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Adventures of Superman #28 - Dear Superman Review


One of Superman's biggest fans watches him take on Metallo!

The Good

Why is Superman one of your favorite characters? Odds are one of the answers you come up with is conveyed in this heartfelt chapter of ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN.

"Dear Superman" is contained to just this issue and it's a touching tale about a girl who goes on a family trip to Metropolis just in hopes of seeing Big Blue. She would have been thrilled to simply witness him soaring above, but instead he gets into a destructive brawl with Metallo. What happens next gives Josh Elder a chance to show why so many of us look up to this iconic character.

Perhaps I'm just a total sap, but having the issue narrated by the girl's letter to Kal was wonderfully touching and even adorable at times. It's totally relatable because odds are we've shared the girl's sentiments for a fictional character at one point or another. Then we're hit with the final act and man, it has the potential to get the waterworks going.

While the tone is light and emotional, artist Victor Ibanez and colorist Matthew Wilson do a more than solid job with the bits of action sprinkled throughout this issue. All of the chaos this fight brings looks good -- bright blasts rocket through the air and surrounding locations are damaged from super-powered hits. There's even a pleasant visual gag as Superman knocks Metallo's jaw out of place.

The Bad

This issue may be a love letter to Superman fans, but the way he's handled in the fight felt lackluster. Him delaying the conclusion of that fight by talking while so many innocents are around (in the immediate area, no less) seemed like such a foolish decision. The blasts he's choosing to casually dodge can hit a building, after all. Additionally, I can't help but feel like there were way more practical ways for him to end the fight.

The art works well most of the time, but there are a few instances where the facial work appears slightly off. For example, it seems like Superman's left and right eyes are staring in different directions in the final page.

The Verdict

Just like with INJUSTICE #30, this issue aims to remind people why they not only love Superman, but also respect him. It's a quick read but it's certain to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. Seeing as so many other titles we follow are full of death, despair and darkness, it's refreshing to enjoy a spirited one-shot which will remind you why these fictional characters are worth admiring. For just $0.99, I absolutely recommend this heartwarming read to any Superman fan.

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Posted by AllStarSuperman

Im gonna read this series in Trade, it seems so good.

Posted by ScreamingGhost

That cover, just awesome.

Posted by Crazy_Wilhelm

This is a superb issue

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

That cover!

Posted by Imortal18

Are you kidding that cover looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old. My 5 year old cousin draws better than that

Posted by EliCrofoot

@imortal18: Sorry, but no he can't. Just because art doesn't look ultra-realistic doesn't mean it's bad.

Edited by iceslick

@k4tzm4n: I'm glad you reviewed this issue. I read it yesterday and thought it was really good and touching. I agreed the art inside the issue was just awful. I really didn't understand why didn't they get Sean "Cheeks" Galloway to do the art in the inside since he did the cover. It would have been a better fit in my opinion since it's about a kid who admires a hero. I also had problems telling if the kid was a boy or a girl. I only knew when they had mentioned and saw the earrings which is a bad idea because boys wear earrings too. lol So that isn't a good way of in-differentiate the character's sex. I was also kind of assuming that it was a transgendered kid as has been mentioned in the news a lot lately with kids developing their transgendered personalities at an early age, but it turns out not to be either. I just thought that would have been cooler because it's approaching a new story element in today's world.

Edited by Squalleon

I loved it.
I definetely want a trade of this series. The digital version isn't my style.

Edited by SandMan_

You should really review the entire series. It's has been wonderful.

Edited by UltimateSMfan

Knew this was too good not to be reviewed. It had it's short comings, yes but in terms of what it wanted to deliver story wise I think it got the job done and done well.

Posted by 2cool4fun

When it comes to the adventures of superman & batman the legends of the dark knight, i don't get there point, the guy writing the legends of the dark knight could be writing batman dark knight, and the guy writing adventures of superman could be writing superman's main comic, we all know it needs some good writers.