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In 1692 Reverend Hiram Shaw took over the religious duties in the town of Salem after the last Reverend was accused of witchcraft.

Overprotective Father?

He was extremely worried of his son Obadiah Shaw relationship with a woman named Abigail Harkness as he believed she was a witch. He forbade his son from consorting with her. Despite his fathers warnings Obadiah still believed Abigail was innocent.

Dire Warnings

In his sleep Hiram is summoned to the dark dimension by Dormammu . It here Hiram reveals his true nature as the Sorcerer Supreme of this Era. Dormammu tells Shaw that his thirst for power will damn all of his ancestors. He tells Shaw to submit to him and he'll lighten his load. Shaw refuses and when he returns to his own world his wife Sarah Shaw is dead.

Fall from Grace

Shaw blames Abigail Harkness for Sarah's death and Abigail is ssentenced to death. Obadiah rescues her from jail. Hiram heads a horde of Townsfolk after Abigail and Obadiah. During the chase Abigail reveals she is a witch and unleashes a fireball at the townsfolk killing them all. Shaw could have prevented this he would have lost influence with the salemers if he had of revealed his powers.



Reverend Hiram Shaw was his time's Sorcerer Supreme. This title would mean that Shaw had the abilities similar to the other Sorcerer Supremes(eg.Doctor Strange) such as the ability to cast magical spells, create illusions, travel between dimensions, fire mystical bolts, read minds and he also must have possessed a vast arcane knowledge.



Reverend Hiram Shaw is believed to a ancestor of Sebastian Shaw and Shinobi Shaw through Obadiah or another unknown child.

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