Comic Vine Review


Avengers #24.1 - A Vision Of Things To Come! Review


A new story line begins. The real Vision returns and does his best to catch up on everything that's happened while he's been gone.

The Vision has returned and he has a lot to catch up on. Lots of deaths and changed have happened since She-Hulk ripped apart Vision years ago. Vision also confronts Magneto.

The Good

At first, I didn't like the idea of Vision coming back from the dead, even though the Iron Lad version of Vision had been around for quite some time. By the end of the issue, I was pretty happy he came back from the dead. He's the type of character the Avengers need. He's cold, calculating, and rash. Plus, the Vision has one of my favorite costumes in all of comic books.

The art on the Avengers. Brandon Peterson is on art and Sonia Oback is on colors. Peterson's art is great on this issue. He does a wonderful job and explaining a character's personality just through their stances and facial expressions, especially with Vision in this issue.

Props to Peterson for drawing Magneto a bit older in the face. He's old and many artists give him a younger face, Peterson wasn't afraid to put some wrinkles in there.

I loved the scene of Vision and Magneto battling it out. Two incredibly stubborn and arrogant characters battle it out and the action is great as well as Bendis' dialogue throughout the scene.

The Bad

Colossus is bald. I miss the flat-top.

Where does Vision fit in to this new world? What's his purpose for returning?

So Hawkeye and Spider Woman just hang outside the Avengers Mansion and make-out while leaning on a tree? It's a bit bizarre and the only reason they were there was so Captain America had someone to talk to before Vision showed up.

The Verdict

Great issue and a great read. Although I wasn't thrilled with the idea of Vision returning from the dead, by the end of this issue, I was on board. I really enjoyed Brandon Peterson's art and Sonia Oback's clors on this issue and how Peterson's art did a great job at establishing character's personalities just through facial expressions. The battle between Magneto and Vision was wonderful and I'm so glad Peterson made Magneto look older. On the down side, I don't like Colossus being bald, I'm a bit unsure with how Vision will fit into this world, and Hawkeye and Spider Woman making out essentially in public was a bit bizarre. Overall, I recommend this issue. It was a great read.