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Astonishing X-Men #46 - Exalted, Part Three Review


Cyclops, a strike team of alternate-reality heroes and a whole lot of Magneto helmets. Nothing can go wrong with this, right?

The Good

For an alternate universe story, I ended up liking this issue very much. Strong character work from Pak on the new "mirror universe" characters kept them from feeling too throwaway.

The interaction between Cyclops and "Howlett" was definitely a great contrast between the 616 versions of the heroes, and the younger Nightcrawler definitely brought the comic relief. All in all, he felt like the X-Men: Evolution version of Kurt, which wasn't a bad iteration by any means.

I also really enjoyed the flashback history sequence that brought us to this point in the book. It was quick, informative and well-done. Having Cyclops face the people he's failed and the people he cares about makes it all the more important that he is given the chance to lead them again. Great stuff.

The Bad

Not much; the book was full of some great action while keeping the characters from becoming one-dimensional. I feel like this book was a bit of a setup for the climax, though, and surrendered a little bit of awesome in exchange for a more satisfying ends. I'll be interested to see how the next issue turns out, and if there will be any repercussions back in 616.

The Verdict

Part of the reason I enjoy Greg Pak so much is his ability to make me care about characters that I would otherwise have not; his run on Hulk and his work for this issue have affirmed that belief, as I really couldn't see myself enjoying any iteration of Emma Frost.

This book is solid without any glaring faults; it just kind of didn't have the luster that would have secured a five-star review. I fully expect a satisfying end to this arc, and for it to change Cyclops' perspective in the new post-Schism era.


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Posted by One_Eye

I've yet to read the last issue of this arc but thus far this has proven to be a satisfying arc with awesome takes on the characters presented. Solid art, good pacing! I'm looking forwards to reading the last issue.

Posted by ApatheticAvenger

LOVED this issue. Greg Pak's run on Astonishing has been excellent overall, can't wait for the finale.

Edited by antemiusenteri

i really liked these characters

Emma wasn't a complete snobby B***h

Wolverine was nicer usually he's drill Sargent wolverine but i like this one he's grandfather wolverine

Storm's powers were actually at their potential ..though i think she killed kitty.....but it was cool cause she told Xavier to shut up.

and yes i was almost positive that Kurt was Evolution Kurt

Posted by butterflykyss

Yes very solid issue overall!!! If you haven't gotten it pick it up, great read!

Posted by Steps

I seriously want to see Howlett's world and see teen Scott with Wolverine as a father figure