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Action Comics #33 - Superdoom, Chapter 1: Unbound Review


SuperDoom heads to a planet to try and save its people from a super-being.

The Good

Superman: Doomed continues to expand on the Superman universe better than any story thus far in the New 52. This particular issue of this multi-part, crossover series deals mainly with Clark's internal struggle to suppress the Doom virus and not let Clark completely fade away. In addition, Lana Lang and Steel head into space to search for him. Lana and Steel make a great team here, and Greg Pak is doing a wonderful job of rebuilding Steel as a hero.

Superman's narration is really the driving force of this issue and it works extremely well. It's easily the most compelling part of ACTION COMICS #33. It's very descriptive and poetic the way Pak weaves these sentences together. It's my favorite part of this issue.

The other stand-out here is the art of Aaron Kuder and Wil Quintana's colors. The scenes within space are beautifully designed and the color work is fantastic. The shading is smooth and natural, and there's one particular scene, featuring Supergirl and SuperDoom chatting in space, where the light shines off of SuperDoom's cape and back in a spectacular way.

The Bad

This story line is a roller coaster. Some issues are brilliant and wonderful, and others, like this one, are a bit of a headscratcher. The story in this issue, in the grand scheme of things, feels like a fill in. Sure, everything takes place within the time line of Doomed, but the story itself feels so out of place because it's SuperDoom off helping another planet. Sure, the idea of this issue is more about the internal battle and Clark trying to control his body, which is done very well, but the action feels like it's from somewhere else.

Because this story jumps through numerous books, with different creative teams, the opening featuring the people of Smallville in comas was a bit of a shock, since it wasn't something mentioned in the last issue of this story line (SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #9).

The Verdict

ACTION COMICS #33 is not a bad issue by any means, but it feels a tad out of place and doesn't move the story forward as the rest of the issues in this event. Pak does do a wonderful job with SuperDoom's narration throughout the issue to a point where it feels poetic. The art team, as always, does a great job as well, but all-in-all, it's just an ok issue. If this is on your pull list, keep it on because Doomed is still the best Superman story of the New 52, regardless of one or two decent issues.

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Edited by SaintWildcard

What disappoints me is that the cover led me to believe that the fight was gonna destroy worlds. GYP!!!

Posted by Jayc1324

Doomed is still sucking, for the most part. Unoriginal concept, and mediocre execution.

Posted by Squalleon

They drag out Doomed for 3 months and at least four issues per month, there is bound to be a filler, DC needs that money of silly @inferiorego you.

Posted by Nahuel

How many issues is this story? Man! I haven't even read it, I even dropped SM/WW, because I'm against this kind of crossovers, but this feels like forever!

Posted by UltimateSMfan

What disappoints me is that the cover led me to believe that the fight was gonna destroy worlds. GYP!!!


Edited by Transformers1024

This is STILL going on?! I would like it to end so I can figure out which Superman book I want to put on my pull list.

Posted by dondave

It wasn't a planet

Posted by ZbvmX

I want Doomed to go on Forever! (*echo* Forever! *echo* Forever! *echo* Forever! *echo*). But I'd probably just go back to just Supes|WW after it.

Edited by feedonatreefrog

I love how over-the-top the name "SuperDoom" is.

Posted by Fastestmanalive

Was a pretty good issue.

Pak's writing was great and that last splash with Cyborg Supes was awesome. The parts with Lana and Steel were also great.

But that whole thing with that planet felt like filler, although Superdoom using his new powers was pretty cool. The art is pretty bad as always from Kuder and that whole thing with Supergirl was just..........weird.

All in all it was ok. Some really good parts some not so good.

This and Batman eternal were the best books of today for me. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Posted by timelord

I enjoyed the issue but man what is it with superman cross overs and Supergirl acting out of character both in this and Superman/Wonder Woman she acted so far out of character it's not funny.

It's odd because Greg Pak and Charles Soule have both written her extremely well before.

Posted by longbowhunter

I like Doomed as a concept, but like many crossovers it's being stretched too thin. When it was announced Pak and Kuder were taking over Action I was hyped. Kuder has been one of my very favorite DC artists of the last few years. I kinda hate that the creative team are spending so many issues dealing with this crossover, instead of telling their story.

Posted by TheIndecider

I dropped this after finding out the Doomed crossover was going into August, it's just ridiculous. I've got Johns and Romita's Superman to tide me over until DC lets Pak write something that isn't a 4-month cross-title event.

Posted by Dernman

I tried but I'm just not into it.

Posted by UrbanChill

unchained >>>> doomed

Posted by DemonKnights

They called it a moon but the later referred to it twice as a world. Weird.

Posted by DemonKnights

They called it a moon but the later referred to it twice as a world. Weird.

Posted by Lvenger

@dondave said:

It wasn't a planet

I only read the preview for this issue but it was clearly stated to be a moon. Does Super Doom and whoever he's fighting destroy it?

Posted by reaverlation

Unchained poops on this

Posted by dondave