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Animal Man #25 - Hollywood Babylon, Part 2 of 2 Review


Buddy takes on some of Brother Blood's goons in an all-out battle.

The Good

The Red has been attacked and taken over by Brother Blood, and Blood's men challenge Buddy. Is he up for the challenge?

Before I really dive into the meat of the story here, there's one thing about this issue that put a gigantic smile back on my face, and that is while the focus of this book has always been extremely heavy on Buddy's relationship with his family, in this issue, Buddy and Ellen start to make amends in their relationship. The idea of a superhero that has to care for his family and protect them daily is what really sets this book apart from every other DC book on the shelves. Buddy has already gone to great lengths to try to save Cliff and so has his daughter Maxine. This issue slowly starts to mend everything that has happened to this family, since the beginning of the series, and there's a lot of hope that we'll finally get back to the way things were during the first arc. Writer Jeff Lemire takes superhero books to the next level with ANIMAL MAN.

Once again, artist Rafael Albuquerque takes the reigns of the S.S. ANIMAL MAN and does a phenomenal job with the artwork. While most fans of this series are used to something a bit more creepy, like the styles of Steve Pugh or Travel Foreman, Rafael's unique style still fits this series incredibly well. He depicts emotion through facial expression incredibly well, and makes you feel the same thing the characters in the books are feeling. A chunk of credit in the art department should also go to Dave McCaig, the colorist, who provides a lot of feeling and tone through his color choices in the issue.

The cover, also drawn by Rafael Albuquerque, is incredibly cool. It has a very pulpy feel to it, and I love seeing the animal that Buddy is channeling as a silhouette in the background. Speaking of the background, I loved the choice of yellow. It pops tremendously off the page.

The Bad

The Brother Blood story line is cool, but it's just not grabbing me in the same way previous arcs did. The ending pops out of no where and leaves the hero in a really weird place: on a planet being attacked by aliens. It's a "what the...." moment that will leave you scratching your head and feels very out of place for this series. It feels a bit silly, while the rest of this series has been dark and a bit depressing.

The Verdict

ANIMAL MAN #25 was a pretty satisfying issue. Buddy starts trying to put the pieces back together with his home, after it's been scattered away. He has quite the foe in Brother Blood to face. While the overall story really doesn't grab me as much as previous arcs, it's still an enjoyable read. Rafael's art shines in this issue, and it's some of the best of the week. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

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Yea yah!

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

this was decent. The next issue looks promising! I hope this series goes back to being amazing like the first few issues.

Posted by CantDance93

I'll admit, I did NOT see that ending coming, and what a cliff hangover, too. But It was still really good, and was my favorite read of the day, even beating Wonder Woman 25.

Posted by longbowhunter

Yeah that ending was pretty abrupt. Next issue will be a one off story drawn by Cully Hamner. Then back to Albuquerque. Saw on Jeff Lemire's twitter that he's bringing Cliff back and drawing the issue. Looks amazing! Can't wait for that one.

Posted by kennybaese

"...takes the reigns of the S.S. ANIMAL MAN..." Way to mix some metaphors there Mat. :P

I'm kind of behind on my books at the moment. The car was in the shop for a while and all of my spare dollars where going toward that, so I'm kind of slowly buying my way through the three or four months of backlog sitting in my pull folder.

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This book is so underrated. And it continually keeps me guessing as to where its going.

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Ellen & Buddy =Team Kickass!

Edited by Jake Fury

Ellen and Buddy's reunion was especially touching. They are definitely my favorite DC couple. The shift to the alien planet was a bit odd and felt out of place.

Posted by tomlikesfries

It's surprising how the change of artists made me suddenly much more interested in this series. Loved this issue, despite the odd ending.