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Archie #627 - Riverdale Rock City Review


Archie meets KISS! The members of KISS invade Riverdale. What's the crew to do?

Never, in the history of working for this site, which has been about 2 1/2 years now, have I ever been this excited to review a comic book for the site because I am a huge Kiss fan. That being said, let's get down to the review, and I swear to keep it as unbiased as possible... You know I'm working hard... I'm worth a deuce (sorry).

After a protection spell goes wrong, a group of monsters (a mummy, a vampire, a frankenstein, and a wolfman, pop into the Riverdale world and decide to suck the fun out of the town. Who will stop them? Well, obviously, Kiss will stop them.

The Good

This book has an amazing sense of humor, but the jokes just aren't for kids. Let me put it this way: Any book that can reference Teen Wolf, without directly stating "this is a Teen Wolf reference. Remember that movie?" and make fun of Twilight gets an A+ in my book. That being said, although this book may seem geared towards kids, it does a great job at being humorous to all ages. This is a book you can read to your kids or little brother or sister, depending on your situation, and both you and the child can get the same amount of enjoyment out of the book. It's one of the very few times I've read an all-ages book and actually said "this truly is an all-ages book."

Believe it or not, KISS fits well into the world of Riverdale both stylistically and story wise. I was a bit worried how these characters would look in the Archie art style. They translate very well. Story wise is a bit more of a stretch though. It's a tad harder to figure out a way to get these monsters of rock into this world, but we've seen many bizarre ARCHIE cross-overs before (Punisher), so KISS isn't too farfetched. The way they enter the world of Riverdale is simple and works fine for me.

I really enjoyed the story. It's simple and effective. The monsters want to drain Riverdale of personality and fun, and KISS is there to stop them. You can read it to the kids and not have to spend an hour and a

half explaining the plot. As an adult, it's just nice to have a simple and fun story right in front of you because at times, we can all feel a bit bogged down by 16-issue story arcs with hundreds of tie-ins.

The Bad

If you're looking for a complex story, you've got the wrong book. However, this is an ARCHIE book. You know what you are going to get when you pick this title up.

The Verdict

This is the first time I've reviewed an all-ages book or a book geared more towards children. As an adult, I can tell you I truly enjoyed everything about this issue. Yes, I'm a huge KISS fan, but all of that aside, the issue was a ton of fun and kept me smiling from the first to last page. It has a great sense of humor that kids and adults will enjoy. The band KISS seems to fit well in to the world of Riverdale both story wise and stylistically. The story was simple, but a lot of fun at the same time. The only real downside is that if you are looking for something a bit more complex, then this book is not for you. It's the most fun I've had with a comic in quite some time, and even if you're not a KISS fan, you'll still love this issue of ARCHIE. I highly recommend this issue.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I still stand by my earlier tweet. When will we see the "Betty & Veronica Seeks Child Support from Gene Simmons" issue?

It's amazing how things that are often considered offensive or edgy will always eventually be rendered as tame or even classic as time goes on. I was at a family restaurant with my mother and grandmother, and the radio station they had was playing George Micheal's "I Want Your Sex". If that wasn't awkward enough for me. It then started playing Madonna's "Like a Virgin". I kept looking around to see if I was the only one noticing the selection of songs and the lyrics.

Now, we have the the ever per-pubecient culture of Riverdale meeting the Knights In Satan's Service. One of their more popular members being made famous for his huge tongue and sexual escapades.

This would have to be targeted toward "all ages" since kids reading this comic probably only know Simmons from his Family Jewels reality TV show.....which is very sad thing.

Posted by G-Man

@FoxxFireArt: The whole "Knights In Satan's Service" has long been proven false. Also, my daughter knows who KISS is and has never seen Family Jewels. Feels like you have a negative look on the issue. Did you read it? I thought it was a blast.

Posted by FoxxFireArt


I think you misunderstood my intention with my comment. I wasn't intending to be negative. I was just commenting on how things that are at one time seen as controversial in the beginning can eventually be seen as family friendly given enough time. This comic seem like an example of that. I don't mean to imply it's a bad thing. I think it's a cool idea.

Posted by Eyz

I thought we just hit December, not April 1st XD

They did it! Doesn't look as engaging and fun as Punisher meets Archie was..but good enough!

Posted by Trodorne

This looks as entertaining a KISS saves Christmas.

Posted by AirDave817

I have to agree. Aside from the acronym, Archie and KISS are oil and water. But then, there was a time when Archie was hip and cutting edge. It is very cool how Archie is coming back around to being cool again. I haven't read this yet, but I certainly look forward to!

It's amazing how things that are often considered offensive or edgy will always eventually be rendered as tame or even classic as time goes on.

Posted by Gordo789

I never noticed but the SS in KISS looks very similar to the SS in Waffen-SS. Probably just a coincidence involving awesome looking S's. Too bad the nazis had to go and ruin all this awesome iconography x-(