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Avengers: The Children's Crusade #6 Review


Now that Scarlet Witch is officially back, will she save the world or cause it's destruction?

The search for the Scarlet Witch is over and she now has her memories restored. What does that mean for her and everyone around her?

The Good

I can't get enough of Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung. Each issue leaves you in a state of suspense as you carefully turn each page. Scarlet Witch was one of the Avengers' greatest heroes and completely fell from grace by causing the death of heroes and the end of most of the mutants in the Marvel Universe.

Normally when a book has so many characters crammed in, it quickly becomes muddled. That is not the case here. Each character something to do and you don't really get the jarring feeling that some characters are just standing in the background waiting for something to do.

The series has already shown itself to be a game-changer with some of the changes we've seen. Because this is only issue6 (of 9), I hope all the changes won't be quickly reverted in order to maintain the existing continuity of the rest of the Marvel Universe.

Jim Cheung's art is always a pleasure to look at. He does such a great job with all the characters, giving each his own style while ensuring they are easily recognizable to everyone. Justin Ponsor's colors really compliments the art making each panel pop off the page.

The Bad

Sigh. If only this book could ship on a monthly schedule. Issue #7 isn't schedule to be released until August 31. It's worth the wait and will be a great read when collected in a hardcover but the bi-monthly schedule is tough.

The Verdict

Any week an issue of The Children's Crusade comes out is a happy week. Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung shine with each issue as we wait to see what the future holds for Scarlet Witch. The story and art compel you to turn each page. There are so many characters in this issue but it doesn't feel like their appearances are forced. There is a lot riding on the outcome of this series, I only hope each change we are seeing will not be magically reverted so that the status quo existing before this series began is left when the mini-series concludes. It's not just the Avengers' future that will be affected but pretty much all of the Marvel Universe. The only downside is the bi-monthly schedule makes it hard to wait but that wait is indeed worth it.

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Posted by doordoor123

... I didnt get the last page of this issue... I didnt get the big reveal at the end. Marvel stole my money.
Posted by King Quisling

Oye, I'm so far behind in this series and this review really makes me want to run out and buy all the issues right now.

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

It's hard holding off on this series, with all of you giving it such glowing reviews, but I'm actually waiting for February 15 release of the HC before reading any of it.  I'm quite excited about the whole thing, having read Avengers Disassembled and House of M.  Thanks Tony.

Posted by spider-man 2996

I can't wait to read this!! I have to catch up on like 2 and a half months of comics!!
Posted by MrSeaman70

If there was ever a Planet of the Cats, Beast on this cover would be prime candidate :P
Edited by longas91

OMG... GREAT issue! Hopefully, like G-Man says, it will stick to continuity!!! Cannot believe we have to wait until August 31 for the next issue!!! ARRGGGHH!!!!

Posted by Pizawle

It will be a glorious tale to read through from beginning to end in one sitting.
I do not mind the schedule because of the impeccably high caliber of work. Especially the art. It is simply ridiculous. I want these guys to keep doing events for Marvel for as long as they wish. 
I actually have to disagree on one aspect, though. Well, not really but kind of. These changes should stick but I would prefer this duo's future work to be out of continuity. I feel as if they can tell wonderful sprawling stories, uninhibited by restraints.

Posted by WonderBoy1132

By far the best series I have read this year. Writing, art, and story works perfect together.

Posted by sparty-dbq

This is an absolutely outstanding series.  If there's anything at all I would consider bad about it, it's that apparently Jim Cheung's idea of making people look like they just had a fight is making them look like they just rolled around in a pile of dirt.  Other than that, it's all aces, baby.

Posted by Eyz

I fear what the return of the SW might bring back...
Hopefully, not an House of M: II...

Posted by uroboros
this series is just amazing..not to mention it features so many of my favourite characters..the conversation between Wiccan and Wanda nearly broke my heart..this has great writing and amazing art..I'll actually be sad to see the end of this cause I'd love to see Marvel do more with Young Avengers..more of them and a lot less of Avengers Academy or Young Allies thanks..
Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw

Wuhuuu Scarlet Witch is back baby !!!!! Have to get this !!!!

Posted by Skaddix

I wish the YA seriously most had little to no dialogue.
Still nice to see things moving forward.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham
Posted by RareCheshire

This was my favorite for this week! I hate the schedule for this too, but it's worth the wait!

Posted by kanasaurs
But yeah, I really hope these changes / potential for greater changes don't get reverted by the end of the 9 issues...
Posted by xforce1018

Ugh who else wishes this series was monthly??