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Aquaman #28 - Triton Review


Aquaman has faced a lot of things in his past, but nothing is more treacherous than a 10 year high school reunion.

The Good

This issue really establishes Jeff Parker's run on AQUAMAN, thus far. Sure, he's out in the ocean, fighting giant monsters and discovering what Triton is, but most of this issue revolves around Aquaman's life before he became a hero. What was he like as a kid and how did he affect the people around him?

We really get a fantastic glimpse at the early days of Arthur Curry here. We get to see him come into his own and use his powers for the very first time. In this two page scene, Arthur finds a beached whale and telepathically links with it. Small moments like this really give the reader a better insight into what makes a hero a hero.

Most of the issue revolves around Arthur and Mera at Arthur's high school reunion. Yes, it sounds like an incredibly weird issue, but it's done so well. Pun intended, Arthur really seems like a fish out of water in this situation, while Mera spends time trying to learn more about what Arthur was like as a child. One again, Parker is doing a great job at fully defining who this character is, and even better than that, this issue is simply a ton of fun. We get to see how Arthur affected the lives of those around him. They love him as a hero and celebrity, but they truly respect him for everything he's done for them and the rest of the world. This is a high school reunion I'd actually want to go to.

There's a bit more about Triton and Aquaman finds Dr Shin there. This is going to build to something large and very epic. I can't wait to see what happens with Coombs in future issues, since something big happens to the character here.

Solid work from the art team, as always. Paul Pelletier has become the artist I want to see draw Arthur. He's given him a specific look, and does a stellar job throughout the issue. Pelletier's art just feels right.

Not only do we get a really cool reveal page, but this is actually a pretty solid place for new readers to jump on. Sure, there may be a little confusion in the opening of the issue, but this is a great place for anyone interested in this book to hop on.

The Bad

No problems with the issue. I really has a blast reading it.

The Verdict

This issue was a ton of fun. We take a break from Aquaman punching sea creatures and bad dudes in the face to remember that at one point, Aquaman was actually Arthur Curry, an average guy with huge potential. Jeff Parker did the impossible here. He made a high school reunion interesting and fun. Joking aside (not really a joke), Parker and Pelletier have a hit with this issue and really get deeper into what makes Arthur Curry. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

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Posted by darknightspideyfanboy

this was preety good nice seeing aquaman highschool life

Posted by Experio

The break was genius.

Posted by Ostyo

Yay, can't wait~

Posted by SupBatz

I was reluctant because of the odd premise and my being underwhelmed by the previous two issues. But I'll give Parker one more chance.

Posted by comixrule

I have loved this series since issue 1!

Edited by CantDance93

I'm glad Jeff Parker has kept Aquaman good since taking it over from Geoff Johns, can't say the same for Green Lantern though...

Posted by Ultron345

Well with this being the only thread of DC on the entire main page. Let me just say that Aquaman has been one of the best comics in the business since issue 1. Love seeing Paul Pelletier on art duties after following an amazing artist like Reis. Parkers run intrigues me and I hope the amazing quality of this book continues.

Edited by patrat18

Great issue, beautiful storytelling.

Posted by dadarkknight36310

@ultron345: Lol, You notice their has been a lack of DC related news and reviews on this site since marvel now started. I have no problem with them reviewing marvel books but it sucks that they barely cover dc anymore like they use too. Them covering a good amount of Dc is one of the things that brought this site to my attention other than Babs. It was a breath of fresh air to see a site cover Dc stuff like they once did since its already hard to find site that cover Dc intensively but now they are doing like all the other sites are doing. Which is mainly covering Marvel stuff. Just think about it they have yet to review last weeks Justice League which is one of Dc major titles. The issue gave us the introduction of the Metal Men and is a major part of Dc major event they have going on at the moment. Yet this site have a review of a marvel book up the day before they are released but yet we cannot get some more dc reviews, what up with that lol. Im not trying to sound like fanboy. I just call a ball a ball and a strike a strike thats all.

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

@dadarkknight36310: I also noticed they barely review Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is not DC's bestselling book, but she is part of the DC trinity and one of their (and comics) most iconic and important figures.

Posted by Ultron345

@dadarkknight36310: I definitely see where you are coming from. I will say from the jump that I am more of a DC fan than a Marvel fan. However I enjoy Marvel just as much as the next guy once they don't have some quirky art team on the book. So I have no problem with Marvel being covered. I don't think it is too much however to ask for some EQUALITY. I am tired of feeling like a second rate reader because I enjoy DC. As you said there were some major things happening with DC this week and it just got tossed to the back burner. What I have also noticed is that DC gets hit with the infamous comicvine 2 star (basically a 1 star) much more frequently than any other publisher especially Marvel who RARELY gets a 2 star review. It seems to be the hip thing to do to bash and ignore DC so I will just put my head in my books and enjoy the beautiful stories and especially art they provide. Good observation pointing out the shift since Marvel NOW, I had not noticed that the shift took place around that time frame myself.

Edited by patrat18

Well that escalated quickly. I do agree on what these guys are saying.

Posted by wbr17

but Aquaman...

Edited by dadarkknight36310

@crazyscarecrow: I know right, she has one of the best books in the new 52 right now.

