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Alex + Ada #6 Review


Now that the awakened Ada has chosen to go back home with Alex, how is she going to deal with sentience?

The Good

Ada's awakening was a powerful, emotional experience -- the kind that induced a shutdown -- but it's time to get back to everyday life. Everyday is a strange term for a newly-sentient android; to Ada, mundane activities like eating breakfast or boiling water are fresh experiences, and favorite foods and colors aren't light decisions. Her simple, honest questions throw Alex -- and us -- for a loop; why do we like eggs, or the color blue?

Watching Ada taste eggs for the first time is charming; there's a gentle sweetness to her reactions to everyday experiences. The breakfast scene plays out a bit like a moment from a romantic comedy, balancing the silliness of Ada's reaction to an orange with the poignancy of her declaration that something makes her genuinely happy.

And as Ada opens up to the world, we see Alex retreat. He hides Ada from his grandmother, doesn't want her to go outside, and ignores phone calls and messages. Contrasting Ada's wide-eyed enjoyment, Alex seems blanker, more boring.

The Bad

I'm used to ALEX + ADA issues ending somewhat abruptly, but the pause at the end of #6 was more noticeable than some others. Perhaps it's curiosity over how Ada will interact with someone who isn't Alex; maybe it's the risk of Jody noticing Ada's tattoo. There's a sense of urgency that isn't present in the rest of the issue, and it's a tone-changer.

The Verdict

Last issue was a jolt in ALEX + ADA's slow build, as Ada gained sentience and became overwhelmed by the world. This month, we settle into a routine that's anything but; Ada gets to experience the world -- really experience it -- for the first time, and we get to experience it along with her. Vaughn and Luna continue to provoke us with questions about what it means to be human, and whether Alex or Ada is living more authentically.

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Wait, this series is about sentient A.I? Damn, now I have to start buying it.

Posted by longbowhunter

I was a big fan of the Sword and liked Josh Luna's Whispers. For whatever reason I've put off reading this. Recently read the first issue and now I'm dying to read the rest.

Posted by consafo80

Loving this book so far.

Posted by Sighburr_Punk

I may need to start reading this.

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most underrated comic series