether change is good or bad, or are you just going to tell them that any decision they make on the matter is wrong.

The thing is, I'm a paying customer. Whether I like or hate a story affects my continuing purchasing of a comic. I read comics for escapism through my favorite characters. When they drastically change to a character and change why I read that character's stories, whether they do so by killing that character, turning that character into a villain, etc, it makes it difficult, or in this case, impossible to enjoy the story or stories of the character.

And no, there are not millions of readers. Have you not seen the sales of comics during the past few years? That decreasing readership can't all be blamed by the direct market either. The direct market existed years ago when they had higher sales. There's a good chance that people are reading less or have stopped reading altogether because of they are feed up with the writing and the stories. They come for escapism, but can't enjoy the stories because their favorite characters and books are getting massacred. The decreasing sales is effecting the industry, and to say otherwise is completely ignorant.

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