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Adventure Time 2013 Annual #1 - A, You're Adventurous!; A Sword Most Awesome; No Dogs Allowed; Dungeons and Desserts; The Summiteers; The Lemon Sea Review


What time is it? ANNUAL TIME!

The Good

The ADVENTURE TIME annual is a testament to how delightful (and popular!) the series is -- more than 15 creators pooled their talents to make this anthology-style issue happen, and it's obvious that they had fun doing so.

Each story is both true to the land of Ooo and specific to its creative team, continuing the precedent set in the series' back-up stories and tie-in miniseries. It's fun to flip through and see Finn and Jake in Dustin Nguyen's watercolors on one page and in Jason Ho's bright, bold illustrations on the next.

The stories are equally diverse on the writing side -- the book is a sampler of whimsical poems, longer narrative adventures, and short stories framed in games. All are appropriate for a range of ages, and each story has a little something extra (including some comical almost-lessons).

Non-germane to anything in particular, the lemonling in "The Lemon Sea" is positively adorable, and warrants a mention just because. (Hey, this is an ADVENTURE TIME review -- I'm allowed to go a little off-script!)

The Bad

Noticeably missing: the ladies of Ooo. Fans of the series' female characters will be bummed by the omission of Bubblegum, Marceline, and LSP -- the annual is decidedly very Finn-and-Jake-heavy, and the ladies only make appearances on the covers.

The Verdict

This annual is wacky, it's irreverent, it's educational, and it's FUN. Fans of the animated series and comics will find familiar faces (minus the ladies!) and fresh stories from a range of creators. It's a solid all-ages book, and a great sample of the quirky humor ADVENTURE TIME is known for.

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Posted by MissJ

The aforementioned lemonling :)

Edited by frozenedge

No Marceline? What madness is this?

Posted by Lurkero

I will never look at Jake the same again.

Edited by andy_117

No Marceline? What madness is this?

I agree. The lack of such a huge chunk of principle cast really does seem like a glaring omission. Eh, maybe they wanted to go properly back-to-basics Finn & Jake. That's... probably acceptable.

Still a total bummer.

Edited by Owie

Fun book. I liked the range of art too. But I (and my daughter) were bummed about the lack of ladies.

Edited by TeamUnitedNerds

I loved the Lemoness of the final story, but overall, the issue was just okay. I greatly prefer the show over the comics anyways

Edited by doordoor123

I loved the Lemoness of the final story, but overall, the issue was just okay. I greatly prefer the show over the comics anyways

Yeah. But it's understandable. It is hard to tell the same kind of stories in this different medium. Long-form storytelling seems to be an easy transition from screen to graphic novel or comics, but I don't think Adventure Time's short-form storytelling works as well. That doesn't mean I think the comics aren't enjoyable -- I still enjoy it, but not as much as the show.

Edited by TeamUnitedNerds

No Marceline? What madness is this?

Eh, sometimes we need a break

Posted by XLR87T3

Who gives a crap if there are no ladies in the book? It's not like females are the main people watching the show or like dudes that watch this show are most likely gay. It is obviously a straight male orientated TV show that deserves a book talking about straight males: obviously Finn and Jake. Duh!