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Arrow #207 - State vs Queen Review


Count Vertigo returns and a decision is reached in Moira's trial.

Last week, Arrow escaped all of the madness in Starling City and gave us a little vacation as we went to Russia (well, it wasn't really a good time for Diggle, but I digress). This week, however, "State vs. Queen" dives back into all of the chaos taking place in Oliver's city and brings Moira's trial to an end.

I'm by no means cold hearted, but it was tough to feel any degree of tension with Moira's court scenes as they progressed. Worst case scenario: she's given the death penalty and she'd understand why and accept it. We'd see how this takes a negative toll on the family and we'd be treated to more CW-esque drama as a result. Thankfully, there's a big reveal with her conclusion. This is spoiler-free review and all that jazz, but I will say I was pleasantly surprised with the road they've decided to take and the sky's the limit with this one. Whether she's free or sentenced to death, they've used the case to bring about a much more interesting narrative.

To be totally honest, I've never really been a fan of Arrow's take on Count Vertigo. The fiend always came off a bit too over the top for me and it's tough to keep up the illusion that it's an actual bad guy instead of actor having a lot of fun with the role. It doesn't help that this episode drew some noticeable connections to Joker in The Dark Knight. Yes, their mentalities and goals are completely different, but their actions can draw some pretty strong parallels. That said, I will admit that I loved the conclusion with the villain. It was frustrated to think of all the opportunities Oliver had to take a shot with his lightning quick reflexes and accuracy, but still, it was very well executed (unintentional pun is unintentional). Without spoiling anything, let's just say it puts Oliver's new morals to the test and, given all of the factors surrounding him, it's an appropriate conclusion.

Roy and Thea have a solid moment and it helps me forget how unlikable she was last week. It's great to see Roy be a hero (so to speak) and truly step up and help her through this terrible time. Additionally, I really appreciate the way the writers decided to follow-up on the Felicity/Oliver connection which was finally brought front and center in the last episode. It's not blatantly thrown out there or randomly brought up -- the moment is fitting after everything that went down and his actions further support how much he really cares for her.

This episode's all about the final quarter or so because, man, it's loaded with reveals and it's all handled quite well. Seriously, they pretty much cover anything and everything they can in this one either towards end or with easter eggs throughout the episode (a tease for Barry Allen is blatantly thrown in there). Sure, I wasn't feeling much of the Vertigo and Moira plot, but I'd say the last few acts make up for it and warrant "State vs. Queen" a bump to 4-stars instead of 3. It ends on a mighty fine note and, if you've been digging this show (and you are if you're reading this, right?), it's sure to have you excited for next Wednesday. Oh, and the island story? It's about to get VERY interesting.

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Posted by TheFirstLantern

T- Minus twenty til I get to watch. Cant wait.

Edited by buttersdaman000

I missed most of the final act but, DAMN! the final minutes were awesome!

So, we basically have concrete proof of the lazarus pits, what do you guys think Malcom Merlyn is back for??

Also, looks like Slade will be getting his upgrade pretty soon

Edited by AWeekInGeekdom

Loved everything about the episode except The Count, i really don't like this new take on him =/. Can't wait for next week though!

Posted by Gotham331

THIS SHOW IS AWESOME! Almost as good as The Blacklist.

Posted by Protoflash

I thought this episode was AWFUL. The actor for count vertigo tried too hard to be the joker, so did the script, and none of what happened made much sense at all.

?? I feel as though not enough was explained I guess.

Posted by SandMan_

Huh, wonder if this show will get connected to the movies.

Edited by stevencarver_

It was frustrated to think of all the opportunities Oliver had to take a shot with his lightning quick reflexes and accuracy, but still, it was very well executed (unintentional pun is unintentional).

Oh really? Unintentional spoilers? You're basically giving away one of the biggest parts of the episode right here.

Can someone reveal the Barry Allen teaser in the middle of the episode? Yeah, there's the stuff with the particle accelerator, but we've been seeing that all season. Was that the thing or is there something else?

Edited by k4tzm4n

@stevencarver_: Edit: the pun part was originally marked as a spoiler and blacked out. Sometimes saving in the CMS we use removes it. Why? No idea. Editing that back in, though.

