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The Amazing Spider-Man #683 - Ends of the Earth, Part Two: Earth's Mightiest Review


Doc Ock holds the world hostage with his satellites and Spider-Man, with the Avengers must stop him! Doc Ock isn't alone though. He's working with the Sinister Six and they have a great strategy to stay on top.

The Good

The last issue ended with a bang, and I was super excited to jump onto 683, and first thing is first. I'm a huge fan of the new Spider-Man Armor. Aside from it looking really cool, it has a bunch of great gadgets to take down some familiar foes. Although the 90s armor craze at Marvel was a bit dumb, I really feel like this looks great and has a real purpose.

Stefano Caselli (art) and Frank Martin Jr (colors) make an awesome team on this issue. I love how Stefano draws the Sinister Six, especially the two-page spread, towards the end of the issue that features the Sinister Six and the Avengers about to engage in battle. The Rhino and Sandman designs are great, and I love Martin's color transition between Sandman's green shirt and the beige it melds into.

I've said before I'm not a big fan of the Doc Ock redesign, but I can say that Caselli's work on Doc's face is exquisite. Page three has a great close-up of his face and I love all the details he put into the wrinkles and the lifts in the skin where the tubes go into the back of his head. Ok, so I've come around on at least the head design. That's pretty cool, but I'm still not digging the body design. Check back with me in a month.

Stephen Hawking cameo?! Awesome.

We have a much more collected and strategic Spider-Man here. He doesn't have the usual quips and snide remarks here, mainly because he's not just fighting one bad guy for some stolen cash. He's fighting six for the fate of the planet. I like the change in the personality for the situation. It really calls for it.

I love Dan Slott as the writer of this book for one simple reason: He made me like Spider-Man, which I didn't think was possible. I never disliked the character, but Slott's writing of Parker just makes me giddy with excitement.

The Bad

Nothing this was a great issue.

The Verdict

Part two of this story was fantastic! Everything about it was awesome. It's a great transition from the last issue and will have you on the edge of your seat from page one as the good guys and bad guys one-up each other over and over.

I'm really digging Spider-Man's functional armor and everything it can do. Caselli and Martin's art work is fantastic here and I loved how they drew the Sinister Six. I actually am coming around on Doc Ock's redesign, but mainly because I love Caselli's facial expressions. I love the change in Spidey's personality as he takes on something bigger than the average bank robber, and Dan Slott is a fantastic writer. I wouldn't want anyone else on this book.

Overall, I highly recommend picking up this book. It is fantastic. Perfect score!

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