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Atomic Robo & Friends #1 Review


Red 5's FCBD book features a ton of fun stories

The Good

The first story features Atomic Robo, and his friends, fighting a giant monster. This 12 page story is filled with action and fun. It's one of the few times a comic has made me laugh out loud, on purpose. Writer Brian Clevinger really knows how to give new readers a feel for the tone of his book in this Free Comic Book Day Offering. 

The second story is Bodie Troll about a little troll named (you guessed it) Bodie who is sent out into the world by Miss Bijou to get some weird plants from No Man's Patch. This is another 12 page story that has a very unique, cool, and fun art style geared more towards kids. In fact, this story is really for kids. Adults may not find the fun in it. 

The last story is preview pages for the book HAUNTED. The art and lettering are the real stand-outs in this story. It's a short, 5 page preview of a horror book. Not much else to say because the preview doesn't give the reader much else.

The Bad

During the Atomic Robo story, there is a lot of medium shots. It'll make the reader wish the artist did something a little more with how each panel was set-up.

The Bodie Troll story is way too over-the-top for me. What I found a bit confusing was that this book seems to be more for kids than anything else, but it feels bogged down with lots of dialogue that really doesn't add anything to the story. It feels like people are talking just to talk or to fit a joke that falls flat into the book. 

Haunted doesn't give the reader enough to get them interested in the story. The lettering and art won't "wow" them enough to warrant putting it on their pull list either. 

The Verdict

All-in-all, ATOMIC ROBO & FRIENDS is a pretty decent Free Comic Book Day offering. The main Atomic Robo story is the star here, providing fun and actual laughs with a cool, quick little plot. The Bodie Troll was a bit of a hit and a miss. While the art was incredibly cool and nicely stylized, the story was geared more towards kids and will lose older readers, especially with the way too over-the-top dialogue. Lastly, Haunted just doesn't give readers enough to get them interested in the on-going series. Sure, the art is pretty and the lettering is nice, but that's all it really offers. So overall, if you're interested, pick it up, but don't go out of your way to grab this one. 

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Posted by Ms-Lola

Spot on review. Bodie's story was just too much, I felt impatient reading through the dialogue and even if I had skipped a few, I still wouldn't have lost the premise of the thing. Did make me smile at a few parts and yes, I would say this is more geared for little kids. Haunted straight up confused me. I get that this is just a taste, but that was more like a crumb. If anything, I am more curious about the last page in the book, Bad Dreams which was just an advert.