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All-New X-Men #28 Review


Time travel and evil mutants, never a good combination for the X-Men.

The Good

Whenever a Marvel or Brian Michael Bendis comic opens with a chalkboard and notes on events throughout time, you know we’re in for a treat. Just as before, you’ll want to be sure you pause and fully examine every scribble on Hank McCoy’s chalkboard. The fact that this scene takes place in the future is more reason to read everything carefully.

Those pesky evil mutants from Battle of the Atom are back. The thing with time travel is, even if you get defeated, there’s always the chance of trying to fix that mistake and try again. That’s exactly what’s happening, much to Cyclops’ X-Men’s dismay. Learning from before, they know they need to target Jean Grey. Cyclops’ team may not be quite as prepared for a home invasion as they would hope. Throughout, we get to see more from a certain pair of mutants from the future that share some DNA and their plans for the X-Men.

What can I say about Stuart Immonen on this title that I haven’t said before? It’s always a joy to see Immonen’s art and when we get some big crazy fight scenes, it’s an even bigger treat. Bendis may have shifted some of the focus on the title away from the Jean Grey Institute to Cyclops’ New Xavier School but the heart of the book is still there. This evolution is keeping readers on their toes and with some more focus on young Jean Grey, I couldn’t be happier.

The Bad

It’s a little surprising to see the X-Men from the future plan another attack so soon after their last defeat. It can easily be argued that because of the nature of time travel and the reasoning mentioned here that it makes perfect sense. As exciting as it is to see these characters again so soon, part of me wishes they didn’t reappear so soon.

Going back and forth from the present to the future was fine but a couple times it felt a little jarring and interrupted the flow of the story.

The Verdict

Who would have thought Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen would bring the evil X-Men from the future back so soon? Just as the X-Men were surprised, we could almost say the same. Bendis makes the perfect argument to bring these characters back and they have a big advantage over the X-Men. This makes for some great action. Immonen’s art has become synonymous with these characters in this title and it’s always a blast to see his art. There’s no telling what Bendis will throw at the X-Men next and that’s just one thing I love about this title. I can’t wait to see what happens after that last page.

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Posted by TheFirstLantern

I loved this issue. I love how immonen draws emma frost.

Posted by DUY12

Horrible and unoriginal antagonists.

Posted by Wolverine08

Bendis' All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men runs have just been pure gold.

Posted by Overlander

I loved this issue. It was a magnificent piece of entertainment wrought by the hands of Bendis. I can't wait until next issue!

Posted by kivatt

Wait, isn't Xorn Jean Grey from the past? If so, why is Xavier easily controlling her mind like he did with the others? And why isn't she like you know actually doing something?

Posted by Teerack

I wonder if Kid X's birth is linked to Legion removing himself from reality.

Posted by Wowlock

Well I though Xorn died , hell most of them died. So many questions... And the whole ''Prof X and Mystiques child angle '' ...Come on, soon she will have a child with Galactus or something :D

Edited by asjmooney

Liking this book more and more. MORE X23 please Bendis.

Edited by Hassun

I check in every so often and this book continues to be extremely terrible.

It's a shame characterizations and storylines this poor get artists this good.

Posted by Owie
@kivatt said:

Wait, isn't Xorn Jean Grey from the past? If so, why is Xavier easily controlling her mind like he did with the others? And why isn't she like you know actually doing something?

I was wondering the same thing (about both questions).

Posted by kivatt

@wowlock: Xorn did die, but every time they fail, they go back into the past like a day before they leave, and tell themselves how their failed. So they always change up their change of attack. But the whole time travel thing makes no sense.

Posted by derf_jenkins

I enjoy reading this title, but I'm not sure if I should. It just always seems so bizarre. My brain hurts.

Edited by Jphu8414

Was really enjoyable, I really liked learning more about the future Brotherhood and where their motives come from and all that. I'm glad there's now a reasonable explanation for how they're still alive (well, reasonable for Bendis at least). Was kind of short but that's OK. 4.5/5

Posted by frank_malone21

@asjmooney: Agree totally. X-23 definitely adds some kick to this group. Always liked her and would love to see more of her.

Posted by KidChipotle

I'm a little torn. I love All New but I'm already kind of bored with the whole future evil x-men brotherhood of mutants.