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A+X #5 - Iron Fist + Doop: Epic Matryoshka; Loki + Mister Sinister Review


Doop and Iron Fist team-up for bizarre adventure and Mr. Sinister bumps into Loki!

The Good

Iron Fist / Doop

This is your brain. This is your brain on Doop. With all of the dark material we're diving into in various titles (death of the this, death of the that), sometimes it's nice to just have a short dose of ridiculous wackiness... and that's exactly what this story delivers. It's a super trippy experience that's perfectly complimented by David Lafuente and Jim Campbell's abstract and cartoonish artwork. Doop makes insanely adorable faces, seeing Iron Fist chop dudes is a blast, and the panels are filled with so much craziness. It's a much needed dose of levity since most of our other books are filled with so much gloom and doom.

Loki / Mr. Sinister

While the Iron Fist / Doop story is filled with nonsensical fun, this "team-up" with Loki and Mr. Sinister brings a polar opposite style of humor to the table. Writer Kieron Gillen provides a sharp script with dialogue that's sure to make you laugh out loud. Seriously, Loki offering to friend Mr. Sinister on Facebook is absolutely hysterical. This chapter isn't all laughs, though. There's a legitimately interesting premise underway as well and I wonder if we'll see Mr. Sinister's plot continue in another comic. Additionally, major credit to Gillen for having Sinister create a very amusing weapon.

Colorist Jim Charalampidis is the other star of this brief tale. The scenes are brought to life in an incredibly vivid manner. Lightning cracks across the sky, illuminating the forest and enhancing the drastically different vibrant colors on each character's costume. Each page looks fantastic.

The Bad

Both of these stories might be a little too out there for some of you. If you don't think it's hysterical, then odds are it's not going to connect with you and this'll be one very perplexing reading experience. There's some stiff/awkward dialogue in Iron Fist's tale and I thought the Loki / Mr. Sinister chapter concluded on a bit of weak note compared to everything we just experienced.

The Verdict

If you want a little break from the serious and emotionally compelling titles, this issue is absolutely worth purchasing. It's a short read that'll relentlessly tickle your funny bone and massage your eyes with it's delightfully unique and vivid panels. Plus, it has Doop. Everyone loves Doop, yes?

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Posted by Kerrigan

Everyone should love Doop in X-Statix, where he works.

Everyone should hate Doop in any book other than X-Statix, where he does not work and never will.

Posted by BR_Havoc

I'm at a stange with comics now a days were I want to read the light hearted and whacky stuff. So I will be picking up this issue.

Posted by saoakden

The look on Mr.Sinister is kind of amusing. To me it says, what the hell is this kid doing? Loki's phone on the variant looks interesting.

Posted by LifePool

Love the laser rifle powered by Cyclops' eyes! Super creative!

Posted by DonFelipe

#4 was hilarious. #5 didn't make me laugh at all. It's everything else than hysterical. The previous issue with Spider-Man, Beast-Man, and Beast-Woman as well as Captain America and Quentin Quire is much much better than this one. Unfortunately A+X is like a roller-coaster ride with too many downs and little ups.

Posted by Owie

I got this based on the review--I do like off kilter, humorous comics, and I am a Kid Loki fan--and I was underwhelmed.

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

I liked it, especially the Doop/ Iron Fist part. It was funny and the back and firth between Danny and Doop was cool, I loved the part when Danny caught Doop lying to the bear about being a Howling Commando.