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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #110 - The Bridge Review


The team decides to get proactive and hunt down Centipede. They'll be getting some assistance from a familiar face.

We're starting to see some pieces fall into place. Several of the beginning episodes have felt a little directionless as just the 'mission of the week.' With the return of Centipede and the Coulson's decision to actually go after them rather than wait for another incident, we're seeing the show move forward a little.

We also have the return of Mike Peterson, from the first episode. This gives the show (or at least episode) some of the Marvel superpower-action we've been longing for. With Peterson's return, there is also the continued theme of redemption. The majority of the team isn't crazy about the idea of working along side Peterson and it gives just a little more tension to spice things up. Peterson's appearance also means the return of Extremis as well.

To even bring things together even more, we see the return of the "Girl in the Flower Dress" (from Episode 5). It turns out she was the one that recruited Peterson into Centipede.

A great point is brought up that is a continued downfall of the series, where's the back up? They've been after Centipede for some time and there are great risks. Sure they brought in a superpowered Mike Peterson but it would make sense that Centipede would have plenty of their own super soldiers. We keep seeing these big dangerous missions and the almighty S.H.I.E.L.D. insists on using a small and still pretty inexperienced team.

What about the cliffhanger that was advertised?

The episode's plot does build up with a nice juicy twist at the end. Things get a little crazy but the final scene and scenes from the next episode (in three weeks) do reveal a tiny bit which takes away a little of the shock.

It looks like the show is starting to become what many of us have been asking for. It's not quite there but getting close. We're definitely seeing the potential and it appears we'll finally get some solid answers about Coulson in the next episode.

Posted by Malonius

Are the writers even listening to the critiques of the show? Has the criticism caught up to the production schedule yet so that they could potentially revamp the show? This show has so much potential, but right now it's completely off its axis.

Posted by danhimself

it was still pretty "meh" for's not horrible but it could be so much this point the only thing that's keeping me watching is that I'm really interested in what happened to Coulson when he died

Posted by frozenedge

Definitely my favorite episode of the season. During the fight against Centipede's super soldiers, i kept thinking, "Damn they could really use some back-up" so now I'm just waiting for that two-parter episode where S.H.I.E.L.D. calls in there top agents like Mockingbird, Jessica Drew, or bring in the Ultimate version of the Howling Commando's

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Hey what do you know, an episode were stuff actually happens with proper purpose a hint of a seasonal arch, some interesiting villians but most importantly: the weaving of personal and plot conflicts into one another actually made SHIELD feel like a legitimate television show, not some weird 4 quadrent fluff.

The fact it has taken them this long to get to a point like this is distressing but at this point the production should be where feedback has been given and the writers see how it's reacting to public. So hey maybe they've crossed the bridge into being a good show now.

But the fact I'm praising a show with such talent behinde it for properly executing the basic tenants of quality television (and film) is not a good thing.

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Posted by Mister_Sensational

So I stopped watching after episode 5. "Girl in the Flower Dress" and decided to start back up again tonight and I was glad to see it kind of picks up where I left off, but at the same time I'm like "So if the things that happened the last time I watched are just being revisited now, what were they doing in the four episodes I missed?" and I feel like the fact that I have to ask that question kind of looks bad on the show's part. Now Arrow on the other hand keeps me feeling like I can't afford to miss an episode less I miss the introduction of a key character or key element to the show's overall plot.

I will say this about tonight's episode of AoS though, as a native resident of Oakland, CA. I loved that little nod they gave to my city.

Posted by nrgb2814

Are there any actual Marvel characters yet?

Posted by CurlyInsaneGuy

@nrgb2814 said:

Are there any actual Marvel characters yet?

Victoria Hand showed up.

This show really could use some recognizable characters. I want this show to do well, but they're starting to lose me with what they're doing with it currently. I'm looking forward to watching this episode, hopefully it helps the series.

Edited by MatteoPG

For those complaining about the writers not listening to our complaints... ahem... embarassing. Think about it. This stuff has already been written and shot. The change of direction could come much later in the show.

It's not like they write it and shoot it week by week -_-

Posted by millennium

(slow clapping) it took you 10 episode and your just now getting to what should be the main season story (that would be the Centipede story line for those who dont know) but now we half to wait 3 more weeks for the mid season finale when it should of happened 3 weeks ago (dont question the house of mouse they know whats best)

Posted by dagmar_merrill

I loves this episode.

Posted by micah
Posted by War Killer

I liked this episode, seeing various storylines from previous episodes come together her and start to fall into place was nice to see. I was also excited to see the team finally get a super-powered agent on the team, though I do hope this wasn't the last we saw of him.

I felt that the cliffhanger was pretty interesting, wasn't as shocking as I was expecting but I'm curious as to where it's going to lead.

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@micah said:

@curlyinsaneguy: I'm hoping Peterson will become a version of Luke Cage

Not likely since Luke's getting his own Netflix series that's supposed to tie into the MCU as well.

Posted by HexThis

There have been episodes I really liked, my favorite being "Eye Spy" and I also liked "F.Z.Z.T.", "The Asset", and "Repairs" but this episode was boring. All the episodes I liked were much more keyed into darker material and more spy-centric plots, less fluff. Let's explore different plots, a dad's son or daughter being kidnapped by the villain is an over-used gambit and Skye looking for her parents is so boring...why is TV obsessed with paternity/maternity uncertainty?

Also, I will always LOVE Buffy but Skye's lines sound too much like a displaced Buffy. She can't pull them off like Sarah Michelle Gellar does, they haven't found her real voice and I think that's why she annoys people. She comes off as contrived.

And nobody tell me the show can't be dark because kids watch it. I was watching "Angel" and "Buffy" when I was young (10, 11, 12, 13, 14) and there was plenty of sex and violence I could handle.

Posted by lilben42

This episode was good, but as a mid-season finale it was meh.

Posted by Rabbitearsblog

I really enjoyed this episode, even though like everyone else pointed out, they should have let the last few episodes actually build up the plot lines leading up to this episode, not do like one or two episodes that focus on this plot line.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Def a 4 star episode. Looks the show is improving, still not great though.

Edited by Cyborg6971

If this show didn't have marvel in the title it would've been canceled long ago. Colson should have his death explained by episode 3 by the latest. They're dragging it out because that's all they've got. Or at least all they've given us. It's a very subpar show.

Posted by pauatt

It's so obvious that agent May is Skye's mother.