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All-New Ultimates #2 - Bullet Bait Review


The Serpent Skull faces the new Ultimates. Can the Ultimates learn to work together in order to stop this deadly force?

The Good

This is still a very new team that back in the last volume of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN was much less of a team and more of a hodge-podge of heroes slumped together in battle. What writer Michael Fiffe does very well is establishes the fact that this team is new and they're not used to working together. There's going to be a learning curve for this team and Fiffe is really building on that in this issue.

There is a lot of potential here because it follows in the aftermath of CATACLYSM. This is a fantastic team line-up and the fact they're younger folks fighting the good fight makes this so much more appealing.

The cover, by David Nakayama, is utterly beautiful. It's very simple, but great to look at and the background, with Miles Morales' logo is an very cool touch.

The Bad

The biggest problem with the issue is the art. It's inconsistent and feels a tad awkward. Artist Amilcar Pinna sets up individual panels in a weird way. In the opening page, which is a splash page, we look down on the scene of these characters fighting. The perspective is very bizarre. There are quite a few scenes like this in the rest of the book. Throughout the rest of the issue, there are times, but the splash page is the best example, where characters look extremely stiff.

On the story side of things, introducing a brand new villain team, with some familiar faces within the team, seems like a bit much for a new series with a group of individuals working with each other for the first time. The story really isn't that interesting so far. It's barely keeping my attention, even though a good amount of this issue is a fight scene. Even though I am a huge fan of everything Ultimate, parts of this story, so far, make me feel a bit lost.

No explanation why Spider-Woman became Black Widow. It seems like a bit of a silly change.

The Verdict

The second issue of ALL NEW ULTIMATES is a bit of a disappointment. There's still a lot of potential here but the execution doesn't hit the mark. There's problems within the art and the one-liners dialogue and the fact the story just isn't that interesting; however, there is a glimmer of hope that this could be a good series, as this team is still new and learning to work together and that shows in this issue. But for now, I do not recommend this issue.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Jeez that's rough

Posted by GrenadeFlow

I enjoyed this.

Edited by MixMastaMicah5

The bad section didn't seem to back up the number of stars this received but that's just me.

Posted by mikey776

I liked it young heroes fighting super powered gang members awesome

Posted by Maddpanda531

Looks like the "All-New Ultimate Marvel NOW!" relaunch isn't doing too well...

Posted by KEROGA

Man,the art just needs to pick up a bit more..

Posted by dagmar_merrill
Posted by nappystr8

I kind of felt like comicvine wasn't fair to the first issue of this series, I thought it was mediocre, but not bad. This issue however was abysmal. Should have listened to you guys from the start and never picked up any of these issues. It has been a long time since I dropped a book after only 2 issues.

Posted by danhimself

Looks like the "All-New Ultimate Marvel NOW!" relaunch isn't doing too well...

did you read Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-man?

Posted by Jphu8414


And I was really looking forward to this series and I really wanted to like it but the first two issues have been major meh for me

At least the Miles Morales books is picking up it's slack

Posted by brinkthemoviemyfavoritemovie

@danhimself: Miles Morales is fine, but this book and Ultimate FF, especially, are total disasters.

Posted by Maddpanda531

@danhimself: No, but I heard that was the only good one.

Edited by Baron_BJ

This is the site that likes everything, so giving a book 2 stars makes it out to be worse than AIDS. To be fair, I've read the book and I can confirm that it really is worse than AIDS, so this is a fairly accurate assessment.

The thing that grates on me the most, outside of the boring story and terrible art, is how this entire series thus far doesn't work canonically. Characters are interacting as though they're already extremely familiar with each other and inconsistencies aren't addressed at all. I'll even ignore the fact that people behave out of character here.

  • I literally own the first print of every single Ultimate Marvel Comic and I can tell you that Kitty and Jessica have NEVER F***ing met each other in any real way. Sure, Jessica may be Peter's clone and know Kitty but Kitty doesn't know that, why would she move in with a stranger? I know they met during Ultimatum, but that was for just a moment and Kitty left quickly out of confusion because a weird stranger was hugging her.
  • Why the f*** is Bombshell shooting what look like beams from her hands? She causes explosions in specific locations but as of New Ultimates her powers are suddenly completely different?
  • When did Cloak and Dagger find out that Miles was Spider-Man? Did it happen between books? It's one of those revelations that's big enough that it sure should have been addressed in the damn books.
  • Why is Kitty living at Jessica's place? Yeah, the story has an explanation for this, but it tries to ignore the fact that she had been living with her Mother again in "Survive!". Maybe she moved out to save her mother some trouble but that's never addressed (I just double checked).
  • At the start of #1 there was a cute enough little aside as to why they started the team and what they'd name themselves but that all made no sense since that was all explained in "Survive!" and it was nothing like that at all. Then again "Survive!" was a steaming pile of pig s*** that barely made any sense so I guess it's only fair people only partially acknowledge it.

Even a barely competent writer who wanted to half-*** the pieces into place for their story could have found a way to hand-wave a number of these problems away with some dialogue, like "Hey, Jessica, thanks again for letting me stay at your place for a bit, I know we only really met at the Wake but I couldn't keep letting my mom get harassed by people looking for me" (that's terrible story telling, but at least it's something AND it addressed two problems quickly).

The smart thing to do would have been to spend the first six or so issues explaining these problems, getting the team together and using all of that page space for character development whilst rarely interjecting scenes with increasing gang activity to show the gangs and their rising presence in the city. As it stands these characters interact in ways they shouldn't be capable of, we're barely introduced to the group (I know them, but a new reader would be screwed) and these powerful gangs popped up out of nowhere with a complex leadership structure already established and ready access to the SCIENCE GOO! The gangs needed to be built up to work, but NOPE, the writer got excited and wanted to skip straight to the crappy fight scenes.

Posted by Owie

I was underwhelmed by the first issue, which was too bad because I love Miles, so I skipped the second issue...sounds like I made the right decision!

Posted by GraniteSoldier

Well, I think the cover looks pretty awesome at least. Despite the fact it's always sort of bothered me that Spider-Woman (616 or Ultimate) uses the Venom emblem. I always felt it'd be cooler for her to have her own style emblem to differentiate her from the other spider-characters. Peter, Flash, and Kaine all have different looking emblems. Still, the spider always looks awesome and I think the cover looks great. Based on the review I get the feeling not all the art looks that good.

Posted by feargalr

I am glad I dropped this after issue 1 :/

Posted by tximinoman

God this was bad...

And It's a shame because this book had so much potential. But it's just horrible, the dialogue cheesy, the art is just the worst and it looks like it's been coloured by a color blind. I'm gonna read until this arc ends, but I really hope it gets better.