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All-New X-Men #26 Review


Jean wrestles with her inner demons while X-23 takes a short walk.

The Good

Between Battle of the Atom and the Trial of Jean Grey, the All-New X-Men have scarcely had a moment for self-reflection or a storyline that involves them principally. Brian Bendis aims to change that, catapulting us into a Jean Grey nightmare before having Modern Scott Summers sit down for a chat that only SLIGHTLY veers into uncomfortable territory. It’s an odd moment, but not an out-of-character one as we’re dealing with someone who’s still young and been through a tremendous amount. We also get to see Prof. Pryde get in touch further with her inner-badass, laying down the law with cool efficiency. We also track X-23 leaving the compound, enraged that Young Scott left to have space adventures with his dad. And while Angel can’t bring her back, her journey is suddenly brought to a halt by a different interloper. Bendis does a fantastic job of differentiating the voices of the different cast members, particularly the young X-Men who could, in another writer’s hands, blend together and become interchangeable, but as he shows us: that’s not gonna happen. Angel and X’s interaction is great and feels organic and fresh, and the Jean Gray/Scott Summers interaction is one of the more fascinating the book has given us, not to mention one of the most built-up.

Stuart Immonen’s pencils continue to remind us of what makes this series one of the best on the shelf. His characters are proportioned realistically, but there’s an incredible style to them making them very fluid and sharp. There’s a gravitas to the art in this series that does a great job of not just making everything have impact, but have import. The inks by Wade Von Grawbadgerare a massive part of that style as well, sharpening and clarifying the characters and backgrounds. Marte Gracia’s colors complete the look, especially the gorgeous two-page spread that the book opens with. They’re absolutely incredible to behold, from the beautiful outdoors, to the moody shadows indoors.

The Bad

This is definitely an establishing/filler issue where everyone just needs to take a breather after everything that happened. That’s fine, but it does result in a low-impact issue that doesn’t do much with the characters besides some handy exposition.

The Verdict

The last page of this issue means so much for how the rest of it will proceed, and not just in terms of who’s on the page, but in terms of who isn’t. I can see this jumping off in a very, very major way. It’s an establishing issue, but what it establishes could be one of the most exciting X-Men events in a single title in awhile.

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Posted by micah

Who's on the last page?

Posted by staypuffed

Can't wait to read this. Such an enjoyable series.

Edited by dondave

@micah: The future Brotherhood

Posted by micah

@dondave: Sweeet, glad their getting relevant after Battle of the Atom. I can't wait to see what they do with Raze and future Xavier.

Posted by Gudvin

Been waiting to see chit-chat between Jean and adult Scott for a long, long time. Lately I grew to love that kind of soap opera in X-verse a lot. And - no shit - this issue delivers.

Edited by Fenderxx

Poor Angel man ... dude cant catch a break !

Posted by Master_Thief

Wait im confused if past jean grey stays in the present for a long time doesn't that mean present dead jean grey will come back

Posted by Outside_85

@master_thief: It doesnt work that way. Every time someone in Marvel goes back and forth in time, it creates (or plays out) an alternate timeline to deal with it.

Edited by jkma68

@outside_85: right, but the concept for this book is that present-day Beast somehow figured out how to scoop the original X-Men out of the same timeline (not an alternate). That's why current Cyclops disappeared when young Cyclops died briefly.

Posted by Owie

Nice character-based issue. I liked the talk between Scott and Jean. There's so much potential to be made between the older and newer characters talking, and that had mostly been passed over earlier, so I'm glad Bendis is finally taking advantage of it. I felt like X-23's sadness over Scott leaving was kind of overwrought, considering that they had only just started to get to know each other. I didn't feel like their bond was that strong yet.

Posted by derf_jenkins

There is so much this series appears to be doing. Bendis is easily one of the most creative writers around these days. I think it's going to even crazier places. As long as I am enjoying the issues, I will stay on board.

Edited by budonkadonk

I understand X23 being all emotional and what not when "Scott" showed up, but wouldn't she have been able to smell him a mile away? Or can Mystique/Wolverine's son also mimic scent within his powerset?

Posted by Wolverine08

Loved this issue. Adding All New X-Men to my pull list permanently.