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Avengers #12 - Evolve Review


Thor, Hyperion and Spider-Man take on the great responsibility of teaching the Savage Land children.

The Good

One of the things I have been enjoying about this series is the way that Hickman focuses on different characters in each issue. The previous issue of AVENGERS gave us a spy-thriller type of a story, whereas this one focuses on a different cast of characters in the Savage Land and carries an entirely different tone. As a result, you never really know what you are going to get with this series in terms of continuity since each issue focuses on different characters and a different problem, but that actually happens to be one of the things I enjoy. Generally, changing the direction of the story every issue isn't the best way to write a comic book series, yet for whatever reason it seems to work for Hickman and his AVENGERS title. As a result, his AVENGERS is far less linear than most comics, so a story we have been reading may sometimes pause, switch direction and then in a later issue continue from where a previous one left off. This actually helps to keep this series interesting.

One of the good things about writing the series in this way (where the plot is not linear) is that it allows Hickman the flexibility to utilize his entire roster. It would be difficult to write a story where both Shang-Chi and Hyperion are engaged in a fight in the same issue. By being a little bit all over the place we get to see different characters doing different things.

Normally when you have power house characters like Hyperion and Thor, we expect them to be engaged in a fight, but surprisingly that's not what we saw here. Rather than having them fight (which is what they normally do best), Hickman had them serve an entirely different purpose: in this issue they acted as mentors and teachers to a group of transformed Savage Land children. The result is a relatively fun story that gives us another side to these characters that we don't generally see.

One of the highlights of this issue was the dialogue. Hickman does a great job writing these characters with humor and he seems to have found their respective voices which is very important when you are writing a team book with a roster this large. His Iron Man really reads like Iron Man, and his Thor really reads like Thor, and that's part of what makes this comic fun to read.

The Bad

There is plenty that I enjoyed about this comic, but one of the problems I had with the story in this issue was the way that we did not see a whole lot actually happen. Sure, it was great getting into the minds of these individual characters and exploring them in ways we don't normally, but what did we actually see? How are the things that happened here significant to the overall story Hickman is trying to tell?

One problem I had with this issue was that the pacing was a lot slower than previous issues.

The Verdict

I generally enjoyed this issue, although I admit it was not as good as previous issues in this series. The dialogue and the story Hickman told here is pretty good: it presented us with a different take on many of the characters we know. For example, we don't usually see Hyperion talking so much in a comic book and I personally found that this added to the dynamic of the character.

The art by Mike Deodato was great, and I definitely enjoyed seeing his work once again in this issue. I thought his pencils definitely complimented Hickman's story.

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Edited by Supreme_Maj

Hyperion is a great character i hope this time Marvel will use him the way he deserve, so much possibility for this character to shine in the mainstream Marvel Universe especially since we got two bad Hyperions roaming around it will be great he gets his own serie which deal with the interaction with others i imagine what kind of a mess he will be with the avengers not knowing who to trust .

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Feels like this book comes out every week.

Posted by frozenedge

I'm not the only one who likes seeing characters take on mentor like roles (when it's done right) with younger heroes/characters am I? One of the main reasons I liked this issue. It's almost like the younger characters are being groomed to take over their mentors duties should they ever die (though that'll never happen with Marvel or DC).

Posted by Legendary_StarHero

I enjoy this for the reason that we seen heroes being the mentors instead of the fighters.

Posted by JamDamage

this book is fun. It reads alot like a DC book more then a Marvel and its interesting because of that.

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller

Should I star reading Avengers is it as good as Justice League?

Posted by caladbolglight

I love this series because I find the individual issues to be much simpler and well-thought-out than the previous Avengers volumes. Avengers can sometimes be rather "POW SOCK BAM", and have not much in the way of character development or thematic elements. I've tried to ignore the "grand story" so far and I've found that I have really looked forward to the next issue every time.

Posted by Poncho

great issue, loved it, but Hawkeye was really REALLY jacked in this issue. Must be the dumbbell arrows.

Edited by Kerrigan

This was pretty good. More Hyperion and Thor, please. And less Captain Universe. Maybe none.

Posted by Mezmero

Please tell me Superior Spider-Man is the one in this issue.

Posted by Legendary_StarHero
Posted by The Mast

I am a huge, huge, HUUUGE fan of this series.

My issue is that it's getting to be a little bit too much like other, recent stories. First it was like the Remember story in Uncanny X-Men. Now it's going the way of Greg Pak's Silver Surfer mini-series, with the same villain.

Edited by Owie

@the_mast said:

I am a huge, huge, HUUUGE fan of this series.

My issue is that it's getting to be a little bit too much like other, recent stories. First it was like the Remember story in Uncanny X-Men. Now it's going the way of Greg Pak's Silver Surfer mini-series, with the same villain.

Yeah, but I have the awful feeling that the fact that the High Evolutionary is now supposed to be a Galactus-level abstract is going to be totally ignored here.

I have to say, I partly got this just because there's a therizinosaurus on the cover!

Edited by Tyrannotaur

I liked the issue alot. Was a fun read.

I have to say we need more covers of Iron Man flying in formation with a flock of pteranodon. We really do.