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All-New X-Men #18 Review


Battle of the Atom is over and now the repercussions can be explored. Find out what's next for the original X-Men.

The Good

This shouldn't be a spoiler but things have changed for Kitty Pryde and the original X-Men. Their decision to leave Wolverine and the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning changes quite a bit. In some ways it's another new beginning. Just as the original five were getting their surroundings, they now have a new location and X-members to get accustomed to.

Along with the original five, we're seeing what's next for Kitty Pryde. Where will she fit in with Cyclops' mission to save mutantkind? More importantly, long time fans will rejoice in Kitty and Illyana being together again.

With this marking a new chapter, new readers will be able to jump in pretty easily. Characters are being introduced to each other and we're seeing the new tension that has developed in recent issues. Brian Michael Bendis continues to move the story forward while giving us plenty of great little moments. It's an issue that isn't heavy on the action, but that's a good thing. After Battle of the Atom, they (and readers) need some time to decompress. The interaction between characters has always been a big part of the X-Men lore. It's what makes us care about the characters and the drama is what moves the story forward.

Stuart Immonen's art and Marte Gracia's colors is what I now associate with these characters. The look of the characters and their expressions is a huge part of shaping who they are. The new cast (from Cyclops' camp) joining the title should be interesting to see as well.

The Bad

Should we discuss Kitty's decision here or should it have been left in BATTLE OF THE ATOM #2? It seems a little extreme considering the tension between the two factions before. Cyclops seems very accepting in allowing others to his "secret" base. It feels like anyone could say, "Hey, I'll join you guys. Where are you staying?" and report back to Wolverine. Perhaps this is all a trick on Kitty's part? Seems doubtful.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the new costumes and colors. It's interesting and might take a little getting used to. At least the colors are a bridge to the costumes they would eventually get after their original ones.

The ending feels a little abrupt.

The Verdict

It's time for the next chapter for the original X-Men. Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen are taking the team (and Kitty Pryde) in a new direction and there's no telling what will happen next. Bendis moves the story forward while continuing to flesh out these characters, adding to what we already know about them. These are no longer simply the "original" X-Men. Bendis is evolving them further due to the new experiences they are facing. The setting may have changed for the characters but we're still going to get the same old fun that Bendis has been delivering since this series began.

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Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Can't wait to read this.

Edited by timelord

I was thinking of dropping this but now I am back on board. As long as I don't have to start reading Uncanny X-Men as well I will be happy.

But after BotA I am board with Team Cyclops Wolverine and CO were acting like **** no wonder kitty made the switch.

Posted by RedX9

I think I am dropping this and other x men books. Battle of the atom just didn't run well with me and just made me question if the writers have anything in store for the whole x book line.

Posted by Crimsonlord53

I don't understand why they put jean in a costume that has green. For somebody who really dose not want to be tied to her future the colour seem's like a strange choice to make.

Edited by TerryBogard2014

Nope,not reading this garbage anymore,Kittys motivation for leaving is totally bipolar,And if thats their idea of shaking things up.I fear the future even more

Edited by Kelevra216

Jumped on with this issue and I'm liking it but I'll see with future issues.

I have no idea what's happening. Last time I had anything to do with X-Men was the Evolution animated series, the movies and random issues that my uncle gave me in early 2000 that made no sense whatsoever.

But overall this issue was hilarious. The costumes are a bit iffy, will have to see them in action.

Posted by BattheMan008

So I really didn't like this issue. I hope G-Man is right about Kitty being a spy because otherwise her leaving is abrupt and still makes no sense to me. Eh, we'll see what next issue brings.

Posted by War Killer

Personally I like Cyclops' team more than Wolverine's. How Scott's X-Men operates with them going out and helping new Mutants just comes off more proactive than Wolverine's team, who as far as I can tell just sit around the school, getting nothing done (though, I'm not keeping up with Wolverine and the X-Men, so maybe they're doing more in that book). So having Kitty and the original five join his side is a nice welcome and something I'm glad to see.

I loved Iceman in this issue, his small "conversation" with Tempus was great and his interacting with Kitty cracked me up.

I feel like I'm the only one, but since it was mentioned, I actually like the original five's new costumes. I personally think they look cool and make sense seeing as the five don't appear to be going back to the past anytime soon, so might as well give them something new to wear while they're here.

Edited by Gaza_Stripper

What the $#!% was with the whole magical Sailor Moon costume change thing? They just give them new uniforms and tell them to change? Magik has a new power you never seen before, it's to change your wardrobe......

