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Alpha Flight #2 - Born On The First of July Review


One member of Alpha Flight's deception is explained while the team's future looks grim. What happens when your country turns against you?

The Good

The Puck's return is welcome, as I liked that little guy. However, the mysterious circumstances (and the quickness at which it's shrugged off) makes me wonder if they'll ever come back to it.

Seeing how each member of Alpha Flight was neutralized was much more interesting that seeing it happen off-panel. It's interesting how the government has specific counter-tactics that actually seem quite plausible; I'm surprised a villain hasn't figured these things out sooner.

Having members of Alpha Flight brainwashed into the "Unity" movement is a nice twist on Canadian politics; we're stereotyped as nice, patient, gentle people, and this storyline explores something much more sinister.

Seeing the Hudsons in court, trying to get their child back after losing custody of her shows a very real problem in superhero deaths: what happens afterwards? It was also at that moment that I realized how old Mac Hudson looks; he's got to be up there in years after so much time in the suit.

The Bad

While the sinister turn is a (welcome) departure from the way Canadians are portrayed in politics, the rise to power seems a little farfetched. Hunter-killer robots? The silencing of the opposition? The shutting down of basic amenities like hospitals? They just seem so unlikely to happen smoothly.

A country going from a first-world country to a dictatorship could only happen with a lot of bloodshed and a lot of destruction: neither are shown here. I know American eyes are elsewhere right now, but it just seems so unlikely that the new PM would be able to orchestrate something like this and still have the logistics to maintain that power. For every reporter they steal a video camera from, there's a hundred people around with cell cameras. That has to count for something.

The Verdict

I'm excited to see where this book goes, as Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak have done a great job at both establishing a new storyline and bringing up old continuity for older fans.

However, this old continuity isn't convoluted, and is pulled off great. That's a good sign of a team that respects history, but isn't afraid of blazing their own trail.

Edited by Trodorne

@Matt, I agree how the story is an awesome twist on Canada itself as our stereo type of being peace loving hippies has been given a huge twist.

Though I don't think there would be an uproar if we lost use of our hospital, but if we lost our coffee, donuts and beer, there would be a S*** storm upon parliment hill that would frightened the likes of US security council.

But i like how they are playing out this story and im a fan of this series so far.