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Avengers #13 - Strong Review


The one where Hyperion kicks major High Evolutionary butt.

The Good

If you never liked Hyperion before, you might want to give the latest issue of AVENGERS a try. The character is compassionate, but even that seems to have its limit as Hickman and Nick Spencer demonstrate in the latest issue of AVENGERS. As awesome as it is to see Hickman demonstrate that these two powerhouses can go toe-to-toe with some of the biggest and most powerful beings in the universe is fantastic, but he doesn't fail to delve deeper into the characters and their thoughts and emotions. The scene that follows action is one that is a lot more introspective where Thor and Hyperion are engaged in a discussion about the things that really make them tick. What is Hyperion really fighting for? That's one thing that is answered in this issue. This is an issue about Hyperion, essentially, and it is very well done.

The art by Mike Deodato is really beautifully done. There is plenty of detail, lovely colors and just really great story-telling through art in many of these panels. He proves once again that he is not only really good at illustrating action scenes, but also storyboarding in a way that makes reading the comic both easy and interesting. It is, in the end, very well executed.

I think what I liked most about this issue was the focus on Hyperion. The moments we see here and the way the story develops gives the sense that the character is really beginning to find himself. I like that this issue sort of relates back to a previous issue in this series that focused very specifically on that character and I hope it is a technique we continue to see as this series progresses.

The Bad

The issue, although good, does not feel like it really ended. There is a climactic moment and battle that just sort of stops. The creative team, instead of concluding the scene, switches gears and brings readers forward into the story, several hours ahead as the characters reminisce about the events that just occurred. Although this is well done and it was great to get a closer look at Hyperion's character, it leaves you with a feeling of uneasiness because it does not feel complete.

The Verdict

The art is great, the story is very good, and the balance between character development and action are just perfect. The only real problem with this issue is the way that it seems to end so abruptly, but I think that in general it is a solid book. The story is definitely a good one, and although we saw Hyperion kick his butt, I don't believe this is the last we will see of the High Evolutionary. Overall, not the best jumping on point: new readers may want to wait to pick up the next issue, or grab the issue just before this one to dive into this series.

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I love this title. The idea that Cap can call the "big guns" for back up makes him very intimidating indeed.

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It seems like this book comes out every week.

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Great art. I really liked his portrayal of Hyperion's eye beams, that looked great. Hyperion didn't kick High Evolutionary's butt at all; Hyperion just left in the middle of their battle (after HE healed all the damage Hype did almost immediately) to get the kids. But the High Evolutionary is supposed to be an abstract-level being like Galactus right now, he should have slaughtered Hyperion. And Thor has gone up against Terminus multiple times before, he ought to know he's not beating him alone by any stretch.

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My thoughts exactly on the issue. It was amazing, but it ended abrutly even though the last scene (after the action) was quite good. Let's hope Infinity makes this series only better !

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Oh yes I loved gfhjmn but sometimes it seemed a little slow it wasnt as good as skfnskldn if you ask me, but it was still great and I cant wait for the next issue of gfhjmn.