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American Vampire #29 - The Blacklist, Part Two of Six Review


The second part of "The Blacklist" delivers more shocks and reveals more secrets in the AMERICAN VAMPIRE world. Do yourself a favor and don't miss this.

The Good

Pearl has become one of my favorite characters. Not just in this comic but overall. She's a wonderful character that has been through a lot. Seeing a flashback to the time before her first appearance was a great way to start off this issue. After being an American Vampire for thirty years, she now finds herself stuck teaming up with Skinner Sweet, the vampire that changed her life.

With each arc, Scott Snyder manages to bring the overall story further along while giving us a different kind of story each time. It all fits together but with the different eras, there is so much variety mixed in with the story, it keeps getting better and better. Seeing Pearl and Skinner work together as 'secret agents' for the Vassals of the Morning Star is not what I expected but such a treat to see.

It's an added treat having Rafael Albuquerque's art on this story. His art beautifully tells the story, even during the gruesome and bloody scenes. This is one of those moments when I shudder at the thought of having to read this issue with someone else's art.

Besides the action, there are more developments. The big question last issue was why and how could Skinner be working for the Vassals. The answer is revealed here...along with an added twist that spices up the story even further.

The Bad

I love this series more each month.

The Verdict

It's hard to believe it's been just over two years since this series has started. With the flashback we get here, it feels as if so much time has gone by. Scott Snyder keeps bringing each arc to a different place with a different feel to each story. Rafael Albuquerque's art goes along with the story so perfectly that it's hard to imagine this issue drawn by anyone else. There is plenty of subterfuge, action and twists here to make long time readers thrilled to be reading such a great series. Each issue delivers more yet makes you hunger for the next issue.

Posted by SavageDragon

Ive heard so many good things about this book I really wish I had started it from the beginning.

Posted by DocFatalis

I haven't read this, but how come Skinner is back alive AGAIN FOR THE THIRD TIME? He was properly killed with gold if I remember correctly, so how come?

I get the feeling this series is falling in the "let's resurrect them ad nauseum" trap.

Posted by Readingliberally

Great Review!

This series has never failed to disappoint me in the direction of it's story-telling.I can never find fault in Snyder's ability to deliver twists and Rafael's compelling art is the cherry on top .This series has a long road ahead of it,Scott Snyder willing.Batman is great,but this is the series Scott Snyder fans should be talking about.More people have to understand;this isn't a comic about just vampires.It's a comic about vampires written by Scott Snyder!

Posted by JonesDeini

@SavageDragon: Never to late to start trades!

Sidenote...Skinner punches mountain lions...that is awesome.