Edited by dadarkknight36310

@ultron345: I know its sucks for us Dc fans right now when it comes getting a fair share of news. Its like Dc is Jane Brady and Marvel is Marsha. Its all about Marsha lol

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

@dadarkknight36310: I thought her book was good. Wasn't really for me (I didn't like Ares design and the absence of WWII Wondie), but I don't think the book is terrible. I noticed they also didn't do a review for The Flash yet. That is my favorite book going on at DC.

Posted by Ultron345

@crazyscarecrow: I agree with you. I like WW and the story itself seems interesting. I just go on and off because of Chiang on art duties. If a new artist was on WW it would be amazing. Flash has really been good after the first arc concluded too. Such great books

Posted by feedonatreefrog

This issue reminded me a lot of Man of Steel in a way. Perhaps a mirror of it.

A kid from small-town America realizes he has powers and uses them in a moment of crisis. But instead of saving a bunch of kids, he accidentally hurts a kid by trying to save the species that the human is harming.

Both try to keep their powers a secret and suffer throughout their childhood as a result of it.

Instead of leaving home and drifting around to protect his secret (for the benefit of the people of Earth), Arthur abandons his original home for a new one.

Whereas Clark created an identity where he can fit in, people know Aquaman is Arthur, and Arthur feels that he can't fit in.

Like Superman, he carried the weight of prior decisions he made around with him for a long time. And like Superman, he gets past them in a moment of truth.

Instead of all his prior 'rescues' being left as a mystery that he has to lie about, Arthur finally gets recognition for them.

Posted by HushoftheWind

Holy Crap, so Aquaman is 28ish!? WOW

Posted by JLArturo

I loved this issue, it was so much fun. Aquaman at his highschool reunion, WHO THINKS OF THAT!? and better yet…WHO THINKS OF THAT AND MAKES IT AWESOME!? Easily was one of the best Aquaman issues of the past year.

Posted by feedonatreefrog

Honestly, they could totally turn Aquaman into a Hawkeye type book.

Aquaman at the laundry-mat? Yes please!

Posted by Fallschirmjager


Posted by Ostyo
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@ostyo said:

@fallschirmjager: Darn, that diver must be Sam L. Jackson?

Also I just noticed he was kneeing a 3rd shark.

Aquaman is clearly omnipotent with that showing. Moreso than Chuck Norris.

Edited by CantDance93

Poor diver, at first I thought he was just inflicted with severly heavy wounds, but at the end when you see him ...damn he got F***** up!

Posted by CantDance93

@crazyscarecrow: Not only WW, but they don't review Animal-man anymore, and they didn't review batman/superman #8 :(

Posted by Fallschirmjager

@crazyscarecrow: Not only WW, but they don't review Animal-man anymore, and they didn't review batman/superman #8 :(

animal man is ending at issue 29, so that will probably get a review since its been such a good series.

Posted by patrat18
Posted by mak13131313

I really enjoyed this issue! In fact I have enjoyed Jeff Parker's run so far. I agree with you on Paul Pelletier's art. I was hoping there wouldn't be a drop off in the art after Reis left and I haven't been disappointed. And reference to the comments about ComicVine becoming more focused on Marvel, I have to agree.

Posted by AquamanIsTheBest

This issue is a favorite, it was just sooo much fun. Forget dark, serious stories for a second cuz this was great

Posted by New_World_Order

This issue is a favorite, it was just sooo much fun. Forget dark, serious stories for a second cuz this was great


Edited by CrazyScarecrow

@ultron345: I actually like Chiang's art style. I love the cartoonish look he gives the book I just hate how he redesigned all of the classic Greek gods and Greek mythological creatures. I especially hate how he redesigned Ares. I loved the pre-New 52 look so much!

Posted by Ultron345

@crazyscarecrow: I dislike the redesigns as well but is really don't like his art either. I don't like cartoony art period much less on a book like WW. It's one of the reasons I am more of a DC fan. They have a general art direction that I LOVE. It's very shocking reading Marvel books seeing all these different character designs and styles at work for one character. Kind of sucks to me that she is the one big character over at DC that has that kind of art on a book.

Posted by Ultron345

@aquamanisthebest: Fun and 'dark serious stories' aren't mutually exclusive. People have fun reading those books as well. You sound like a guy named Bob Reyer. Know him?

Posted by Shika1Dude

@ultron345: i know the feeling man, but fear not, there is a safe place, check out DCR Podcast. Yea, DC is a darker and gets alot of flack , however the guys over at DCR are fun an witty, and i feel like they hone in on the joyful parts of the books, definitely recommend them.

Edited by Ultron345

@shika1dude: Have been a listener since episode 3. Back when they were doing the funky news segment style of show. I personally enjoy what DC does. 'Dark', or 'Fun' doesn't matter to me. Alot of their books are top notch. Regardless of the flack

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

@ultron345: I actually think Greg Capullo's art on Batman can appear cartoony at times with the faces so I guess Wondie isn't alone. Though I see what you are saying about art direction. I never really even noticed the art direction thing at DC until you mentioned it.

Edited by ptigrusmagus

Dang Mera is hot

Posted by Blackdog2009

@arturocalakayvee: agreed, great issue, great story and the high school reunion idea was great, especially at the end all coming to the conclusion that AQ was their guardian angel since their childhood :)