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Avengers #9 - Star Bound Review


The "Starbrand" may be the least of the Avengers' problems.

The Good

Last time we saw the Avengers in Hickman's AVENGERS series they had just met the Starbrand, "a weapon designed to protect a people as they progress through the change period." This new super-powered Starbrand is super charged and can take on nearly any one of the Avengers (as we saw very briefly in the last issue) and that has the potential to be a recipe for disaster.

The start of this series introduced us to some super-powered beings, "world creators" so to speak, that the Avengers allowed to get away. This, at the time, may have been a big mistake on the part of our heroes and that fact becomes more clear in this issue. While the last eight issues have been spending a lot of time introducing readers to characters that will be featured in this series, this issue focuses on the new story-line. Seeds have been planted on Earth, and time will soon tell what these seeds will lead to: what new life will be born on earth and how it will "change everything."

Things get seriously crazy (and creepy) in this issue, and if you have ever seen any of the Aliens movies you will definitely appreciate the bizarre sci-fi elements that are introduced into the plot of this storyline. Hickman uses theories of basic evolution to form his monster and we begin to see what happens when hundreds of simple organisms come together to create one massive sentient being. The result is eerie.

The issue progresses and the Starbrand makes what might lead to one giant mistake: what happens when you "kill the living consciousness of the planet"? This issue is very obviously a prelude to something far bigger, and the final pages of this comic really emphasize that fact. It's almost as if someone is narrating the prologue to a massive story, and that might leave you all the more excited.

The Bad

We have finally come full circle and the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fall into place: however, this issue confirms what some readers had complained about following issue three: why did the Avengers just leave those seemingly omnipotent beings unchaperoned on Mars? I get that everyone makes mistakes, but not one of the Avengers stood up and argued against allowing the world creators to continue setting up shop so close to Earth? A flag of some kind should have gone up in someone's head, particularly since the team of Avengers is so large and are supposed to be comprised of some of the greatest minds on the planet. I mean, this is common sense. The fact that not one of them stood up to argue that perhaps leaving those beings unsupervised was a bad idea makes the Avengers look bad and amateurish, and that really isn't good.

The Verdict

Artists Dustin Weaver and Mike Deodato team up to deliver another gorgeous issue of AVENGERS, and although both guys are super talented, I personally preferred seeing Weaver on this title. The panels that focused in on the different "quarantined zones" on earth was really well illustrated. The colors are vibrant and make Weaver's pencils really stand out, and I absolutely adored that. One thing is certain, this is a very pretty comic book.

One of the problems with this issue was the big mistake made on the part of the Avengers team. It's hard to believe with all those great minds not one of them felt it was a bad idea that the omnipotent beings were so close to Earth and could lead to being a possible threat. At least one of these characters should have begged the question. The other issue is the fact that these characters are still focused on the smaller scale of the problem: we spent a lot of time in this issue containing the Starbrand when there seem to be far greater issues at hand to be concerned with.

Things have been moving very gradually, and in this case I think that is a good thing. Hickman is clearly setting up a bigger story and he is taking his time: that's half the beauty of this series. This issue definitely felt like the prelude to something much bigger, especially the last three pages of the issue. I am definitely excited to see what happens next.

Posted by nerdork

I cant wait to pick this issue up on Sunday. Though, I agree that there are some fairly large plot holes, but I feel they are overshadowed by the scope of the story and detail that is put into every character’s ‘panel time’.

Posted by spinningbirdcake

The splash pages of the fight...oh god my eyes...I can't see!!!

I want Deodato or Weaver on Captain Marvel, they make her look so cool. Chicks with kinda mohawks have never looked cooler.

Posted by notorious_g3

And the siblings that intentionally murdered millionsare still left to roam free while the kid who unintentionally killed thousands is imprisoned? This is a continuation of the Avengers who attacked Utopia... are they supposed to be the villains?

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

only positive is the art.

Posted by danhimself

the only thing that I don't like is them not doing the translations on the actual pages...I'm waaaaay to lazy to flip back and forth deciphering that crap

Edited by The Stegman

Yeah Avengers, you show that little kid who's boss! Maybe Hulk can attack him unprovoked again.

Posted by GetEveryone

This is a continuation of the Avengers who attacked Utopia... are they supposed to be the villains?

I know it's probably not intended this way, but the more I read of Avengers, the more I feel like they're a fascist super-group.

Edited by That60sGuy

I don't like where this series is going. There's too many gaping plot holes like why The Garden where not dealt with properly. Even if its building to something else that's pretty shitty characterisation of someone like Captain America. Anyway I dropped this after #6.

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

God damn the panels where the three heavy hitters hit heavy was sweeeeeet

Posted by Cap10nate

This book has fallen to my 4th favorite Avengers book on the stands after New, Secret, and Uncanny. Not sure how I would order those three because they are all going pretty strong right now.

Posted by the_nightwalker

good review, good point about their blatant screw-up. I have an aversion to Hickman, i find him clinical, cold, and too calculated to be enjoyable and that may very well serve as the tag line for this series. Uninspiring, vaguely cryptic super-villains and psuedoscience have been done before and better. I just don't care about this team or their problems. Uncanny Avengers has a classic, timeless feel now that Acuna is on that this book cannot match, in its defense it is not trying to ape Rememder's style... perhaps Hickman should consider that though.

Posted by MPScrimshaw13

Anybody else notice that the artists on this book seem totally incapable of drawing Captain Marvel correctly? They don't seem to understand how her hair works, or more likely, have never cracked a Captain Marvel book and are going strictly off of the cover work.

I know this isn't exactly important, but she's one of my favorite characters and the cropped haircut they give her week after week in this book is screaming of a lack of attention to detail, considering in half the panels in her own book the stuff goes half way down her back.