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Aquaman #24 - Death of a King, Chapter Six: Secret of the Seven Seas Review


It's the issue you've been waiting for! What the heck happened to Atlantis?

The Good

Spoiler alert: This is my favorite issue of the series so far.

Aquaman wakes up, after being asleep for seven months, under the care of Vulko. He heads to the Dead King's throne and learns the history of Atlantis, why it sank, and where his people came from. This issue blows the lid off of ALL the questions you've had since the beginning of the series. Yes, ALL of them.

Story wise, the issue is brilliant. Writer Geoff Johns has been setting up all these small little clues for the readers since issue #1, and here, everything is explained. The reader will have numerous moments where their jaw will hit the floor when all this is revealed. We learn the story of the Dead King, who was originally named Atlan, and the battle between his brother, Orin. We learn why Atlantis sank. We learn who is Aquaman's ancestors. Finally, we learn one BIG thing about something we've seen numerous times in this book. It's a jaw dropping moment. Hope you like surprises because you're in for a whole heaping helping of them. No, I will not spoil any of them.

Aquaman has a beard. Thank you, Geoff Johns for giving the most beard-worthy character in the DCU one fantastic beard. Also, thank you to artist Paul Pelletier for drawing that awesome beard.

Paul Pelletier, with Sean Parsons on ink and Rod Reis on colors, does a great job on this issue. There's a lot of usage of splash pages and larger panels with give this story a much more epic feeling. There's a two page spread, towards the end of the issue that is phenomenal, which depicts the sinking and shattering of Atlantis and its seven kingdoms. The panel layout it really cool as the panels are all scattered and look like the main image was shattered.

During the scenes where Aquaman envisions Atlan's past, the background between the panels change color, which was a very cool effect for the issue. Instead of white, the reader is treated to a tan color border. Each piece of negative space varies just a little bit with minor marks here and there to give the pages a weathered look.

The Bad

There's a bit of timeline confusion here. This issue takes place 6 months after the events of AQUAMAN #23, and Aquaman appeared in JUSTICE LEAGUE #23. Where does this actual story take place in the main DC continuity? It's a bit of a head-scratcher.

One problem, why did Atlan create the Atlantian talismans? He doesn't use them when returning to fight Orin. I feel like that's glossed over a tad.

The Verdict

AQUAMAN #24 is one fantastic return after a month of villains books. This issue fires on all cylinders and has numerous moments that will floor the reader. The creative team nails it and makes this one of the best overall issues in the series. It may not answer all your questions about what happened in the last arc, but it does answer every question about what's been going on since issue one with this book. The only real problem is that it's hard to figure out where this book fits into the current timeline in the DCU, since forever evil is currently happening. Overall, I loved this issue and highly recommend it.

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Posted by Anjales

Nice review, I was thinking about starting to get into Aquaman comics, is this issue a good starting point or should I pick up some previous issues? Thanks!

Edited by andrewwann7

I really want to get into Johns' run of Aquaman, but I want to start from the beginning; but I also want to jump onto the best jumping on point, I also don't want to spoil anything for when I start with vol 1 though. What should I do, should I just wait for the last arc to come out in trade or should I go ahead and jump on here, but i REALLY don't like spoilers so this sounds like I would need to read the whole series first....

Edited by UltimateSMfan

At first I thought this was Johns last issue the way things were going in this issue( that's a good thing, leaving on a high note and all) but I'm so happy that there's one more to go and that it's oversized as well. I loved finding out the history of Atlantis, GJ crafted a really good story around Atlan and the seven kingdoms and Paul Pelletier and the rest of the art team did an excellent job. Eager for the next issue, it's gonna be bitter sweet though with Johns leaving. Btw he's on fire this week with JL#24 and this, man some really solid stuff.

Posted by Justthatkid

@ultimatesmfan: I believe Parker takes over on issue 27 meaning 2 more Geoff written books.

Edited by Fallschirmjager

I like Aquaman more without his beard.

Other than that the issue was fantastic.

Posted by PeppeyHare

@lifeboy: What does DC have to do with his decision to leave the book?

Timeline is confusing but this issue was still fantastic

Posted by Justthatkid

Im going to miss Atlan-son Aquaman. Loved the issue still wanting more clarification on Garth. Like a character showing.

Posted by 2cool4fun

I've been looking forward to reading this whole thing for a long time, does this issue mark the end of the story? Since i want to read them all in a single run.

Posted by Dernman

Strait up this new 52 series has made me a fan of Aquaman.

Posted by manwithoutshame

Can't wait for John's epic conclusion to his Aquaman run next month. Pelletier has been killin' it!

Posted by inferiorego

I've been looking forward to reading this whole thing for a long time, does this issue mark the end of the story? Since i want to read them all in a single run.

next issue is the end of the story

Posted by lifeboy
Posted by PeppeyHare
Posted by lifeboy

@peppeyhare: sorry, I tought you were attacking me. Sorry.

Posted by Batman729

@anjales: I would say the best way to start Aquaman would be Aquaman #1, however if your wallet cant support that or something, you should start on this "Death of a King" story arc

Edited by Star_Boy616

This issues was jaw-dropping. So many things revealed.

A damn good week for Johns between this and Justice Lague #24, five star easily each one.

Posted by Wilbertus

I can't wait to read this. The whole series has been very solid, so well-written. Even the Villains Month issues were some of the best to come out all month in my opinion. I can't wait for the big reveals!!

Posted by 2cool4fun
Edited by comicfan11

@andrewwann7: @anjales: You should start from issue 1 honestly

a) the whole series has been consistently excellent from the get go and one of DC's best books.

b) it will make the story that much more satisfying since the seeds from it began with issue one (just be sure to get the 3 issue of JL (15-17) when the mini crossover Throne of Atlantis begins.

c) the first 14 (0-13) issue are drawn by Ivan Reis. Nuff said.

Now to this issue.

Simply excellent and mindblowing.

Johns basically pulled a "Green Lantern" and expanded Aquaman's universe to new heights.

Next issue has the potential to be the greatest Aquaman issue ever, and based on Johns record so far, he will deliver.

Posted by lifeboy

@anjales: wait til the new writer starts in issue 26. Dont pick this issue in the review. It is for readers who have already been following. Also, I didn't like this one. It was 3 stars at most. Besides, these past issues will all be forgoten once the new writer starts. Most likely.