And I'm just referring to the TV news coincidentally and bluntly saying the PA is good to go.

Posted by Wolverine08

Nice episode.

Posted by k4tzm4n

I'm glad to see Merlyn back, but that final reveal is so CW.

Jerry Springer'd.

Edited by The Stegman

I hate this Vertigo, why can't he be serious and menacing like Lemire's Vertigo? Hard to take him seriously.

Edited by kingmark14

You know, I've noticed something. People who supposedly suffer events that, by logic, should seriously KILL them, are not dead. Everybody's defying death. I mean ,Oliver, Sarah, now Malcolm? What next, Robert Queen is still alive?

Edited by SynCig

This episode let me down in a big way. This was my least favorite episode of this show since the Huntress episodes of the first season. I really dislike Count Vertigo (at least I won't have to see him anymore). I also thought that final reveal was so soap opera I actually rolled my eyes at it. Still, a rare miss for this show and I am fully engaged in where this season is going.

Posted by JohnnyGat

And just when I think the show couldn't get anymore cheesy that ending totally made it extra cheesy. Still love the show though.

Posted by SynCig

@protoflash: I agree completely. I can't even count how many times I rolled my eyes at just how Joker knockoff the whole thing felt. I normally love this show but sometimes it tries way too hard to be Batman with a bow and arrow.

Edited by CheeseSticks

It was a very good episode. Definitely better than last week.

Edited by batpala

They actually spoilt what happens to Moira because of the promo photos for next episode which show her at Queen Consolidated Once again, Laurel is better than everyone and yet she has very little to do. Let down.

Edited by Deathstroke19

It was a great episode but the last 5 minutes were da best.

Posted by TheFirstLantern

Yes yes yes. Loved the final parts. Count Vertigo why can't you be like the comic book version. Malcolm, I love you. Slade will become deathstroke f-yes. Ivo is a beast. Brother Blood, and was that a nod to Solomon Grundy(Cyrus).

I guess you can say the dark archer always hits his mark.

Posted by infernopig
Posted by saoakden

So I just got done watching Arrow and wow. So will see a certain character getting an upgrade and a surprise appearance at the end. Just wow. I'm really surprised.

Edited by haydenclaireheroes

Here are my thoughts on the episode:

Posted by IllyanaRasputin

The final reveal was DEFINITELY "so CW" however it's more dramatic and a little fun for viewers who don't follow the comic books religiously, I mean whenever I see Katie Cassidy on the show or Willa Holland I think of Jesse McCartney and The O.C. REALLY glad to see Slade's going to be getting his upgrade soon (at least hopefully) AND this whole no one staying dead bit isn't that surprising to me... I mean no one stays dead in the comic books why should they in the series? Will it get tiring and boring after a few times sure, was I happy to see Sarah alive? No it was kind of cheesy and I honestly hope she dies in the future and Laurel becomes the Black Canary, but for now I'll deal with Laurel being the bad ass lawyer she's being. Oh, and Roy is turning out to be one of of my favourite characters.

Felicity ftw.

Edited by jatkins987

since Thea is Malcolm's daughter that means that thea tired to hook up with her half-brother Tommy in season one. "incest is the best bro"

Edited by JetiiMitra

since Thea is Malcolm's daughter that means that thea tired to hook up with her half-brother Tommy in season one. "incest is the best bro"

Yep, and in episode 1 Tommy said she had been getting hot. It's not Star Wars gross. But it's gross.

Edited by MrMazz

O man I love how audacious this show is getting and how it's able to just own up to the stupid soap opera melodramtic reveals. Cmon who didn't fist pump when Captain Jack came on screen!

cheap plug to User Review

Posted by joshmightbe

@illyanarasputin: She's actually being a pretty terrible lawyer but that stems more from the shows seemingly total ignorance of how the law works. For instance no DA in his/her right mind would ever put a guys Ex girlfriend on his mother's murder trial, for about 600 various reasons. Even if they got a conviction it would be enough to fuel appeals for decades.

Posted by batpala

@joshmightbe: Blame that on the writers, not her. Sheesh.