Edited by BlazingNova

So the big ending of BOTA is that Kitty left for Cys team? Imma pick up this issue but it seems like my time saying that all new x men is my fav series is coming to an end.

Posted by caladbolglight

Battle of the Atom was a waste of time, this was the only real thing that came out of it (aside from Kymera joining Wolverine's X-Men, but we all know that that is going to be forgotten). I like how someone switched over to Scott's side, and I like how it was Kitty, but Kitty seems to be a lil schizophrenic. Her reasons for switching teams still have me baffled. I don't know, not feeling this book. X-Men is way better than this.

Posted by sparty-dbq

So are we just ignoring then that Kitty was one of Cyclops' biggest detractors or that young Scott said he despised seeing the person he'd become? We are? Oh, okay then.


Posted by Sleepbutnodream15

X-Men books were my intro to comic books altogether three years ago, so I'll always love them, but the X-Men are just too big of a mess right now. Nothing anything any of the characters say or do make any sense anymore. Wolverine, Beast, and now Kitty have all become huge hypocrites by blaming Scott for his one dumb (arguably accidental/circumstantial) mistake. Obviously, that's all on the writers, but it gets annoying when the stupidity is displayed across the board. I like the idea of the original 5 being sent to the future, but they're being written as hypocrites as well. Hopefully the X-Men can get cleaned up in the near future and writers will directly address all the hypocrisy within the stories themselves.

Posted by tximinoman

@sparty_dbq said:

So are we just ignoring then that Kitty was one of Cyclops' biggest detractors or that young Scott said he despised seeing the person he'd become? We are? Oh, okay then.


Kind of THIS!

But on the other hand... he did said that, but young Scott didn't know his future self at all, he just knew Logan's side of the story so I can see why he could change his mind after knowing the whole story. (Kitty's change don't make any sense though)

I liked this issue, my biggest problems (aside from them teaming up with Scott) were the whole teenage drama s*** and Jean.

I hate Jean.

Posted by divingfalcon713

So are we just ignoring then that Kitty was one of Cyclops' biggest detractors or that young Scott said he despised seeing the person he'd become? We are? Oh, okay then.


Even if we're supposed to look past that and be ok with them being bros now (still weird), I just found it really hard to believe that Kitty would leave Rachel, Ororo, AND Wolverine because of a disagreement on what to do with the O5.

Posted by Gunners

@sleepbutnodream15: I completely agree with you. I have been reading the x-books since I was a child but I'm starting to struggle with them. Wolverine has become a HUGE hypocrite and Beast, don't get me started. So many characters have been taken over by a force/ entity and done some horrible things, so why are we so focused on Cyclops and blaming him for acts he obviously could not control.

The x-books are a huge mess and need some serious cleaning up. I'm still frustrated with great characters like Rogue who had been a huge focus for a few years (X-Men Legacy) and now have become second stringers all because she pissed off Wolverine!? Come on now thats not right. I don't want to give up the x-books but I can't see much hope from the previews I've been seeing

Posted by JohnnyGat

Just read the issue and instead of elaborating on my critiques in a thoughtful and or at least clear paragraphs detailing my views let me just say... "Ughh teen romance drama" with moments that don't fit some more.

Posted by Owie

I really enjoyed this. Nice character time, instead of action. Although I understand the points made above about how not all these characters' decisions seem in character with them lately! But still, good to see Kitty and Illyana together. The new costumes are dumb though, I enjoyed having them wear the old ones--especially since even current characters like Kitty wear variants of them.

Posted by jonesy10

@tximinoman: Really what the O5 knew about Cyclops and the future was from Beast. This whole thing is his fault and now the teams are even more fractured than before. His plan of making Scott regret his actions has gone completely sideways and the O5 are going to be indoctrinated into his world view.

Posted by jonesy10

Maybe with this change in status quo, we'll start seeing the O5 change the attitude of Cyke and his team. The problem I have with this whole time travel story is that it's allowing Marvel to have their cake and eat it too. It's like they're admitting that they screwed up the O5 and they want a do over.

Just look at how many times Angel has been switched from good to bad, how many evil future Beasts there are? Jean has died how many times? Even Iceman got into the act this year. I just don't see how keeping their past selves in the present will change any of that

Posted by batmannflash

I really like this series so far. I was a little unsure with Kitty and the O5 going to Cyclops' team but I actually really like that now.

I kinda hate that Hank and Angel like Jean. I only wanna see Jean with Cyclops

Edited by jojobinks70

Its official, I am done with all things X-Verse again. AvX lured me back (not that it was any good), but these are not the X-Men I grew up with the last 30+ years. Done. I'll save some money.