Anyway. I see Arrow is keeping up the incestuous undertones that the CW is known for.

Posted by joshmightbe

@batpala: I clearly stated that it was more their fault for it.

Edited by Mia26

My feelings about Arrow's treatment of Count Vertigo(and Green Arrow overall) ....

televandalist (675) Animated Gif on Giphy

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smh (141) Animated Gif on Giphy

Edited by batpala

@joshmightbe: Argh, sorry. I have a habit of getting extra defensive because of all needless hate Laurel gets because she's less popular than Felicity.

Posted by Trevel8182
Posted by Cyborg6971

@mia26: Amell is 10x the green arrow hartley was.

Posted by ScarletWitchFever

I think this was a pretty solid episode, not terrible but not fantastic.

Very happy to see Malcolm's return! He's an interesting character, and I may be wrong but I think they referenced the Lazarus Pit, didn't they? I love all of the comic references in this, even the unimportant ones, too, like the fact that they have their own Bethany Snow on channel 52. They're nice touches.

I hope they do something with Laurel's character soon, though. She's become so predictable and boring.

As for Oliver and Felicity's moment, I'm not impressed. The set-up for Felicity's kidnapping was seriously stupid. "Let's just have Felicity investigate a truck full of Vertigo that is the known location of a serial killer, despite the fact that she has no training whatsoever." What logic is that? Please, CW, stop making Felicity the damsel in distress; it's getting old.

So, so much angst this episode.

Posted by spidershamrock

Really enjoyed this episode.

Malcolm being back means Lazarus Pits and I'm glad the Count is dead for real this time.

Thea being Malcolm's daughter was kinda obvious after they mentioned the affair and it's pretty irrelevant to the story unless they make her character do a 180. Thinking about it, I could see her getting kidnapped by Malcolm and trained by the League for a season or 2 and then come back as a brainwashed bad guy. This would also lead Roy to be trained by Oliver.

As for Slade, looking forward to his power up and did anyone else notice all the references to the Star Labs Hadron Collider? I'm guessing a certain Mr.Allen will take advantage of that

Posted by MrMazz

@scarletwitchfever: They've kinda talked around the Laz Pit. He's mentioned being in Nanda Parbat - a magical place like Tahiti. He also admits to kinda faking being dead. Now if Tommy ever shows up again and he aint a robot than we know Lazurus Pits are around.

Posted by SlamAdams

@batpala: I don't find Laurel-hate very needless. She is actively terrible on the show in every way

Edited by SlamAdams

With this Vertigo gone, I hope they can figure out a way to bring the real Count Vertigo into the show. Maybe The drug dealing Count is the black sheep of the Zytle family or something and now Vertigo has a reason to target Starling. It's a stretch, but its also the CW so who cares

Posted by kingmark14

@slamadams: actually it'd be cool to put Shiva in the show. Connor Hawke, too (as a kid)

Posted by SlamAdams

@kingmark14: Yea, there's a whole shit load of people I would love to see make it. I made a list and everything

Posted by Iron_Turtle

Seeing as Sarah is the Black Canary. Laurel literally serves no purpose anymore.

Posted by clemj
Edited by ips

this vertigo is stupid. they need to kill him off fast. i don't understand why they keep bringing him back.

i wonder how many other powered characters they can rip names from for fan service without introducing a *real* version of the character.

Seeing as Sarah is the Black Canary. Laurel literally serves no purpose anymore.

when they kill off Sarah (for real) it'll be Laurel's motivation to take on the mantle and become Black Canary (II). what? you didn't see that coming?

Edited by joshmightbe

@ips: Well last night he took 3 arrows to the chest then fell from about 20 stories up so I'd say the Count is done for.

Posted by Mia26

LMAO !!! .... LOL .... What ? is this Bat-Arrow stupid too ? can't even use some proper grammer.

Edited by Mia26

@mia26: Amell is 10x the green arrow hartley was.

Not really, Hartley had the personality while this guy from Arrow isn't even Green Arrow his Bat-Arrow. They pretty much ripped off Nolan's Batman trilogy and instead of making some of Green Arrow's mythos better they've screwed most of it and added that CW drama crap.

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